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2013-08-07 Surface mount OCXO boasts output load of 15pF
Fox Electronics' FTM series of surface mount oscillators provides a standard stability of +10ppb across a set of standard frequencies in the 5MHz to 40MHz range and stabilities as tight as 5 ppb.
2003-09-23 Single oven OCXO suits synchronization systems
C-MAC MicroTechnology has expanded its line of frequency control products with the release of a series of single oven-oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) that is suitable as a frequency source and time keeping reference for all synchronization systems, including GPS-based equipment.
2002-10-30 Rakon CDXO replaces OCXO
The company's CDXO features a stability of 0.1ppm over the -40C to 85C temperature range and is suited for telecommunication apps.
2005-10-10 OCXO shrinks in size
Packaged in a 1-by-0.8-by-0.5-inch footprint, the new XO5183 family of high-performance OCXOs from MtronPTI features a phase noise performance of -90dBc at a 1Hz offset for a 10MHz sinewave device.
2010-12-09 IQD offers OCXO performance in TCXO size
IQD has introduced what they claim is the world's smallest surface mount OCXO, the IQOV-40 series, suitable for digital signal processors, telecom transmission, base stations and test equipment.
2003-10-10 C-MAC OCXO outperforms Rubidium oscillators
C-MAC MicroTechnology has expanded its frequency control products with the release of a range of self-calibrating, oven controlled crystal oscillators.
2002-06-12 Voltage controlled crystal oscillators, voltage controlled oscillators
This application note discusses the different characteristics and specifications, as well as design considerations, that are unique to voltage controlled crystal and non-crystal oscillators.
2002-08-12 Tight-stability OCXOs timed for GPS systems
M-Tron Ind. Inc. has entered the OCXO market with five new families of ultrastable, tight-stability single- and double-oven OCXOs for designers of GPS timing systems.
2005-07-19 TC-OCXOs from C-MAC deliver high stability in a small package
C-MAC MicroTechnology has introduced its first commercial products based on the company's proprietary temperature-compensated oven-controlled crystal oscillator technology
2002-11-26 Synchronization, timing put on one chip
The latest synchronization and timing solution from 9Co combines all of the timing-selection, phase lock, synthesis, and control functions in a single-chip device.
2011-11-18 Oscillators operate from 2.5-3.3V
The Stratum 3-compliant silicon MEMS timing solutions offer 0.1PPM frequency stability in the 0C to 70C range.
2006-07-24 OCXOs with non-PLL design run up to 1GHz
MMD Components has introduced a line of high-frequency OCXOs with a non-PLL design that enables users to specify frequencies up to 1GHz.
2006-07-04 OCXOs touts performance at the price of TCXOs
MMD Components offers a series of oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) at the price of a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO).
2005-12-26 OCXOs reduce in size
MtronPTI introduced a family of low-profile, surface-mount oven controlled crystal oscillators with a PECL output for optical switching systems and other Stratum 3 apps.
2013-06-06 OCXOs boasts phase noise performance of -172dBc/Hz at 100kHz
IQOV-200 series Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator nominally operates from a 12V power supply and consumes just 1Watt of power at steady state.
2008-03-19 GPS disciplined oscillator consumes very low power
Jackson Labs has unveiled its FireFly product, an extremely small OCXO-based GPS disciplined oscillator that meets Stratum-1 requirements with very low-power consumption.
2002-12-23 Fordahl TCXOs replace OCXOs in BTS apps
The DFE S4-LH and KH series of miniature TCXO offer stabilities of 0.1ppm over 0C to 70C or 0.2ppm over -40C to 85C.
2002-06-12 EX-380/385 series 4-pin DIP evacuated miniature crystal oscillator
This application note talks about the theory of operation of the EX-380/385 EMXO.
2013-04-16 Bliley Technologies roll out versatile TCXOs
Bliley Technologies' T85H series TCXOs boast excellent phase noise at 10MHz of -125dbc at 100MHz offset and a floor of -150dbc.
2008-06-23 'Smallest' oscillator withstands severe environment conditions
Vectron International recently launched the EX-620, which it touts as the industry's smallest high-stability oven-controlled crystal oscillator that can withstand severe environmental conditions.
2010-08-09 Waveform generators claim lowest distortion, jitter
Agilent's function/arbitrary waveform generators offer
2015-06-29 Understanding ultra-low phase noise oscillators
Here is a tutorial on phase noise and jitter. We will also tackle the impact of ultra-low phase noise oscillators on system performance.
2010-07-02 Tested and approved oscillators for Maxim's TDMoP devices
This application note lists the oscillators that have been tested and proven to work with Maxim's TDMoP devices to meet G.8261 compliance tests.
2008-05-06 Single-chip synchronous clock boosts SDH, SONET, Ethernet
Connor-Winfield has introduced the STC5270, an integrated single-chip solution for the synchronous clock in SDH, SONET and synchronous Ethernet network elements.
2006-01-17 Precision clock generator has 16-digit resolution
Stanford Research Systems' new square wave clock generator can be driven across an RS-232 serial line from a PC, or used in an automated suite using IEEE-488/GPIB control.
2011-05-05 PCIe products offer tight syncronization
National Instruments introduces the NI PXIe-6674T timing module and the NI PXIe-PCIe8388 controller, offering to extend platform capabilities for multichassis sytems.
2002-08-23 NI signal analyzer accelerates wireless testing
A signal analyzer from National Instruments promises to speed up production test and design verification of wireless systems by 200 percent over similar technologies.
2012-10-02 Jackson Labs Technologies touts complete GPSDO reference
The LC_XO 10MHz frequency and timing reference integrates a GPS receiver, power supplies and an ovenized, disciplined crystal oscillator in a sub 1 x 1in footprint.
2007-07-09 Hong Kong's Rami Technology buys Raltron
Raltron Electronics, the U.S.-based supplier of frequency management devices, has been bought for an undisclosed sum by Rami Technology Group of Hong Kong.
2011-11-02 GPSDO targets cost-sensitive LTE apps
Jackson Labs' LC_1x1 is a low-cost Rubidium frequency reference replacement module with very high holdover stability.
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