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What is a network?
A system of interconnections among devices or other systems. The common types are computer networks and telecommunication networks.
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2002-01-30 Network OEMs stick with Sonet, ATM attack
Makers of network equipment are putting new emphasis on tuning products for traditional, old-world architectures, as radical ideas fall out of style in step with the recession.
2006-09-27 Network multimedia coprocessor is video codec agnostic
Standard Microsystems' new network multimedia coprocessor is video codec agnostic, supporting MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9/VC-1 and H.264/AVC standards.
2010-10-15 Network monitoring system gets more analytics
Anritsu's MasterClaw probe-based monitoring system solution will integrate Aito Technologies' customer experience management tools for monitoring and analysis of service usage.
2006-04-03 Network interface chip to stimulate volume 10GbE deployment
NetXen has developed a family of intelligent network interface controllers that are aimed at facilitating widespread deployment of 10GbE technology in datacenter networks.
2008-03-13 Network interface card ups security for HP printers
SEH Technology Inc. has added the PS06 Ethernet network interface card to its print server portfolio for Hewlett-Packard output devices with an EIO port.
2006-07-20 Network interface board comprises turnkey TCP/IP interface
The new NM7010A-LF module from Saelig is a 1-by-2inch Pb-free network interface board that acts as a turnkey component for quickly adding Internet connectivity to microprocessor systems.
2008-09-01 Network HD video over powerlines
The viability of Ethernet-over-powerline technology is proven. Powerline is by far the most convenient and cost effective medium in home networking for providing high bandwidth to any device in any room. All that remains to be seen then is which competing technology that offers at least 150Mbit/s bandwidth will win the race to market dominance.
2002-12-18 Network groups agree on common specs
The Metro Ethernet Forum has established a formal liaison effort with the Multi-Protocol Label Switching Forum, which will result in joint implementation agreements established by both coalitions.
2003-11-21 Network Elements, TriQuint to produce optical modules
Network Elements Inc. has signed a strategic agreement with TriQuint Semiconductor.
2002-12-02 Network dynamics, SoC impact MCU design
Looking beyond sophisticated SOC methodologies, the drive is on to transform the microprocessor architectures useful in desktops and various appliances into true microcontrollers.
2012-11-26 Network data transfer reaches in excess of 339Gb/s
Nearly doubling last year's record, High-energy physicists from Caltech have set a record transfer rate, hitting four million gigabytes, equivalent to one million full length movies, per day.
2003-08-01 Network data flow is key to SRAM choice
Insatiable desire for higher-bandwidth networks has made it necessary to create increasingly innovative memory architectures to facilitate new system implementations.
2008-08-27 Network assurance for IPTV: GeoProbe, Video and APM video
To assist service providers in addressing many of the challenges posed by triple play services and the migration to an IP-based network core, Tektronix now offers IP Video monitoring capabilities. With Tektronix' complete Network Assurance solution, service providers benefit from a highly scalable system that provides video analysis reporting and alarms for streaming media.
2007-09-24 Network analyzers support embedded LO measurement
Agilent has announced the availability of a new embedded LO measurement capability for its PNA series network analyzers.
2003-07-30 Network analyzers offer 5?s per point speed
The R3770 and R3768 network analyzers from Advantest offer a two-fold improvement over previous company offerings.
2008-08-05 Network analyzers can handle up to 20GHz
Agilent Technologies Inc. introduces the addition of the 2/4 port, 20GHz option to its ENA network analyzers, as well as the introduction of a new E5092A configurable multiport test set.
2006-12-18 Network analyzer suits R&D in microwave apps
Featuring an output power of more than 18dBm, a dynamic range greater than 150dB and a measurement speed of 3.5?s per test point, the R&S ZVA40 network analyzer is suitable for R&D in microwave applications.
2009-11-05 Network analyzer suits high-speed digital comm apps
The Agilent Technologies is offering the E5061B network analyzer that handles frequency range as low as 5Hz up to the RF range of 3GHz.
2011-12-01 Network analyzer speeds up LTE/3G network rollout
The BrixHawk distributed analyzer features network service optimization and troubleshooting.
2010-05-25 Network analyzer packs accurate noise-figure test option
Agilent offers Option 028 to its PNA-X network analyzers, allowing highly accurate, source-corrected noise figure measurements of amplifiers, frequency converters and mixers up to 50GHz.
2003-06-02 Network analyzer improves yield, reduces test cost
With MVNA technology integrated into ATE, testing is more representative to the real-world conditions, minimizing the risk of defect components finding their way into end-products.
2007-04-20 Network analyzer has four-port architecture
Said to be the world's only four-port architecture at such high frequencies, the device allows users to perform various network-analysis applications without using any additional equipment.
2008-04-10 Network analyzer handles four-port operation up to 50GHz
Rohde & Schwarz's R&S ZVA50 network analyzer delivers four-port operation and can be used test scenarios operating as high as 50GHz.
2007-02-06 Network analyzer cuts cost, test complexity
As a highly integrated solution, Agilent's PNA-X microwave network analyzer reduces test costs, setup time, measurement complexity and the time it takes to make measurements on the broadest range of components.
2012-01-18 Network analyzer covers 900MHz band
The MW8209A optimizes performance of UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8 networks by locating PIM faults.
2014-09-11 Network analyser supports uni/bidirectional measurements
The R&S ZND allows users in RF component production to maintain high throughput while carrying out S parameter measurements on antennas and filters.
2011-02-21 Netlogic multicore targets network security apps
Integrating 16 NXCPUs and the NETL7 knowledge-based processor, the XLP316S is aimed at next-gen network security appliances, deep-packet inspection gateways, intrusion prevention systems, among others.
2008-01-15 NEC, EMC develop network storage system
NEC Corp. and EMC Corp. have launched a jointly developed networked storage system. The system marks the first result in data storage of the strategic alliance formed by the companies in April last year.
2005-01-10 NEC to establish outsourcing firm mobile network in Hong Kong
NEC Corp. has established NEC Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Ltd.
2003-12-04 NEC launches TIS optical cable network
NEC announced that it has successfully completed the construction of a new submarine optical cable network, named TIS (Thailand - Indonesia - Singapore).
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