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2006-07-11 UMC, NTU partner on RF chip for WiMAX
UMC and National Taiwan University today announced that their research collaboration has resulted in the delivery of a fully-integrated RF receiver design for WiMAX.
2009-12-17 Nvidia, NTU study the origins of the universe
A team of researchers at NTU's Center for Quantum Science and Engineering is studying the interactions of sub-atomic particles.
2014-11-26 NTU-made satellites fly into space in 2015
NTU is building two new satellitesa climate satellite and an experimental communication satellitethat the University plans to send into space in the last quarter of 2015.
2013-11-22 NTU, TUM research programme yields fast-charging e-taxi
TUM Create unveiled its e-taxi prototype, EVA, which is designed to be recharged in just 15 minutes to cover a realistic range of 200 km, based on Singapore driving patterns.
2015-02-12 NTU, Thales team up to create new satellite technologies
The partnership aims to leverage the rapidly growing nanosatellite and microsatellite segments of the global satellite industry, which usually refers to satellites less than 100kg.
2013-08-14 NTU, STATS ChipPAC work on advanced wafer level packaging
Singapore's NTU has entered a joint research programme with STATS ChipPAC to advance solutions for next generation semiconductor packaging technologies.
2010-03-12 NTU, NI explore next-gen wireless comms
NTU and National Instruments (NI) are joining hands to develop the next-generation wireless communication technologies which are cheaper, faster, more reliable and more pervasive.
2009-10-12 NTU, CRNS, Thales set up nanotech lab in Singapore
The alliance known as the CNRS International-NTU-Thales Research Alliance (CINTRA) will set up a joint laboratory at NTU's Research Techno Plaza.
2016-02-15 NTU wireless neural implants allow brain data transmission
NTU's smart chip will analyse and decode the thousands of signals from the neural implants in the brain, before compressing the results and sending transmission.
2015-02-03 NTU students build solar powered, 3D-printed car
Using the latest engineering techniques learnt from their studies in NTU, the students have developed innovations such as silicon solar cells that can be contoured to follow the car's shape.
2015-02-20 NTU start-up unveils compact rotary 3D printer-scanner
Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) start-up Blacksmith Group unleashed the Blacksmith Genesis that can also scan items into digitised models, on top of its 3D printing capabilities.
2016-02-11 NTU Singapore, BAE Systems to enhance cybersecurity solutions
The defence technology company signed a $2.5 million partnership with NTU Singapore to develop next-generation cybersecurity solutions and counter threats of cyberattacks.
2008-11-13 NTU introduces blink of the eye transmission speed SoC
Professor Jri Lee of the National Taiwan University (NTU) and UCLA PhD conferred has created a SOC with transmission speeds 100 times faster than WiFi and 350 times faster than 3.5G cell phones.
2015-09-21 Micron Tech Foundation grant to support NTU STEM students
The Micron Foundation partners with educators worldwide in communities where Micron team members live, work and volunteer to help spark a passion in youth for science, technology, engineering and math.
2016-01-19 Intel/NTU's sub-millimetre EMI shunt beats shields
The Intel/NTU's breakthrough is a single sub-millimetre sized component that replaces bulky traditional shielding by suppressing noise at each source by 20dB.
2007-01-15 aRfic, NTU partner on RFIC research
Advanced RFIC (aRfic) Pte Ltd partners with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to advance R&D efforts in RFIC technology.
2012-03-26 $45 Singapore-made tablet to be used in India
The educational device is a stripped-down version of a commercial tablet and although it has no operating system, it contains interactive math programs for fourth graders.
2014-03-14 Tunable laser expands system capacity in advanced optical networks
A*STAR IME and NTU claimed the smallest wavelength-tunable laser fabricated by MEMS technology and can generate light from 1531.2-1579.5nm of the near-infrared region.
2014-12-19 Smart window powers electronic devices
The smart window technology developed by NTU scientists can adjust the amount of sunlight coming into buildings in the day, which promises savings on cooling and lighting costs.
2016-04-11 Machine learning methods is the future of chip routing
The recently concluded design contest of the International Symposium of Physical Design in the U.S. saw the introduction of machine learning of a power distribution network by NTU.
2014-05-14 Wearable supercapacitor chalks up high energy density
The device packs a network of graphene and carbon nanotubes, storing energy comparable to thin-film lithium batteries. It has volumetric energy density of 6.3microwatt-hours per cubic millimetre.
2014-10-14 Ultrafast charging batteries: 70% full in 2 minutes
The battery replaces the traditional graphite used for the anode with a new gel made from titanium oxide. Found in soil, titanium oxide is commonly used as a food additive or in sunscreen lotions to absorb ultraviolet rays.
2013-05-21 Taiwan targets masses with smartphone innovations
National Taiwan University has developed several innovations for tablets and smartphones designed to win the hearts of mass-market users.
2013-05-17 Taiwan amplifies microelectronics strength
Taiwan, long recognised for design automation, is pioneering innovations in human-computer interaction, medical electronics and resolution of pressing social issues with novel semiconductors.
2014-10-27 Start 'em young: Engaging future engineers in science, technology
Many initiatives are underway to engage the next generation of engineers and innovators in science and technology.
2009-09-11 Singapore launches 3D TSV consortium
The Institute of Microelectronics has announced a 3D through-silicon via (TSV) consortium to boost next-generation 300mm wafer manufacturing capability.
2015-11-27 Singapore develops smart chip that checks battery health
The smart chip warns if the battery in a smartphone or an electric vehicle is faulty or at risk of catching fire. Current warning systems only alert users when the battery is already overheating.
2011-11-24 Singapore collaborations boost remanufacturing efforts
Remanufacturing is under-utilized market that is in line with the trend of the manufacturing industry toward low emissions, high energy efficiency and minimal waste.
2015-09-24 Singapore boosts 3D printing capabilities with new cluster
Singapore launched the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster to harness, strengthen and expand the country's growing 3D printing capabilities as an integrated hub.
2013-11-25 Singapore bolsters global additive manufacturing competency
The Industrial Additive Manufacturing (AM) Programme aims to develop a number of critical technologies to grow an internationally competitive AM industry.
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