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2002-01-15 Xidian University establishes nanotechnology R&D center
Xidian University has established an R&D center on nanotechnology.
2003-07-07 U.K. to invest $150M in nanotechnology research
The British government is injecting $150M over the next six years to fund nanotechnology R&D and help commercialize the technology.
2004-11-09 The subsidiary will operate as the China business hub engaging in development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of SII NanoTechnology's analysis and measurement instruments.
SII NanoTechnology Inc. has established SII NanoTechnology (Shanghai) Inc.
2002-01-25 Taiwan's ITRI opens nanotechnology center
Taiwan's research and development hub, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), said it would target emerging nanotechnologies by opening the Nano Technology Research Center.
2005-08-03 Sub-angstrom microscope targets nanotechnology
FEI Co. unveiled the new device at the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference this week in Honolulu. FEI claims its commercial instrument resolves at the sub-angstrom scale for the first time.
2003-10-07 SiGen boosts efforts on nanotechnology licensing
Silicon Genesis Corp. (SiGen) has decided to focus its efforts primarily on licensing its NanoTechnology processes.
2007-07-06 Russia holds high hopes for nanotechnology
Russia's lower house adopted a law establishing a nanotechnology corporation that will oversee the implementation of the state policy on nanotechnology.
2006-07-18 Report: Nanotechnology risks need addressing
Environmental, health, and safety risks pose stiff challenges to commercializing nanotechnology, according to a report by Lux Research.
2004-04-12 Oregon boosts nanotechnology funding
Oregon Gov. Theodore Kulongoski said the state will boost nanotechnology research with $20 million in initial state funding to cover infrastructure costs at Oregon's Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute.
2002-09-13 Nanotechnology seen to extend Moore's Law
Intel will extend Moore's Law well into the future through advances in silicon nanotechnology.
2003-06-30 Nanotechnology seen enabling next 'technology pulse'
Divining what is meant by nanotechnology and when products will arrive was the focus of a nanotechnology conference that concentrated less on technology and more on applications.
2007-11-29 Nanotechnology R&D flourishes in Israel
Nanotechnology R&D is growing rapidly in Israel, with 81 nanotechnology companies and 326 academic researchers in the country.
2007-05-28 Nanotechnology needs government oversight, says report
Nanotechnology requires government oversight, a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official concludes in a new report.
2003-05-12 Nanotechnology bill approved in the House
The U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved oversight legislation authorizing a national nanotechnology R&D program.
2002-11-07 Nanosys further expands nanotechnology IP portfolio
Nanosys Inc. has licensed 40 key patents and patent applications in nanotechnology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Laboratory of Professor Moungi Bawendi.
2004-02-09 Magma, CAS to form Nanotechnology design lab
Magma Design Automation Inc. has signed an agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) agreement to establish the Nanotechnology Integrated Circuit Design Lab.
2002-04-23 ITRI, National Tsinghua establish nanotechnology R&D center
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and National Tsinghua University have jointly established a nanotechnology R&D center.
2009-05-28 IBM, Bulgarian gov't join forces on nanotechnology
IBM Corp. and the Bulgarian government have partnered to boost the nation's nanoscience and establish the first Bulgarian nanotechnology center.
2007-05-08 Green nanotechnology is simple, says report
A new study from the Woodrow Wilson Center details how nanomaterials can be created that are not only safe, but also cost less and perform better than conventional materials.
2003-12-22 EVG equipment deployed in Beijing's Tsinghua-Foxconn Nanotechnology Center
EV Group (EVG), a manufacturer of MEMS and semiconductor wafer processing equipment, has successfully installed several advanced wafer processing tools at Tsinghua-Foxconn Nanotechnology Center at National Tsinghua University (NTHU), located in Beijing.
2004-01-14 CombiMatrix-Cyrano to address chemical nanotechnology
The CombiMatrix Group of Acacia Research Corp. will partner with Cyrano Sciences to develop chemical sensors that combine its microarray technology with Cyrano's electronic nose technology.
2005-07-20 Agilent, Asylum Research team on nanotechnology
Test and measurement company Agilent Technologies Inc. and Asylum Research have signed a joint development agreement to collaborate on technologies and applications in the area of nanotechnology measurements.
2008-08-13 World's first 3D chip technology surfaces
The world's first 3D chip process is ready for licensing from the fabless semiconductor design house BeSang.
2002-05-23 Viztec, FlexICs to codevelop mobile LCDs
FlexICs Inc. and Viztec Inc. have agreed to collaborate on the development of flexible, plastic active-matrix LCDs.
2005-07-28 Veeco, JNCASR launch nanoscience center in Bangalore
Veeco Instruments Inc., supplier of instrumentation to the nanoscience community, has established a nanotechnology center in Bangalore, India. The facility will be staffed with local scientists and engineers and equipped with Veeco's latest atomic force microscope (AFM), scanning tunneling microscope (STM) products and other advanced nanotechnology application modules.
2003-06-10 Veeco acquires NanoDevices probe business
Veeco Instruments Inc. has purchased the atomic force microscope probe business of NanoDevices Inc.
2010-08-03 US researchers develop silicon and polymer nanogenerators
A team of researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology reported the creation of nanogenerators on both silicon and polymer substrates, giving a boost to the nascent field of piezoelectric energy harvesting.
2006-10-24 UMC, NDL to sponsor Taiwan nanotech research
UMC and National Nano Device Laboratories have agreed to support researchers in Taiwan's nanotechnology field with the establishment of the UMC-NDL Scholar Sponsorship Program.
2004-12-30 Tegal moves European headquarters to Dresden
Tegal Corp. has moved its European headquarters to Thiendorf, near Dresden, from Munich, Germany.
2002-07-18 Synthesis of nanoparticles coming into focus
Scientists are fast gaining control over the building of tiny particles, accomplishing nanoparticle synthesis in both inorganic and organic chemistries. University of Arkansas researchers here have devised a
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