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2003-11-05 ON Semi step-down controller reduces board space
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP1651 integrated controller that reduces both part count and overall design costs for power conversion applications such as battery chargers and distributed power systems up to 200W
2002-06-19 ON Semi ships SiGe clock management devices
ON Semiconductor has added two new clock management devices to its GigaComm line of SiGe products for use in high-performance workstations, servers, 10GbE line cards, and optical networking equipment
2002-08-30 ON Semi rolls out regulators for automotive apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCV8501 and NCV8502 precision micropower voltage regulators for the power management of automotive applications
2013-11-01 ON Semi reveals automotive-grade power management ICs
The NCV8876 and NCV896530 both support a junction temperature range of -40C to 150C and are optimised for automotive powertrain and in-cabin deployment.
2006-05-03 ON Semi reports Q1 results
ON Semiconductor Corp. announced that total revenues in Q1 of 2006 were $334 million, a decrease of approximately 2 percent from Q4 of 2005
2003-04-04 ON Semi replaces Motorola PLL clock synthesizers
ON Semiconductor has introduced the first family of six programmable PLL clock synthesizers that are replacements for discontinued Motorola devices
2003-10-27 ON Semi releases transistors for audio amplifier output
ON Semiconductor has introduced a family of audio bipolar transistors which the company claims have the highest voltages available in the industry
2004-03-08 ON Semi regulators have power switch, start-up circuit
With ON Semiconductor's switching regulators, emerging applications can have lower external component count and reduced system costs
2005-02-03 ON Semi PWM controllers with PFC shut-down feature
The new PWM controllers from ON Semi address the need of SMPS manufacturers to reduce the standby power consumption at input levels higher than 75W.
2002-05-16 ON Semi PWM controller reduces EMI
The NCP1205 PWM current-mode controller from ON Semiconductor operates in quasi-resonant valley switching mode to reduce switching frequency, EMI, and turn-on losses, while increasing efficiency
2004-03-01 ON Semi PWM controller lowers system cost
ON Semiconductor has disclosed that its NCP1280 PWM controller is the first in the industry to offer a start-up voltage of up to 700V
2003-02-27 ON Semi PWM controller fits 42V systems
ON Semiconductor has released the NCP1560 voltage-mode PWM controller for use in 42V automotive systems
2003-05-09 ON Semi PWM controller exhibits reduced EMI
ON Semiconductor's NCP1207 PWM current-mode controller with Quasi-Resonant switching capability reduces power consumption, minimizes EMI, and improves conversion and efficiency in battery chargers, adapters, and power supplies for consumer applications
2003-08-13 ON Semi presents offline switching regulators
ON Semiconductor has introduced four new offline power supply switching regulators - each with an integrated 700V power switch
2006-08-17 ON Semi power MOSFETs target computing apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced 18 new Power MOSFET devices that promise to optimize DC/DC conversion and reduce power losses at critical current levels
2003-07-08 ON Semi power MOSFETs reduce board space
The company has expanded its portfolio of power MOSFETs with the release of the self-protected SmartDiscrete family of devices that are suitable for use in automotive apps.
2003-03-21 ON Semi power MOSFETs offer high figure-of-merit
The company has expanded its portfolio of low-voltage power MOSFETs with the introduction of 24V/25V n-channel power MOSFETs.
2014-04-09 On Semi pays $92M for Kodak spinoff Truesense
On Semiconductor's acquisition of Truesense will expand its existing image sensor business and its customer base up to 200
2003-06-10 ON Semi package design reduces board space by 45 percent
ON Semiconductor has released more than 35 of its standard logic and diode array devices in 1.6-by-1.6-by-0.6mm SOT553 and SOT563 packages
2005-01-14 ON Semi output transistors include internal bias control
ON Semiconductor introduced a family of output transistors with internal bias control that provide a simplified single-device solution for audio amplifier design
2004-01-14 ON Semi oscillator amplifier eyes telecom apps
Expanding its portfolio of advanced components for high-speed data and telecommunication applications, ON Semiconductor has introduced the NBLVEP16VR amplifier that features both an oscillator gain stage and enabled high gain outputs
2003-04-22 ON Semi opens second front-end fab in Slovakia
ON Semiconductor has opened its second front-end wafer fab in Piestany, Slovak Republic, which will produce low-voltage MOS power devices
2006-05-22 ON Semi opens power laboratory in China
ON Semiconductor has announced it has jointly established a new power laboratory with Kingvon, one of China's largest STB manufacturer, in Sichuan Province, China
2006-01-24 ON Semi opens new engineering center in Taipei
ON Semiconductor recently opened its new solutions engineering center in Taipei, Taiwan. The SEC will develop advanced power management solutions for the computer power and the power conversion markets
2007-12-07 ON Semi opens IC protection test lab in China
ON Semi has opened a Circuit Protection Applications Test Laboratory in Shanghai, China to support its APAC customers.
2010-04-29 ON Semi opens automotive engineering center in China
ON Semiconductor has expanded its worldwide network of Solutions Engineering Centers (SEC) with the opening of a new SEC facility in China
2005-08-04 ON Semi offers replacement to 'expensive' crystal oscillators
ON Semiconductor released the first in a series of fully-integrated phase lock loop ICs designed to replace expensive crystal oscillators for clock generation in a wide variety of consumer and networking apps
2006-11-06 ON Semi offers BJTs in multiple package options
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its low Vce(sat) BJTs portfolio to include WDFN6, WDFN3, SOT-23, SOT-563 and ChipFET packages
2003-11-11 ON Semi obtains second CECP award
ON Semiconductor has received the China Certification on Energy Conservation award
2004-04-06 ON Semi MOSFETs rated to 10A
ON Semiconductor has extended its line of simplified power supply design solutions with the release of a new line of 600V MOSFETs
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