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What is OLED?
Also known as organic light emitting device, organic light emitting diode, this light-emitting device typically consists of a series of organic layers between two electrical contacts (electrodes). OLEDs can be made using small-molecular weight organic materials (SM-OLEDs) or polymer-based materials (PLEDs, LEPs).
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2013-09-30 Novel method enables sub-micron patterning in organic ICs
Fujifilm and Imec have developed a new photoresist technology that enables sub-micron patterning on large-size substrates without damaging the organic semiconductor materials.
2005-08-22 Novaled develops LED with high power, long life
Organic light emitting diode company Novaled GmbH has developed a red top emission OLED that produces 10 lumens per watt at 500 candelas per square meter, with a projected lifetime of more than 100,000 hours.
2010-01-29 Notebook displays drive HB LED growth
High-brightness LEDs, including GaN and InGaN, have been experiencing record breaking growth from early 2009 because of the rapid shift to LEDs in notebook displays.
2009-08-26 New process rolls ultrathin inorganic LEDs
The LEDs can be assembled into large arrays, offering a new approach to lighting and display systems.
2015-09-02 New formulation cuts LED cost
The researchers claim in their paper that the energy savings of LED lighting has finally been balanced out against their cost by reducing the number of layers required from four or five to one.
2014-10-27 New compounds for cheaper, tunable OLEDs
The organic compounds have tunable electronic and physical characteristics in which small changes in the original structure would make it possible to tune the photophysical properties of the final compound.
2005-11-10 NanoMarkets: HB-LED market to hit $10.8B by 2010
The combined market for high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) will grow from $5.0 billion in 2006 to $10.8 billion in 2010 and reach $17.4 billion in 2013
2006-11-22 MP3 players still favor flash over HDD
Flash-based models will continue to dominate over HDDs in the MP3 player arena in the next couple of years, according to a recent report from Global Sources.
2002-01-07 MOEA predicts Taiwan FPD production value to reach $5.16B in 2002
Taiwan's production value for FPD, LTPS and OLED will reach $5.16 billion next year, a 47.6 percent increase from last year, according to the island's Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA).
2002-06-28 Mobile phone display shipments up 3.4 percent in Q2
DisplaySearch has revealed that mobile phone display shipments during the second quarter of the year rose 3.4 percent Y/Y, but were down 10.8 percent sequentially, totaling 91.4 million units.
2002-05-16 Market trends for optoelectronic components
This technology news article features a brief discussion on the proliferation of infrared sensors and devices in the optoelectronics market, especially for automobile applications.
2008-10-24 Market maturity to slow down flat panel shipment growth
DisplaySearch's latest Quarterly Worldwide FPD Forecast Report indicated that flat panel shipment may grow slowly over the long term as the market reaches maturity.
2010-03-17 Lighting initiative to drive flexible electronics
The PLACE-it initiative aims to realize an industrial platform for thin, lightweight and flexible optoelectronics systems that will create unique opportunities for on-body healthcare applications.
2015-02-27 LG: Open for partnership
LG Electronics revealed its plan to partner with Chinese and Japanese companies to increase consumer adoption of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display TVs.
2006-02-24 LG.Philips LCD, Eastman Kodak to co-develop AMOLED tech
Panel maker LG.Philips LCD and Eastman Kodak recently signed an agreement to co-develop active matrix OLED (AMOLED) technology.
2008-02-14 LG.Philips LCD updates name to suit new biz model
Expanding its business model beyond LCDs, LG.Philips LCD Co. is seeking to change its name to reflect its broadened scope.
2007-06-28 LG's Flexible AMOLED first to use a-Si technology
LG.Philips LCD claims to have developed the first full-color flexible active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) display using amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology.
2002-12-24 LG Chem expands display business
LG Chem Ltd has announced its long-term plan of boosting its display operations.
2013-11-04 LED backlighting to hit 90% penetration in LCD TVs
IHS forecasted that out of 231 million LCD TV panels to be shipped this year, 207 will use LED backlighting, with the remainder using the older cold-cathode fluorescent lamp technology.
2007-10-09 Leadis beefs up AMOLED strategy with IP purchase
Leadis Technology has acquired IP from Nuelight that will add value in its development of AMOLED display drivers.
2008-07-01 LCD, plasma successors make headway
LCDs and plasma screens may be the dominant choice for TV sets today, and LCDs the displays of choice for almost every other application, but a pair of upstart technologies is vying to replace them.
2016-03-04 LCD inventory adjustments to drag display shipments in Q1
TV and IT display shipments in 1Q16 are forecast to drop eight per cent compared to the same period last year, to register just 196 million units, revealed IHS.
2002-01-16 Large TVs look toward liquid crystal on silicon
This news article describes how liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) is revolutionizing the flat-panel display technology as consumers demand for better high-quality and inexpensive TVs.
2007-07-18 Lab concocts more potent, brighter OLEDs
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has made OLEDs brighter and more efficient by doping them with magnetic nanoparticles.
2008-08-20 iSuppli: Cooperation is key to resolve AMOLED issues
The worldwide AMOLED market will grow to 185.2 million units by 2014, up from 2.6 million units in 2007. iSuppli recommends that display makers should work together to accomplish these goals.
2005-03-22 Intel-funded plastic IC firm folds; assets up for sale
FlexICs Inc., a pioneer in the plastic IC market that was funded by Intel Corp. and others, has folded and will put its assets up for auction, according to officials in charge of liquidating the high-profile firm.
2013-11-15 Innovative LEDs light the path toward cheaper displays
Scientists from Bonn, Regensburg and the U.S. demonstrated a novel type of OLED that shows potential for high conversion efficiencies without having to resort to noble metals.
2006-02-07 Inductor-based DC/DCs extend LED driver portfolio
Semtech's SC4501, SC4502 and SC4502H step-up switching regulators can power up to ten white LEDs, OLED displays or generate the bias voltages for TFT LCDs.
2011-11-09 Imec launches IMOLA project
Imec and its E.U. partners have launched the IMOLA project that aims to make large-area OLED-based modules with built-in intelligent light management.
2012-11-19 IC content per TV rises despite weak global shipments
Growing by 1.2 per cent YoY, worldwide shipments of digital and analogue TVs will reach only 236 million units this year, in which digital TVs will comprise 92 per cent of the total.
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