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What is NAND flash?
Flash memory chips are constructed of either NOR or NAND gates. Developed by Toshiba, NAND flash works like a disk rather than memory. It has faster erase and write times, higher density, and lower cost per bit than NOR flash, and ten times the endurance. However, its I/O interface allows only sequential access to data, which makes it suitable for mass-storage devices and somewhat less useful for computer memory.
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2004-04-06 Samsung to double flash capacity, debuts 90nm NAND
Looking to extend its lead in flash memory, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to double its flash capacity and has begun shipping its first NAND part based on a new 90nm process technology.
2007-09-19 Samsung to cooperate in U.S. NAND antitrust probe
In a statement, Samsung Electronics said it will fully cooperate with the ongoing U.S. government probe into possible anticompetitive practices in the NAND flash memory chip market.
2006-01-10 Samsung sees big growth in NAND
The NAND-based flash memory market is expected to grow by about 30 percent in 2006 over 2005, according to South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
2010-05-24 Samsung secures NAND lead despite Q1 share loss
Toshiba Corp. closed the NAND flash gap with Samsung Electronics in Q1, according to a ranking from iSuppli Corp.
2007-01-05 Samsung samples out 50nm 16Gbit NAND flash
Samsung Electronics announced it is sampling its 16Gbit NAND flash memory, touted as the first NAND flash using 50nm process technology.
2006-03-27 Samsung releases 32GB NAND flash-SSD for mobile PCs
Samsung Electronics announced it has begun offering the 32-GB NAND flash-based solid state disk.
2005-05-31 Samsung produces 4Gb NAND flash memory using 70nm technology
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has begun mass producing what it claims to be the highest density NAND flash device yet to take advantage of advanced 70nm process technology -- 4Gb NAND flash memory.
2014-08-07 Samsung preps future SSDs with 3bit V-NAND chips
The soon-to-be-shipped chips feature a vertical architecture stacking 32 cell layers on top of one another, with each layer fitting 3bits of data. Samsung also launched a smart storage initiative to leverage unused capabilities of flash controllers.
2012-04-11 Samsung plans $7B NAND fab in China
The South Korean electronics firm is reported to have said that it will spend $2.3 billion on the first stage of construction of the facility in Xian, a city in the northwest of China.
2004-01-05 Samsung NAND Flash offers more density
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has introduced what it claims as the industry's first 8Gb NAND Flash memory device.
2007-05-02 Samsung makes 'densest' NAND flash at 51nm
Samsung Electronics has begun mass producing what it claims is the densest NAND flash in the world, using 51nm process technology, the finest process to be used in memory mass production to date.
2008-08-21 Samsung leads NAND market ranking in Q2
The NAND flash memory market remained constant in Q2, but Samsung's ranking stood as the only profitable supplier during the period, according to iSuppli Corp.
2013-08-07 Samsung embarks on 3D V-NAND mass production
Samsung has begun mass producing 3D vertical NAND flash memory designed for range of application including embedded storage and SSDs.
2006-07-19 Samsung delays 8Gbit NAND, quietly developing 4-bit/cell
Samsung Electronics delayed the shipment of its 8Gbit NAND flash part, while the company is also quietly developing a new 4-bit-per-cell NAND technology, according to American Technology Research.
2007-10-26 Samsung debuts 64Gbit MLC NAND flash memory
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed the world's first 64Gbit multilevel cell NAND flash memory chipusing 30nm-class process technology.
2001-03-01 Samsung calls on NAND Flash for handsets
Samsung Electronics said it has started offering NAND Flash memory, used mostly as data storage memory in Flash cards, as an alternative to NOR Flash devices in multichip packages aimed at cellphone makers.
2006-03-23 Samsung bullish on NAND market growth
Despite concerns about oversupply in the global NAND flash market, Samsung Electronics is forecasting that the market will reach up to $18.5 billion in 2006.
2006-07-18 Samsung builds 4Gbit NAND at 65nm
Samsung's 4Gbit NAND flash is the first standalone memory to be manufactured at the 65nm node.
2015-08-13 Samsung brings 3D NAND to mainstream
According to a company executive, Samsung will soon start making a version of its 850 EVO SSDs using its latest 48-layer, 3bit per cell, 256Gb 3D NAND chips.
2012-09-21 Samsung begins production of 128GB embedded NAND
Touted by the company as the industry's highest density storage, the memory solution is geared for next-generation smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
2010-09-02 Rugged NAND BGA available in 8GB, 16GB capacities
High-density SLC NAND solid state drive designed for high performance, reliability
2005-09-13 Rise of NAND reshapes NOR market
NOR suppliers may need to seek new non-volatile memory technology
2006-05-16 Rise of NAND reshapes NOR market
NOR suppliers may need to seek new non-volatile memory technology.
2011-10-20 Restocking demand evens out NAND flash price
Orders from smartphone and ultrabook makers and preparation for the holidays have eased the memory's price decline.
2008-02-20 Report: Toshiba, SanDisk to jointly fund NAND plants
The Nikkei business daily reported this week that Toshiba and SanDisk will jointly infuse as much as $16.7 billion in the building of two NAND flash memory facilities in Japan.
2008-02-08 Report: Toshiba to allocate $6.6B for new NAND plant
Toshiba is reportedly readying about $6.6 billion for the construction of a new NAND flash memory facility in northern Japan.
2009-04-15 Report: Samsung bags iPhone NAND order
Amid a slight rebound for NAND, the early winner in the market appears to be South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
2008-05-08 Report: NAND flash glut turns for the worse in Q1
Impacted by the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States and the slow season, oversupply of NAND flash worsened in Q1 08, reported DRAMeXchange.
2009-12-02 Report: Apple alleged of NAND price manipulation
Apple Inc. is being accused of using its commanding purchasing position to manipulate NAND flash memory prices, according to an article from the Korea Times.
2008-07-02 Report: 'Apple effect' no impact in NAND market
Semico's reports claimed that the NAND market has not experienced the 'Apple effect' seen in previous years, despite the upcoming 3G iPhone and the SSD option for the MacBook Air.
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