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2007-01-18 MOSFETs offer advanced thermal performance in PowerPAK ChipFET package
Vishay has released eight n-channel power MOSFETs in a new PowerPAK ChipFET package that promise advanced thermal performance in a compact 3-by-1.8mm footprint.
2005-04-25 MOSFETs mix high threshold voltage, low on-resistance
Siliconix announced that the company has developed the industry's first n-channel MOSFETs that combine a high 3.4V threshold voltage with on-resistance as low as 2.7 milliohms
2005-02-07 MOSFETs improve power circuit efficiency by 30 percent
ON Semi introduced eight new N-channel and P-channel, low voltage Trench MOSFETs that reduce resistance between drain and source to improve overall power circuit efficiency by 30 percent.
2006-07-19 MOSFETs for battery packs touts 'smallest' footprint
NEC Electronics' new power MOSFETs, boasting the industry's smallest footprint for its class, reduce the design footprint of traditional dual n-channel devices by as much as 86 percent.
2007-08-21 MOSFETs feature up to 8kV ESD voltage protection
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a new series of high-efficiency n-channel MOSFETs with up to 8kV ESD voltage protection.
2007-02-20 MOSFETs enable system efficiency, space optimization in plasma displays
Fairchild's new n-channel MOSFETs are designed to provide system efficiency and space optimization in plasma display panel applications.
2010-08-04 MOSFET touts trench tech for auto apps
Infineon announces a 30V N-channel MOSFET that offers drain current of 180A and RDS(on) of 0.9m? at 10V gate-to-source voltage for high-current automotive motor drive applications.
2011-04-11 MOSFET driver promises high reliability
Linear Technology Corp. announces a high reliability (MP-grade) version of the LTC4441, a 6A N-channel MOSFET gate driver that operates over a -55C-125C operating junction temperature range.
2005-04-15 MOSFET driver increases efficiency
International Rectifier has introduced the IR5001S universal high-speed controller/N-channel power MOSFET driver for high-performance, active ORing circuits.
2010-04-12 MOSFET avoids internal diode recovery failures
From Vishay Intertechnology Inc. comes a 500V n-channel power MOSFET with improved switching speed and losses compared to previous-generation devices.
2002-07-12 Maxim MOSFET driver has separate n-, p-channel outputs
The MAX5048 power MOSFET driver from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. includes two separate n-channel and p-channel outputs.
2005-03-04 Low-Z driver ICs boost multiphase, motor designs
Four new high-speed, low-impedance n-channel MOSFET driver ICs from Siliconix are intended to improve high-current, single- and multiphase dc-dc switching power supply designs.
2003-09-12 LM3478/LM3488 evaluation board
This application note demonstrates the flexibility of the LM3478 and LM3488 current mode, low side, N channel FET controllers in a boost topology.
2012-11-09 Linear Tech unveils dual Hot Swap controller
The LTC4226 controls external N-channel MOSFETs to gently power up the board, avoiding sparks, connector damage and system glitches, enabling safe board insertion into live 4.5-44V backplanes.
2002-08-09 Linear Tech SSPR synchronously drives MOSFETs at 500kHz
The LT3710 SSPR from Linear Technology Corp. drives two external N-channel MOSFETs synchronously up to 500kHz switching frequency.
2003-12-18 Linear Tech side drivers protect power MOSFETs
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced two secondary side synchronous N-channel MOSFET drivers that feature timer and current sense comparators to protect the external MOSFETs during normal and light load operation, power up/down, and when the driver supply voltage drops too low.
2002-02-07 Linear Tech dc/dc controller delivers >90 percent efficiency
The LTC3830 step-down dc/dc controller uses a synchronous switching architecture with N-channel MOSFETs to deliver efficiencies >90 percent.
2002-08-19 Linear Tech controller features multiple current limiting
The LTC4210 controller provides active current limiting for overcurrent transients and latches off an external n-channel MOSFET during short-circuit faults for supplies from 2.7V to 16.5V.
2008-12-08 Linear extends temp range of MOSFET driver
Linear Technology has released a new high reliability grade version of the LTC4444-5, a high-speed, high input supply voltage, synchronous MOSFET driver designed to drive upper and lower power n-channel MOSFETs in synchronous rectified converter topologies.
2006-01-23 JFETs provide wide output swing
Linear Integrated Systems announced the availability of its LSK389 series of 1nV N-Channel Monolithic, a monolithic dual version of the recently released LSK170 Single N-Channel JFET.
2002-11-08 IR MOSFET-Schottky device delivers 40 percent more current
The IRF7335D1 Dual FETKY device co-packages two n-channel MOSFETs and a Schottky diode in a single SO-14 package, while delivering up to 11A of current - 40 percent more than the company's previous IRF7901D1 device.
2004-05-24 IR MOSFET eyes dc-dc converters in telecom systems
International Rectifier launched its IRF7842, a 40V N-channel HEXFET power MOSFET designed for isolated dc-dc converters for telecommunications systems.
2002-03-26 Intersil dual regulator targets video, graphics systems
The Endura ISL6529 dual regulator IC from Intersil Corp. includes a synchronous PWM controller and a linear regulator, providing power for GPU and SDRAM video memories, as well as driving N-channel MOSFETs.
2004-01-16 Hot-swap circuits for digital comms boards
The basic hot-swap circuit consists of a hot-swap controller, a power N-Channel MOSFET and a power sense resistor. There are two types of hot-swap controllers, voltage-controlled and current-controlled.
2007-12-10 High-speed MOSFET driver supports step-down/-up DC/DCs
Linear Technology has unveiled the LTC4444 a high-speed, high-input supply voltage (100V) synchronous MOSFET driver designed for upper and lower power n-channel MOSFETs in synchronous rectified converter topologies.
2009-11-24 High-current MOSFET drivers offer speed, reliability
These new high-current, high-speed, dual 18V drivers are capable of driving two independent N-channel power MOSFETs.
2003-11-12 Hi-Sincerity FETs provide improved voltage-blocking
Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp. has released its H07N60AF series of n-channel power field effect transistors (FETs) in TO-220FP packaging.
2004-03-18 Fairchild ships out MOSFETs in SuperSOT-6 FLMP
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced its FDC6000NZ dual n-channel MOSFET that combines the company's PowerTrench MOSFET silicon technology with a SuperSOT-6 FLMP.
2013-06-06 Fairchild rolls out 100V MOSFET, diode package
Fairchild Semiconductor's 100V BoostPak devices feature an N-channel MOSFET developed to minimise the on-state resistance while maintaining switching performance.
2004-02-05 Fairchild MOSFET suits automotive apps
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched four 30V, n-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs that deliver high efficiency and ruggedness in a small footprint package.
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