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2004-10-07 NAND Flash architectures making inroads to be dominant form of non volatile memory
Renesas introduced its new R1FV04G13R (512Mb x 8bit) and R1FV04G14R (256Mb x 16bit) 4Gb AG-AND type flash devices
2010-08-03 NAND flash 101: An introduction to NAND flash
This technical note discusses the basics of NAND flash and demonstrates its power, density and cost advantages for embedded systems
2008-10-01 Multibit interfaces enhance serial flash
Demand for serial flash memory continues to soar as designers of DTVs, DVDs, PCs, modems, printers and mobile CE devices view memory as an increasingly attractive code execution alternative to parallel NOR flash. To meet the demand, serial flash suppliers Atmel, Macronix, Numonyx, Silicon Storage Technology, Spansion and Winbond are offering higher-density devices.
2013-11-22 MTP memory qualified for SilTerra's 110nm high voltage tech
SilTerra Malaysia and Chip Memory Technology released the Multiple-Time-Programming (MTP) embedded non-volatile memory solution for SilTerra's advanced 110nm high voltage technology
2007-04-10 Move over Intel, Spansion is the new NOR flash king
Spansion Inc. has leapfrogged Intel Corp. to take the lead in the NOR flash market, according to market researcher iSuppli Corp
2007-04-02 MirrorBit flash moves to production
After nearly five years of development, Spansion Inc. is pushing its 4bit-per-cell MirrorBit flash memory technology into production this quarter in devices with densities ranging from 256Mbits to 2Gbits
2013-03-26 Microsemi tweaks Flash memory line for oil, gas drilling
The NOR flash products are designed for temperatures of 150C and higher, providing improved endurance benefits to systems designers while withstanding temperature, shock and vibration challenges
2010-08-03 Micron reinforces stand on phase-change memory
Micron Technology Inc. confirmed its support for its phase-change memory product line and R&D after an article by Micron senior fellow Greg Atwood excited considerable response from the community
2012-11-19 Micron memory skips a node, looks at 2Xnm process
Micron has skipped a generation of PCM before, introducing a couple of 128Mbit memories in a 90nm process in December 2008 before launching a 45nm 1Gbit PCM.
2015-11-02 Micron develops 3.2Gb/s NOR Flash
The XTRMFlash boasts random access times as fast as 83ns, sequential byte reads as fast as 2.5ns, 400MB/s memory, and is compatible with the Quad SPI flash pinout used in serial NOR flash.
2004-09-16 Micron bets big on pseudostatic RAM, NAND flash
The company has developed 128Mb pseudostatic RAM to boost its memory chip sales going into cellphones and flash memory cards
2004-04-16 Memory-rich MCUs from Philips CAN do
Philips has added more memory and a new level of support for the automotive and industrial CAN bus to its ARM7 TDMI-based LPC2000 family of 32bit MCUs
2013-02-25 Memory test tip: Boost flash memory testing
Know how to tune your test system parameters to get the optimal results.
2008-04-21 Memory tech puts 300M tunes in MP3 players
Researchers at the University of Glasgow have devised a molecular scale switch that they claim could dramatically improve the data storage capability of devices without increasing their size.
2006-03-16 Memory packages eye cellphones
Micron has developed a family of multichip-packaged memories for smart phones.
2005-08-12 Memory market requires new buying strategies
More complex supply/demand balance spurs need for greater flexibility
2009-01-22 Memory makers should consolidate, drop bailouts
Semiconductor analysts at the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) urged memory makers to consolidateand forget about the proposed bailoutsin an effort to restore profitability and sanity in the sector
2006-02-13 Memory Bulletin: NAND outperforms the market
Has all the hype regarding NAND flash caused the stock prices of suppliers to become overvalued? iSuppli analyst Nam Hyung Kim comments on why valuations of the suppliers are justified
2004-12-16 Memory alternatives wait for flash to flame out
Memory makers are waiting for flash to die down in the hope to provide new alternatives in the future
2007-01-15 Macronix reworks SONOS for next-gen flash
Macronix is working on a flash memory structure, SONOS, that it believes will dismantle the barriers expected to confront today's floating-gate technology at the 45nm node
2005-11-22 KLA touts technology to cut flash defect detection time
KLA-Tencor Corp. said that it has identified a new application for its MicroLoop electrical defect detection methodology that can detect critical bridging defects on advanced flash memory wafers nearly twice as fast as current methods
2008-08-01 Keeping up with flash memory growth
Hyperstone's flash memory controllers have evolved to multiple product lines, which include the F2/F3 series that zeroes in on the CF card standard, and the S2/S3/S4/S6/S7 series targeting the SD/MMC card standard. Apart from carrying proprietary 32bit RISC processor core, the products feature hardware units such as the ECC, buffer, flash memory and host interface control logic
2011-10-06 JEDEC reveals serial flash standard
The JESD216: Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters will enable makers to embed a standard description of device characteristics inside the flash chip
2002-10-17 ISSI MCP combines Flash, PSRAM
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has released two MCPs that combine a 64Mb NOR-type Flash memory with a 16Mb or 32Mb PSRAM.
2007-04-12 Is a NOR venture in the offing from Intel, ST
Intel and STMicroelectronics could be in the midst of forming a joint venture in the NOR flash market, according to an analyst
2007-08-15 Intel-ST flash JV gets green light from EC
The EC has given the green light to Intel and STMicroelectronics to form a flash memory JV company with assistance from Francisco Partners LP
2007-03-08 Intel to sample 128Mbit phase change memory in 1H
Intel disclosed that it is preparing to sample a 90nm 128Mbit phase change memory in the first half of 2007. Mass production could begin before the end of 2007
2004-11-19 Intel takes second place in flash, passes Toshiba, Spansion
A slowdown in the flash-memory market reshuffled the rankings for vendors in the third quarter
2005-09-09 Intel reportedly delays 90nm flash production
Intel Corp. on Thursday (September 8) is expected to raise its revenue mid-point guidance for Q3 despite chipset shortages and delays with its 90nm flash-memory production, according to a report from an analyst
2005-04-11 Intel flash aimed at embedded systems
Intel Corp. has developed a line of NOR-type flash memory devices optimized for code storage in embedded systems
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