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2003-03-21 SanDisk rolls 2Gb NAND Flash memory
SanDisk Corp. has introduced a 2Gb single-die NAND Flash memory device that is twice the capacity of the company's previous offerings.
2008-05-15 SanDisk reigns in flash card, USB drive market
SanDisk took the top spot among global vendors in the $11.5 billion memory card and USB flash drive market last year, according to a report by DRAMeXchange
2002-03-14 SanDisk offers 1GB CompactFlash card, Flash development kits
The company has announced the availability of its 1GB CompactFlash memory card for high-resolution digital cameras, digital music players, PDAs, and other handheld consumer electronic devices
2012-07-10 Samsung, Toshiba mull plan to foil NAND flash price drop
The companies are considering slowing capacity expansion at their 12in fabs with an aim to prevent further falls in chip prices.
2014-05-21 Samsung, Toshiba launch all-out 3D NAND production efforts
Both companies are gearing up for the production of 3D NAND devices, with Samsung in China and Toshiba in Japan, in preparation for the market that is believed to take off in the second half of 2015
2007-12-05 Samsung, Toshiba ink reciprocal deal on premium NAND flash
Samsung Electronics and Toshiba are sharing with one another the rights to produce, market and sell memory with the specifications and trademarks of Samsung's OneNANDTM and Toshiba' LBA-NANDTM memory chips
2009-06-24 Samsung, Toshiba fortify NAND license deal
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. have renewed their patent cross-licensing deal related to NAND memories
2008-07-22 Samsung, Sun tie up to enable flash drive stability
Samsung Electronics has worked with server maker Sun Microsystems to develop a new 8Gbit single-level-cell design for computer servers that it claims increases the number of read/write cycles for NAND flash memory chips five-fold.
2005-04-27 Samsung, Microsoft prototype disk drive with flash buffer
A 1Gb flash memory from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has been used as a buffer within a prototype rotating disk drive developed with Microsoft Corp., Samsung said
2006-05-10 Samsung, Hynix raise NAND flash prices
Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor have separately raised their NAND flash-memory prices for the first time this year.
2005-05-27 Samsung's SSD is based on NAND Flash memory technology
Samsung Electronics has developed what it touts as the first Solid State Disk (SSD) based on NAND flash memory technology for consumer and mobile PC apps.
2005-06-02 Samsung's 70nm 4Gb NAND flash device writes data at 16MBps
Samsung disclosed that they have already begun mass producing what it touts as the highest density NAND flash device yet to take advantage of advanced 70nm process technology
2006-09-14 Samsung's 32Gbit 40nm NAND uses high-k
Samsung Electronics announced what it touts as the industry's first 32Gbit NAND flash memory, based on 40nm design rules and the company's proprietary Charge Trap Flash architecture.
2005-09-14 Samsung to mass produce 16-Gbit NAND in 2006
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed the world's highest density NAND flash memory - a 16Gb device made using a 50nm manufacturing process technology - and that mass production is planned for the second half of 2006.
2007-09-19 Samsung to cooperate in U.S. NAND antitrust probe
In a statement, Samsung Electronics said it will fully cooperate with the ongoing U.S. government probe into possible anticompetitive practices in the NAND flash memory chip market.
2007-04-02 Samsung tips memory chips for content-heavy handsets, CE devices
Samsung's latest memory chip rollouts are aimed at digital CE devices and handsets featuring complex functions and loaded with content-heavy data
2002-08-19 Samsung starts ramping 1Gb Flash memory
Samsung Semiconductor Inc. has announced that it is moving into mass production of 1Gb NAND-type Flash memory.
2009-11-10 Samsung slims down multi-die memory package
Samsung claims the thinnest multi-die memory package measuring 0.6mm in height, just half the thickness of a conventional memory package of eight stacked chips or dies
2006-01-10 Samsung sees big growth in NAND
The NAND-based flash memory market is expected to grow by about 30 percent in 2006 over 2005, according to South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
2010-05-24 Samsung secures NAND lead despite Q1 share loss
Toshiba Corp. closed the NAND flash gap with Samsung Electronics in Q1, according to a ranking from iSuppli Corp
2007-01-05 Samsung samples out 50nm 16Gbit NAND flash
Samsung Electronics announced it is sampling its 16Gbit NAND flash memory, touted as the first NAND flash using 50nm process technology.
2006-03-27 Samsung releases 32GB NAND flash-SSD for mobile PCs
Samsung Electronics announced it has begun offering the 32-GB NAND flash-based solid state disk
2005-05-31 Samsung produces 4Gb NAND flash memory using 70nm technology
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has begun mass producing what it claims to be the highest density NAND flash device yet to take advantage of advanced 70nm process technology -- 4Gb NAND flash memory.
2014-08-07 Samsung preps future SSDs with 3bit V-NAND chips
The soon-to-be-shipped chips feature a vertical architecture stacking 32 cell layers on top of one another, with each layer fitting 3bits of data. Samsung also launched a smart storage initiative to leverage unused capabilities of flash controllers
2012-04-11 Samsung plans $7B NAND fab in China
The South Korean electronics firm is reported to have said that it will spend $2.3 billion on the first stage of construction of the facility in Xian, a city in the northwest of China.
2013-04-15 Samsung outs 128Gbit flash under 20nm
Samsung has begun mass production of 128 Gbit NAND flash memory aimed at driving the transition from magnetic to solid-state drives.
2007-06-19 Samsung opens 300mm flash fab in Texas
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has opened its 1.6 million square foot 300mm NAND flash memory wafer plant in Austin, Texas.
2004-01-05 Samsung NAND Flash offers more density
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has introduced what it claims as the industry's first 8Gb NAND Flash memory device.
2007-05-02 Samsung makes 'densest' NAND flash at 51nm
Samsung Electronics has begun mass producing what it claims is the densest NAND flash in the world, using 51nm process technology, the finest process to be used in memory mass production to date.
2008-08-21 Samsung leads NAND market ranking in Q2
The NAND flash memory market remained constant in Q2, but Samsung's ranking stood as the only profitable supplier during the period, according to iSuppli Corp.
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