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2016-04-22 AMD closes $293 million deal for x86 architecture
The $293 million deal with the Chinese firm gives AMD a needed infusion of cash and a partner in China, the world's second largest and fastest growing server market.
2007-07-16 AMCC fields dual-core PowerPC for high-end apps
The 90nm Titan is a dual-core PowerPC processor aimed at high-end embedded markets with a multiclocking NMOS transistor architecture that enables the device to do more work in an eight- to nine-stage pipeline.
2003-05-29 Akrion sets up China office
U.S.-based Akrion has established a new office in Shanghai, China, which is slated to open later this quarter.
2005-08-15 Agilent to sell chip unit to equity firms, says reports
Agilent Technologies Inc. is expected to announce today (Aug. 15) that it will exit the semiconductor business by selling its chip unit to private equity firms Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) and Silver Lake Partners for about $2.65 billion, according to several news reports.
2004-04-12 Agilent comprehensive program assures top quality testing
The company has launched a comprehensive purchasing program that provides low-cost and low-risk options for purchasing pre-owned test equipment.
2003-08-27 Agere acquires physical-layer specialist
Agere Systems Inc. has acquired Massana Ltd, an Irish physical-layer Ethernet specialist which had shifted from DSP cores for Digital Subscriber Lines, to devices for physical-layer Gigabit Ethernet functions.
2012-08-21 Aegis MES system eases quality strategy for tbp
The high-end EMS manufacturer purchased a complete factory-wide Aegis MES system for their facilities in Dirksland and Eersel, the Netherlands.
2007-01-01 Advancing RFID reader apps with convergent processors
RFID apps no longer require both a dedicated signal processor for ADC/DAC interfacing and a microcontroller for networking. A convergent processor from the Blackfin family can handle the networking and control with plenty of performance to spare for converter interfacing and pattern matching algorithms.
2005-06-02 Actual semiconductor sales growth at 4.7 percent in April
April's stall in semiconductor sales was driven largely by major fall in the amount of chips sold into Japan, which in actual terms was the lowest sales since August 2003, according to the global billings report from the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association
2012-07-18 Achieve robust, secure NVM with anti-fuse technology
Anti-fuse technology begins to emerge as a desirable alternative, offering more secure storage while scaling with each new generation of process.
2013-06-14 Access control market to adopt open standards
The industry, which comes second to the video surveillance industry in terms of adoption of open standards, is set to top $2.3 billion globally by the end of 2013, up from $2.1 billion in 2011.
2006-06-23 AC/DC supply suits explosive gas atmospheres
Lambda's new AC/DC supply delivers 500W at a nominal 24V and can operate in explosive gas atmospheres for chemical processing and COTS environments.
2012-08-28 AC/DC power system offers 1.3kW at up 92% efficiency
Vicor's Westcor MicroPAC power factor corrected AC/DC power system is geared for distributed power architectures in industrial and automation, MIL-COTS, telecom and renewable energy applications.
2010-04-20 AC LED achieves up to 150lm/W
Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd has developed an AC LED capable of 150lm/W, surpassing the luminous efficiency of DC LEDs.
2014-05-26 7nm, 5nm scaling compels adoption of new materials
Shifting advanced nodes involve exploring alternatives!from silicon to graphene, FinFET to SOI!and considering how to apply the strengths associated with 3D device architectures to new technologies.
2010-01-25 450mm, EUV, TSVs suffer further delays
IC Insights sees more delays for two emerging and key IC manufacturing technologies: 450mm and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.
2008-10-24 450mm wafer standard gets industry nod
Hoping to accelerate the development of 450mm fabs, International Sematech and others have formulated a preliminary standard for 450mm silicon wafers.
2014-01-29 3D machine vision system targets highly reflective objects
Helmee Imaging, a Finnish start-up, developed an optical inspection system geared to accelerate the quality control of glossy and highly reflective objects.
2006-10-02 3D interconnects transmit at 100Gbps
NEC Electronics has launched a wafer-level packaging technology that allows more than 1,000 3D interconnections between the logic and memory dice used in an image-processing system.
2005-05-05 3-phase supplies raise DIN to 960W
Astec Power's three-phase model additions to its ADN series of rugged (ac-dc) switching power supplies extend the family's power capability!up to 960W at 24V.
2014-03-20 28nm node at the final frontier of Moore's Law
Zvi Or-Bach of MonolithIC 3D emphasises the need to recognise that 28nm is actually the last node of Moore's Law and that dimensional scaling is no longer the path for cost scaling.
2012-11-21 2012 semiconductor market up 0.5% sequentially, says report
Semiconductor Intelligence's report shows that the guidance for 4Q12 varies widely, from double digit sequential declines from Texas Instruments and Infineon to a 20 per cent increase from Qualcomm.
2011-01-03 2011: Convergence, content everywhere tests innovation cycle
2010 saw significant innovation and 2011 promises a more aggressive pace. Many of the challenges will come from the trend towards convergence in the consumer electronics market.
2010-01-12 2009 clean tech investments reach $5.6B
The Cleantech Group and along with Deloitte revealed that preliminary results for clean technology venture investments in 2009 in North America, Europe, China and India totaled $5.6 billion in 557 deals.
2010-06-15 10 reasons to remain bullish, worried for 2010
So far, the electronics industry is seeing a big upturn, giving signs of a positive year. Still, there are some concerns. Here are 10 reasons why I'm bullish!and worried!about 2010.
2015-09-25 1.2B sensors set to ship in 284M wearable devices in 2020
An analyst for Yole Developpement gave a bullish forecast for the MEMS market, saying that wearable equipment would be one of the main next opportunities for MEMS components.
2009-09-14 1,500W AC/DC power supply is hot swappable
XP Power's new AC/DC power supply series is aimed at industrial and communications apps that need bulk power.
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