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What is an OS?
Operating system, or simply OS, pertains to the computer's master control program. It is a collection of software, firmware and hardware elements that controls the execution of computer programs.
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2011-02-14 LTE triple-mode modem platform supports all major OS
Renesas Mobile debuts the SP2531, an LTE triple-mode modem platform that offers extensive support for major mobile OS including Android, MeeGo and Symbian as well as Linux and Windows Mobile on PCs.
2002-05-22 LSI Logic Fibre Channel controller hits 120,000 I/Os per second
LSI Logic has announced the availability of the LSIFC929X Fibre Channel controller, which when used with LSI7202XP-LC HBA, achieves up to 120,000 I/Os per second for host connections, and up to 85,000 I/Os per second for target connections.
2005-07-08 LG to use Palm OS in smartphones
PalmSource, developer of the Palm OS, said it has licensed its platform to Korea's LG Electronics for use in that company's smartphones.
2005-11-10 LG Electronics handset uses Java OS
Korea-based LG Electronics has completed development of a handset that uses SavaJe Technologies' Java OS, and expects to begin mass producing the handset next year
2007-04-17 iPhone bites into scheduled release of Apple's new OS
Apple Inc. disclosed in a statement that its much-talked-about iPhone has passed several of its required certification tests and is on schedule to ship in late June as planned.
2009-11-03 Integrated audio SoCs pack digital, analog I/Os
Conexant Systems Inc. has rolled out an audio SoC product line for embedded audio and voice applications.
2007-08-21 IBM, Sun Micro expand partnership in Solaris OS
IBM and Sun announced that IBM will distribute the Solaris OS and Solaris Subscriptions for select x86-based IBM System x servers and BladeCenter servers to clients through IBM's routes to market.
2008-04-16 IBM mainframes get CPU, OS makeover
IBM Corp. is exploring hybrid computing concepts and expanding open-source software support for its mainframes as two ways to kick new life into the venerable systems.
2005-03-16 I/Os for distributed automation control
This article describes the idea of the industrial CAN I/O module and the data exchange between connected modules being done using a CAN bus
2008-02-12 HSPA phone platform supports all open OS
Ericsson has unveiled an HSPA multimedia phone platform based on TI's OMAP silicon that the companies say will support all open OS.
2015-01-30 How open OS transforms network lifecycle management
Linux-based network OS software is altering network economics and fuelling innovation for switches, just as it has done for servers. This article explains how.
2005-10-28 Host bus adapter handles 250,000 I/Os per second
Silverback Systems rolls out a PCI-X iSCSI HBA, said to have the industry's highest performance and function set.
2009-07-10 Google concocts PC OS
Google Inc. said it plans to develop and roll out a new PC OS that will aim at dislodging Microsoft Corp. from its perch atop the computer world, as the two continued their intense rivalry for dominance in the technology market.
2011-01-25 Generating OS tick using RTI on MCU
Here's a document that provides help in setting up the RTI Module of TMSx70 microcontrollers.
2006-03-03 G&D licenses Java Card OS to Renesas
Renesas and Giesecke & Devrient announced that Renesas has licensed the high-security Java Card OS from G&D for its security IC used in embedded security applications.
2010-09-27 Free 2D CAD software now runs on Mac OS
Dassault Systmes announced that its DraftSight 2D CAD software is now available for Mac OS.
2013-10-21 Flash MCUs add 1.8V split-rail I/Os for sensor aggregation
MSP430F525x MCUs from Texas Instruments feature a 1.8V split-rail I/O architecture that allows seamless interface to the application processsor without needing an external level shifting circuit.
2007-11-28 Faster flash chips support new-generation OS
InnoDisk has unveiled its EDC/iCF 4000 Series that offers faster data transfer speed, more stable performance and better endurance in the newer-generation OS.
2015-04-24 Examining OS as the hub of hardware emulator
The operating system shields the software from the hardware and assures the compatibility of any new and old software with any new or old hardware platform.
2010-08-18 Ethernet jumbo frames in SmartDSP OS apps
This application note describes how to enable Ethernet jumbo frames in a SmartDSP OS application.
2002-08-16 ESD process shrinks I/Os along core path
This technical article discusses how ESD design technology can reduce I/Os along the IC core path.
2011-10-13 Enterprise tablet touts secure OS, rugged design
Motorola Solutions' ET1 sports a Corning Gorilla glass and runs on a modified Android OS.
2004-01-30 Ensim broadens choice of OS options
Automation software provider Ensim Corp. has revealed plans to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux in future versions of its control panel software. Customers running Ensim Pro and Ensim Basic, both on the Linux platform, will now have the choice of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Linux operating systems.
2012-07-03 Enhancing embedded OS security
Here are some security best practices that embedded system developers need to consider in their designs.
2006-07-07 Embedded web server rolls for VxWorks real-time OS
Real Time Logic has announced the availability of an embedded web server for the VxWorks real-time OS, which is touted to be the industry's most powerful.
2002-07-02 Embedded Linux quandary: What price for a free OS?
The law of supply and demand will face a curious test over the next few years, as embedded Linux vendors search for a way to make engineers pay for an OS that appeals to users largely because it's free.
2008-11-17 Embedded developers make OS choices
Here's the second installment of a two-part report of Embedded Systems Design magazine's 2008 Embedded Market Study results.
2003-05-02 EM Microelectronics RISC MCU has high-current I/Os
EM Microelectronic-Marin SA's EM6635 RISC MCU features nine high-current I/Os capable of driving stepper motors.
2004-02-19 EDAC road map to track supplier OS support
The EDA Consortium is publishing a road map on its Web site this week that recommends timelines by when vendors are to support various OSs.
2007-08-14 Death of OS nears, says VMware exec
In his keynote during the LinuxWorld conference, VMware exec Mendel Rosenblum predicted the death of the modern OS.
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