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2006-11-15 ORBexpress FPGA revs multiple processor designs
ORBexpress FPGA provides location transparency and processing mobility, enabling faster design cycles for systems that employ multiple processor technologies.
2011-12-15 Emdedded sol'n features symmetric multiprocessing
The Orbexpress from OIS claims to double message throughput when used with Green Hills Software INTEGRITY 10 RTOS on a dual-core processor.
2011-05-12 New protocol connects Android apps to any platform
Objective Interface Systems has unveiled a new communications protocol to connect Android apps to any platform, anywhere.
2007-03-01 New middleware takes SDR beyond military apps
middleware specialists are exploring new ways to optimize architectures for SDR operations.
2006-08-14 Enea includes MiniGUI tools to RTOS
Enea announced that it has included Feynman Software's MiniGUI tools to its OSE RTOS.
2011-07-15 Communications software offer symmetric multiprocessing
Objective Interface Systems' embedded communications software supports QNX Software Systems' RTOS and provides symmetric multiprocessing on ARM, Power and x86 processors.
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