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What is OLED?
Also known as organic light emitting device, organic light emitting diode, this light-emitting device typically consists of a series of organic layers between two electrical contacts (electrodes). OLEDs can be made using small-molecular weight organic materials (SM-OLEDs) or polymer-based materials (PLEDs, LEPs).
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2009-12-02 OLED lighting to level off at $9.7B in 2016
The two largest opportunities in OLED lighting will be in backlighting and general illumination according to NanoMarkets LC.
2014-03-07 OLED lighting panel boasts 131lm/W efficiency
Konica Minolta developed what it flaunts as the world's most efficient OLED lighting panel with an emitting area is 15 square centimetres.
2003-05-26 OLED joint venture to test display market
Two Japanese companies have formed a joint venture to build OLED displays and sell them to their respective parent companies.
2013-11-29 OLED inkjet printer promises dramatic yield boosts
Kateeva claims Yieldjet significantly lowers costs by boosting yields in the high-volume manufacture of flexible and large-sized OLEDs.
2007-02-26 OLED industry shipped 72.1M units in 2006
OLED shipments in 2006 reached 72.1 million, up 29 percent, and revenues recorded $475 million, down 3 percent y-o-y, according to DisplaySearch.
2004-08-25 OLED industry challenged in the display market
Manufacturers of high-brightness light emitting diodes (HBLEDs) have done little to remedy flaws in thermal management and electrostatic discharge (ESD) despite the phenomenal growth of the market.
2006-06-08 OLED fabrication uses direct-photolithography process
Researchers from Germany's University of Cologne have achieved what they say is the first high-resolution, full-color OLED display based on a direct photolithographic process.
2014-04-24 OLED enables direct charges across a molecule-wide IC
Researchers worked with an OLED powered by a microscopic conductor to send an electric charge across a one molecule wide circuit while insulating it enough to check the static and field leakage.
2013-10-01 OLED efficiency enhanced by wagon-wheel shaped molecule
University of Utah physicists developed the "pi-conjugated spoked-wheel macrocycle," an organic molecule shaped like a rotelle pasta, which can improve the efficiency of organic LED light bulbs.
2006-09-06 OLED driver IC suits sub-displays of mobile apps
Integrating 139Kbits of full frame memory, an on-chip oscillator and a DC/DC converter, the new OLED driver IC from Leadis Technology is a highly integrated SoC designed to provide vivid and accurate color images for MP3 player and mobile phone sub-display applications.
2006-03-30 OLED driver IC extends display lifetime, battery life
Leadis Technology has announced production volume shipments of the LDS518, a low-power single-chip area color OLED display driver IC with integrated controller.
2006-01-02 OLED driver chip integrates DC/DC converter
The new DC3100 OLED driver chip from Displaychips integrates a DC/DC converter.
2004-11-11 OLED displays with 50,000h operating lifespan
United Radiant Technology developed a new series of OLED displays that are designed for use in telecom, portable device and signboard apps.
2009-10-02 OLED displays find success in mobile phones
The growth was due to strong mobile phone main display shipments, with more than 15 new models released in 2009.
2005-12-14 OLED displays achieve long life
One Stop Displays has unveiled a new series of 256 x 64 monochrome OLED displays that are rated for 100,000 hours.
2007-02-28 OLED display, lighting markets up for dramatic growth
Touted for its low power consumption and support for mobile video, OLED displays for mobile phones and other lighting applications will hit $10.9 billion by 2012 and grow to $15.5 billion by 2014, according to the new report from NanoMarkets.
2006-01-12 OLED display touts larger size, longer life
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has expanded its line of OLED graphic display products with a larger 2.7-inch, 128 x 64 dot display that touts a lifetime of 55,000 hours.
2006-05-31 OLED display offers high contrast
One Stop Displays has introduced a low cost 0.87-inch 104 x 16 monochrome OLED for consumer-type applications such as MP3 players and caller ID.
2002-06-04 OLED display market to reach $2.3B in 2008
iSuppli Corp./Stanford Resources forecasts that the worldwide market for OLED displays will be valued at $112 million in 2002 and will grow to $2.3 billion in 2008, with an CAGR of 65 percent.
2005-08-29 OLED display is 1.60mm thick
The new 1.5-inch color OLED from One Stop Displays features an ultra-thin 1.60mm thick display that suits next-generation ID, security cards and programmable cards, and other audio and video apps.
2007-03-08 OLED display driver supports up to QQVGA res
Solomon Systech's SSD1355 color OLED display driver with integrated controller supports up to QQVGA resolution and 262k true color and has intelligent display features.
2005-02-21 OLED display controller minimizes burden on CPU
Epson unveiled its second display controller targeted at the growing market for car electronics and amusement systems with OLED displays.
2010-11-16 OLED devices to drive transparent conductor market's growth
NanoMarkets reports that transparent conductor suppliers to benefit from demand for OLED panels
2003-11-13 OLED contracts go to military suppliers
The U.S. Display Consortium has awarded R&D contracts to two military suppliers to integrate OLEDs into military platforms.
2009-09-24 OLED cellphone displays top 178M by 2015
Shipments of OLED displays for cellphone main screens will increase by a factor of eight from 2009 to 2015.
2007-05-31 OLED boost regulator delivers 50mA output
Intersil Corp.'s ISL97701 boost regulator chip provides the industry's most complete boost regulation solution for passive matrix OLEDs (PMOLEDs).
2013-05-14 New process saves OLED cost, improves radiance
A team of researchers from Fraunhofer developed a technology for producing mini-OLED screens without colour filters and a production process that increased the luminosity of the microdisplays.
2006-06-26 Ness Display launches 1.5-inch OLED display panel
Singapore-based Ness Display has launched a 1.5-inch OLED display panel with brighter, higher resolution screen.
2002-03-28 Ness Display buys OLED display inspection system
South Korea-based Ness Display Co. Ltd has purchased Integral Vision Inc.'s "SharpEye" equipment worth $200,000 for the inspection of OLED displays.
2004-03-04 NEC drops its OLED business
Following its plasma display business sell off to Pioneer Corp., NEC Corp. has decided to withdraw from the organic light emitting display (OLED) business by dissolving its partnership with Samsung SDI Co. Ltd.
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