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2006-06-30 Samsung makes 'fastest' memory chip in 60nm tech
Samsung announced it has developed a faster, higher capacity version of the OneNAND, touted to be the world's fastest memory chip, using the 60nm process technology
2007-05-11 Samsung bests rivals in Q1 NOR flash sales
A market research report found that Samsung Electronics Co. has expanded its foothold in the NOR flash market with revenue growth Q1, while other major NOR vendors suffered revenue drops
2005-09-13 Rise of NAND reshapes NOR market
NOR suppliers may need to seek new non-volatile memory technology
2006-05-16 Rise of NAND reshapes NOR market
NOR suppliers may need to seek new non-volatile memory technology
2014-11-05 Rethinking memory design for IoT and wearables
The space, power and application requirements of wearables and other mobile connected devices that collectively make up the growing IoT ecosystem require a fresh approach to system design.
2006-05-16 Rethinking embedded flash memory choices
The new requirements of the marketplaceespecially in many consumer embedded designs and mobile devicesmean we should rethink our priorities about nonvolatile memory and look for new alternatives
2008-08-18 Numonyx seeks flash memory supremacy
Looking into how Numonyx positions itself in the flash memory market and how it sees the competition with industry leader Samsung, Harrison said the company's strategy is to achieve profitability through the efficiency and cooperation between Intel and ST to lead in flash memory industry
2008-07-17 Numonyx NOR reaches out to 65nm
Numonyx has extended its family of high-density NOR flash memory products to its 65nm process lithography to meet the demands of embedded customers.
2008-04-03 Numonyx Israel to make NOR flash at 45nm
Intel's 200mm wafer fab in Israel, now assigned to Numonyx for the production of NOR flash memory, is in the process of moving its manufacturing to 45nm, a step it plans to complete in Q4 2008.
2009-09-23 Numonyx beats Spansion in Q2 NOR flash war
Spansion's revenue declined by $22 million in Q2 09, giving Numonyx a 0.4 percentage point market lead.
2007-11-01 NOR market heats up despite tumultuous times
Unfazed by overcapacity and pricing pressures in the tumultuous market for NOR flash memory, Spansion Inc. has begun limited production in the industry's first 300mm NOR fab.
2005-12-07 NOR flash supports 133MHz speed
STMicroelectronics disclosed that they have started to manufacture 1.8V, 256Mb and 512Mb NOR flash memory devices using 90nm multi-level cell process technology.
2007-08-07 NOR flash solutions suit entry-level handsets
Spansion Inc. has developed the NOR VS family of flash memory solutions, designed to enable handset OEMs to introduce simplified, high-performance entry-level phones.
2015-10-27 NOR flash memory optimised for 'instant-on' apps
Micron's XTRMFlash memory uses a low pin count interface that uses as few as 11 active signals, and claims to cut pin counts by as much as 75 per cent from those found in other parallel NOR flash.
2005-05-05 NOR flash memory market to contract 7 percent in 2005
The recovery of the NOR flash memory market from the current period of declining revenues will see the market achieve record-breaking revenues approaching $11 billion in 2006, according to Semico Research Corp.
2010-03-03 NOR flash markets posts sales rebound
The economic recovery has translated into a sales rebound for the long-suffering NOR flash memory market, similar to the momentum the overall memory market is enjoying, according to iSuppli.
2011-11-03 NOR flash maker shuts Malaysian fab
Spansion moves its test and assembly facility to a site near Bangkok as a cost-cutting move.
2013-02-26 NOR flash demand to drop as cell phones favour NAND
IHS revealed that global NOR flash memory market revenue this year is forecast to dip to $3.40 billion, down two per cent from $3.47 billion last year and from $4.34 billion in 2011.
2005-07-15 NOR continues to battle NAND flash memory in the handset
The features built into the handset should determine the flash memory choice
2003-01-08 NEC samples 256Mb NOR Flash memories
NEC Corp. has announced that it is sampling two 1.8V NOR-type Flash memory devices that have a capacity of 256Mb.
2002-10-11 NEC NOR Flash memories exhibits 25ns page access time
NEC Corp. has developed a pair of 256Mb NOR Flash memories that exhibit a page access time of 25ns and is designed for use in mobile devices
2006-03-30 NAND, NOR flash headed in opposite directions
Sales of NAND flash memory grew 64 percent to reach $10.6B in 2005, while the market for NOR flash declined 13 percent to finish the year at $8B, according to IC Insights.
2015-10-23 NAND flash devices for embedded apps compatible with SPI
Applications for the "Serial Interface NAND" from Toshiba include consumer applications as flat-screen TVs, printers and wearable devices and industrial applications, including robots.
2009-05-25 Multi-I/O SPI flash enables faster data transmission
Spansion Inc. has rolled out a new family of SPI flash memory devices based on 90nm NOR technology.
2009-02-18 MLC NOR flash in 45nm now sampling
Numonyx BV is now sampling its multilevel cell (MLC) NOR flash memory products made using a 45nm process technology. The company claimed its 45nm products are the "most advanced" NOR flash memories in the market.
2010-07-29 Micron backs phase-change memory
Memory chip maker Micron Technologies Inc. intends to back the phase-change memory technology it has acquired along with Numonyx BV in February 2010. The technology is likely to be applied in solid-state disk drives
2010-07-13 Microchip grants PCT limited NOR flash license
Microchip Technology Inc. has granted an exclusive limited license to sell serial NOR flash products from its Silicon Storage Technology subsidiary to Taiwan's Professional Computer Technology Ltd (PCT
2006-06-21 MCP memory has 2GB NAND, SD card controller
Toshiba's new MCP memory with 2Gbyte NAND flash memory and SD card interface targets mobile phones
2006-05-11 Is Intel spinning off NOR flash unit
In a major reorganization, Intel disclosed that it will bring its NOR flash memory fabs and memory process technology development effort within the company's flash memory group.
2007-05-24 Intel, ST forge flash memory joint venture
An expected move by STMicroelectronics and Intel to create a flash memory joint venture has been announced with an assist from private equity firm Francisco Partners LP
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