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2001-04-06 Recommended ESD protection and circuit placement for the DS2438 in a Li+ cell pack
This application note addresses the implementation of a DS2438-based Li-ion battery pack with low-side n-channel safety FETs. It presents a reference design that focuses on Li+ cell safety and ESD hardness.
2012-05-15 Power module designed to operate at higher switching frequencies
Designed to operate at higher switching frequencies, Fairchild's FDPC8011S dual power clip asymmetric N-channel module delivers 25A output current and doubles output current capacity of conventional 3mm x 3mm dual MOSFETs.
2013-03-13 Nanowire phototransistors push device miniaturisation
A research team from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology has developed high-performance organic phototransistors based on single-crystalline n-channel organic nanowires.
2007-02-08 MOSFETs suit ultralow gate drive operation
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced three new n-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs developed specifically for applications with limited drive voltage availability.
2007-03-02 MOSFET driver offers 2A peak sink and source
Vishay announced the release of the SiP41111 high-frequency 75V half-bridge n-channel MOSFET driver IC that delivers a 2A peak sink and source gate-driver current.
2008-08-04 MOSFET diode controller render robust power supply
Linear Technology introduces the LTC4352, a 0V to 18V ideal diode controller that enables low loss ORing of multiple power sources with minimal disturbance to supply voltages.
2006-12-07 Micrel unrolls 100V drivers for power supply apps
Micrel has rolled out a family of 100V drivers targeted at power supply applications in the server, networking, industrial, medical, automotive and avionic markets.
2003-06-30 Measuring HEXFET Characteristics
This application note discusses methods for measuring HEXFET Power MOSFET characteristics, both with a curve tracer and with special-purpose test circuits.
2008-04-04 MagnaChip enters power market with nMOSFETs
MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced the launch of its 30V n-channel MOSFET series, its first power solutions products.
2002-11-05 Linear Tech MOSFET driver withstands 60V transients
Linear Technology's LT1910 high-side, n-channel MOSFET driver operates from a supply range of 8V to 48V and is protected against supply transients.
2012-02-13 Layout of MAX16974/MAX16975/MAX16976 DC-DC converters
Know the key points of the circuits for optimizing the layout.
2002-04-30 IR MOSFETs deliver 25 percent lower on-resistance
The IRF7754, IRF7755, IRF7756, and IRF7757 dual-power MOSFETs from International Rectifiers deliver up to 25 percent lower on-resistance than similar competing devices, thereby improving power system efficiency and extending the battery life of portable electronic equipment.
2002-11-13 IR MOSFET replaces electromechanical relays
IR's IRF3000 n-channel power MOSFET is positioned as a replacement for electromechanical relays in networking apps.
2002-05-20 Intersil driver MOSFETs shrink to micro-leads
Three entries to Intersil Corp.'s Endura line of driver MOSFETs in MLFPs target designs in which board real estate and power dissipation are significant concerns.
2003-02-24 Integration eases buck regulator design
The company's Five Little Foot plus Driver power semiconductors are designed to simplify the use of n-channel MOSFETs in high-frequency buck regulators.
2003-06-27 How P-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFETs Can Simplify your Circuit
This application note discusses the application of P-Channel HEXFET power MOSFET in simplifying circuitry design.
2002-06-11 Hitachi MOSFETs offer reduced on-resistance
Hitachi Ltd's 8th-generation n-channel power MOSFETs come with reduced cell sizes by up to 70 percent and on-resistance by up to 45 percent, compared to the company's previous products.
2008-03-25 High-speed MOSFET driver bucks or boosts efficiently
A high speed synchronous MOSFET driver designed to drive upper and lower power n-channel MOSFETs in synchronous rectified converter topologies has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp.
2008-07-21 Half-bridge MOSFET drivers available from Maxim
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX15018/MAX15019 high-voltage, high-speed MOSFET drivers for high- and low-side n-channel MOSFETs.
2006-11-15 Fairchild's UltraFETs come in ultracompact MLP
Fairchild Semiconductor has expanded its power switch portfolio with the addition of 100-, 200- and 220V N-channel UltraFET devices available in ultracompact (3-by-3mm) MLP.
2002-07-30 Fairchild MOSFETs offered in BGA packaging
Fairchild Semiconductor has released a dual n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs with physical and electrical performance that make them suitable for Li-ion battery pack protection.
2012-06-19 Dual ideal diode controller cuts 2 Schottky diodes from BOM
Linear Technology's LTC4353 dual ideal diode controller controls the forward voltage drop across external N-channel MOSFETs.
2002-05-07 DMOS: Understanding MOSFET data
This application note explains how to read and use Supertex MOSFET data sheets.
2012-04-24 DC/DC controller touts 6-100V input voltage
The LT3796 is a high-side current sense DC/DC controller designed to regulate a constant-current or constant-voltage geared for driving high brightness LEDs.
2011-03-04 Compact MOSFETs boast lowest on-resistance profile
The 30V n-channel and 20V p-channel ThrenchFET MOSFETs come in the Thin PowerPAK SC-70 package and offers ultra-low on-resistance profile.
2002-05-06 Battery back-up utilizes low threshold MOSFETs
This application note describes the process of battery backup and operation and the benefits of low-gate threshold MOSFETs.
2011-01-31 Automotive qualified planar MOSFETs simplify gate drive
IR's rugged planar MOSFETs for ICE, hybrid and electric vehicles simplify gate drive requirements while reducing board space and component count.
2007-04-17 48V diode-OR controller replaces Schottky diodes
Linear Technology introduced the LTC4355 dual diode-OR controller, which allows Schottky diodes to be replaced by n-channel MOSFETs in high availability systems
2014-07-02 X-REL augments high-temperature MOSFET transistors line
X-REL rolls out mid-power P-channel and two small-signal P- and N-channel transistors intended for high-reliability and extreme temperature applications.
2008-12-24 Vishay touts 'smallest' MOSFET with Schottky diode
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released what it claims to be the smallest 20V n-channel power MOSFET plus Schottky diode.
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