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2004-03-12 Intel exec considers what comes after flash
Flash memory, in its EPROM tunnel oxide (ETOX) and NAND variants, still has more than five years as the key mainstream nonvolatile memory, but the race is on to find the memory technology that can scale to sub-45nm manufacturing processes, according to Stefan Lai, VP of the technology and manufacturing group at Intel Corp
2005-03-08 Intel debuts concept PCs, flash memories for cell phones
Banking on advances in broadband capabilities and applications, Intel Corp. on Wednesday (March 2) unwrapped a series of mobile "concept" PCs it believes will help drive its platforms and quench the market's thirst for on-the-go content.
2006-11-13 Intel announces volume shipments of 65nm NOR flash IC
Intel announced during last week's Intel Developer Forum in South Korea what it touts as the industry's first volume shipments of 65nm NOR flash MLC chips, including a 65nm,1Gbit monolithic part for cellphones
2007-11-14 Insights on using NAND flash in portable designs
As the raging success of Apple's iPod still rings in our ears, NAND flash memory is seen as the rising star of solid-state memory for portable and consumer applications
2004-06-28 Infineon, still in DRAM business, looks to recover its memory
Reaffirming its commitment to the memory business, Infineon Technologies AG flew in reporters from around the world to Dresden Tuesday, June 22, 2004 to highlight the breadth of its next-generation memory technology development - including the world's first 16Mb magnetoresistive RAM it recently developed with IBM
2007-08-16 Implement the right flash memory interface
Mobile products need flash memory. Implementing the most appropriate interface will increase system performance and reduce the BOM
2012-06-14 IBM, SK Hynix team up in memory tech
SK Hynix is now covering three bets on future memory technology with agreements in place with Toshiba on magnetic RAM, with Hewlett-Packard Co. on resistive RAM (ReRAM), and with IBM on PCRAM
2005-05-25 IBM, Infineon, Macronix team on phase-change memory
IBM, Infineon and Macronix have agreed to work together to investigate phase-change memory (PCM), Macronix said
2015-07-29 How PC slump affects memory chipmakers
Semiconductor sales are in a two-year slump due to weak demand for PCs and smartphones, according to Gartner. The research firm said chip growth will return to 4-5 per cent from 2017-2019.
2007-06-29 H.264 codecs to turn on flash-based TVs
Mobilygen is betting its new H.264 codecs will spur development of TVs that can accomplish "pause" and "instant replay" of broadcast programming without the use of a hard drive.
2002-11-13 Fujitsu stacked memory MCP targets new cellphone apps
The MB84VY6A4A1 MCP from Fujitsu Ltd stacks three Flash, one SRAM, and two FCRAM devices in a single 15-by-11-by-1.4mm case
2003-04-21 Fujitsu rolls 1.8V Flash memories for mobile phones
Fujitsu Ltd has released a pair of 1.8V Flash memory devices that are aimed for use in mobile communication systems
2007-06-28 Flash memory market to see major shuffle
The market for trapped-charge and phase-change memories is poised to overtake other flash memory sectors and take a 30.7-percent share of the $56.5 billion market in 2012, reports Web-Feet Research
2004-11-17 Flash memory device with 10MBps write speed
Samsung disclosed that it has developed a 1Gb OneNAND flash memory device utilizing the company's advanced 90nm process technology
2007-05-09 Flash interface boosts I/O bandwidth by tenfold
Mosaid Technologies Inc. is unveiling a new memory interface that it claims will increase I/O bandwidth in flash by more than ten times today's conventional devices
2009-06-30 Exec: Memory biz needs more consolidation
The memory industry's business model sector is broken, prompting the need for more rational behavior and consolidation in the industry, according to an executive at the Memcon technology event
2014-09-03 Eon Silicon, China Sigma team up for NAND flash
The Eon-China Sigma joint venture is likely to focus on the development and production of SLC NAND flash chips, to compete with Taiwan-based flash memory suppliers Macronix and Winbond
2012-12-11 Endurance of flash memory boosted to 100M cycles
Macronix International is set to present a paper on boosting the cycling endurance of flash memory through thermal annealing at the upcoming International Electron Devices Meeting
2006-11-14 Data I/O, Intel's flash group collaborate on integrated solutions
Data I/O has partnered with Intel's Flash Memory Group to offer integrated solutions, based on the companies' expertise in automated programming solutions and flash memory
2009-06-08 Complete DragonBall i.MX21 memory solution
The Freescale DragonBall i.MX21 microcontroller is a popular choice for smart phones, wireless PDAs and many other mobile products. A cost-effective memory solution for mobile DragonBall products should include flash with execution-in-place for long battery life, a large amount of code storage, small package and high performance
2008-04-25 Compact flash (CF) support on the DVEVM
This Texas Instruments application report outlines the necessary steps for enabling CF support on the DVEVM. The lessons learned in this process can be extended to other peripherals; however, this document focuses strictly on the case of enabling CF support.
2008-12-23 Coming soon: Universal memory
A slew of promising "universal memory" technologies were unveiled at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), but don't look for mass adoption anytime soon
2010-03-09 Changing the i.MX51 NAND flash model for Windows Embedded CE 6.0
This application note describes how to incorporate a new NAND Flash model in a custom design using the i.MX51 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0
2014-03-17 CEA-Leti reduces memory gate to 16nm via poly-Si spacer
Aside from the trimmed down gate length, the flash memory from CEA-Leti has over 6V expanded memory windows
2009-04-01 Automotive industry bids 5V NOR flash goodbye
Some automotive subsystem suppliers are finding themselves in difficulties not only because orders are down due to the global credit crisis but also, in some cases, they are facing unexpected component obsolescence.
2011-11-01 Atmel samples Cortex-M4 Flash MCUs
Atmel's SAM4S16 offers high Cortex-M Flash memory density of 2MB, 192KB SRAM and best-in-class code protection
2005-11-22 Apple aids $5 billion Intel, Micron flash venture
Micron Technology Inc. and Intel Corp. have announced plans to create a joint venture to manufacture NAND flash memory for use in consumer electronics, removable storage and handheld communications devices, and in particular to manufacture for Apple Computer Inc
2007-06-01 All-in-OneMemory packs NOR, NAND, RAM
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. is offering a memory subsystem that blends key benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM in a unified architecture
2008-02-19 A/V, memory glitz and glam at IIC-China
This year's IIC-China will gather over 240 international IC tycoons and local manufacturers to showcase their latest and offerings to satisfy the increasing demand for high-quality and high-definition consumer electronics.
2009-12-21 64Gbyte NAND flash packs dedicated controller
Toshiba Corp. launched a 64Gbyte embedded NAND flash memory module, claimed to achieve the highest capacity yet in the industry
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