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What is NAND flash?
Flash memory chips are constructed of either NOR or NAND gates. Developed by Toshiba, NAND flash works like a disk rather than memory. It has faster erase and write times, higher density, and lower cost per bit than NOR flash, and ten times the endurance. However, its I/O interface allows only sequential access to data, which makes it suitable for mass-storage devices and somewhat less useful for computer memory.
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2005-08-12 Rankings tighten as NAND outsells NOR
Fueled by consumer-electronics products and cellular phones, NAND-based flash memory outsold NOR-oriented devices for the second consecutive quarter during the period from April though June, according to iSuppli Corp.
2006-10-17 Qimonda stops NAND flash development
Qimonda has stopped development of NAND flash memory devices based on the NROM technology the company had licensed from Saifun Semiconductors.
2011-03-30 Q2 supply shortage predicted for NAND
DRAMexchange predicts a slump in NAND flash memory bit production, but supply will return to normal soon.
2005-05-24 PSC to supply AG-AND NAND flash for Renesas
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. (PSC) will be devoting 10 percent of its production capacity at its first 12in wafer facility to manufacture AG-AND NAND flash next month. PSC will be supplying the products to Renesas Technology Corp.
2008-06-06 Pricing for NAND flash devices hits severe downturn
Gartner said inventories continue to plague the market, and cost reductions cannot come fast enough as all vendors migrate to finer-process geometries. This includes Intel and Micron, which recently launched a 34nm, 32Gbyte NAND flash memory device.
2008-01-30 Platform provides PCIe interface to NAND flash
The availability of an SoC platform product called FlashPoint, which provides a PCIe interface to high-performance NAND flash memory, has been announced by Denali Software Inc.
2011-10-10 Partnership to enhance NAND flash architecture
Unity Semi has collaborated with Applied Materials and Silvaco to deliver a three-fold density increase for NAND fabs.
2008-09-08 Partial page programming MirrorBit ORNAND with NAND Interface
The partial page programming feature of the MirrorBit, ORNAND MS-P and ML-P families are illustrated in detail within this application note. ORNAND, is a new architecture based upon MirrorBit technology and is intended for use as a data storage complement to the NOR portfolio of solutions.
2013-03-07 Online storage cuts NAND flash capacity in mobile devices
Memory capacity per cell phone has declined to 12.8GB on average in 1H13, compared to 13.2GB the same time last year, noted IHS.
2007-01-23 ONFI speeds time-to-market for NAND-based products
The ONFI Working Group announced the availability of the ONFI 1.0 specification, the chip-level standard interface simplifies flash controller design.
2012-09-11 OCZ can't get enough NAND chips due to short supply
Despite achieving bookings in excess of their expectations, the company was not able to meet its previously stated revenue guidance due to constraints in NAND flash supply.
2008-04-09 Numonyx's NAND flash move anchors on Hynix
A joint venture between non-volatile memory company Numonyx BV and Korean memory giant Hynix Semiconductor Inc. holds the key to how quickly Numonyx can expand its production of NAND flash memory, according to Numonyx CTO.
2013-02-26 NOR flash demand to drop as cell phones favour NAND
IHS revealed that global NOR flash memory market revenue this year is forecast to dip to $3.40 billion, down two per cent from $3.47 billion last year and from $4.34 billion in 2011.
2005-07-15 NOR continues to battle NAND flash memory in the handset
The features built into the handset should determine the flash memory choice.
2006-04-07 Next NAND fab to produce in 2007, say Toshiba, SanDisk
Toshiba and SanDisk have confirmed that are planning to build another 300mm NAND flash wafer fab at Yokkaichi but the plant will be constructed and ramped faster than had been previously reported.
2011-03-18 New spec doubles NAND standard speed
Designed for NAND-based devices, the new ONFI 3.0 standard uses the non-volatile DDR2 interface to achieve speeds of up to 400MB/s, doubling the current NAND interface transfer rates.
2006-03-30 NAND, NOR flash headed in opposite directions
Sales of NAND flash memory grew 64 percent to reach $10.6B in 2005, while the market for NOR flash declined 13 percent to finish the year at $8B, according to IC Insights.
2006-10-26 NAND vendors optimistic despite slowdown
Gartner Inc. last week slashed its 2006 NAND flash memory growth forecast by a whopping $1.5 billion, and predicted a sluggish market for 2007.
2006-06-05 NAND spreads to mid-range wireless handsets
iSuppli's latest set of mobile phone teardowns reveals that NAND-type flash memory is seeing more widespread use in wireless handsets outside of the highest-end models.
2007-03-07 NAND spot pricing on the rise, says analyst
Spot prices for NAND flash memory chips have begun to trend upward against contract pricing for the first time since January, according to an analyst with Pacific Growth Equities LLC.
2008-04-15 NAND spot prices up, oversupply persists
We have good news and bad news for NAND flash suppliers. Good news: Prices have increased in recent days. Bad news: Don't look for a NAND upturn.
2007-03-16 NAND prices plunge to the pits
Prices for NAND flash memory chips are projected to crater this year, tumbling by a whopping 65 percent and prompting whispers that this once high-margin technology could soon become a nearly free commodity.
2007-02-07 NAND prices continue to drop due to oversupply
Prices for NAND flash memory chips are projected to crater this year, tumbling by 65 percent and prompting whispers that this once high-margin technology could soon become a nearly free commodity.
2007-05-01 NAND market pins hope on video iPods
Rumors of Apple's upcoming launch of NAND-based video iPods and the emergence of NAND-based solid-state drives have fueled recovery hopes for the beleaguered NAND flash memory market.
2007-09-18 NAND makers face class action suit over price fixing
SanDisk and 23 other companies are facing a class action suit over alleged price fixing for NAND flash memory devices in the market.
2006-06-02 NAND glut seen in '06
There is expected to be a slight oversupply of NAND-based flash memories in the marketplace for 2006, said an analyst.
2012-02-09 NAND flash, wireless, MCU to lead market upturn
This report lists the IC product categories that will experience growth this year, with 11 segments expected to grow better than the seven percent forecast for the industry.
2013-09-25 NAND flash, combo radio device in 5s notable
TechInsights points out significant changes to the NAND flash and combo radio connectivity solution in the iPhone 5s.
2005-05-27 NAND flash was 2004's hottest chip sector, says Semico
NAND flash memory was the fastest-growing of any semiconductor market in 2004 according to Semico Research Corp.
2007-03-23 NAND flash up in March
The NAND flash market seems to be getting out of the gutter with a growth in prices seen for a majority of multi-level cell NAND flash, according to a Digitimes report.
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