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2014-03-13 Xilinx rolls out OTN reference designs
The reference designs promise to give customers single-chip solutions for 4x100G OTN transponder and 200G OTN switching applications.
2013-09-24 Xilinx OTN solutions bridge gap between ASSP, ASIC
SmartCORE IP aims to deliver all programmable solutions needed to create intelligent 400G and Nx100G OTN solutions and OTN switching platforms with low latency, low jitter and high QoS requirements.
2010-11-09 Testing solution for fiber channel services over OTN
Digital Lightwave adds fiber channel over OTN test solution to NIC platform
2006-04-10 Platform combines SDH with OTN networking
ECI Telecom announced the release of its MSPP, which is said to enable cellular operators to scale up their networks to meet increasing subscriber demand.
2011-09-23 OTN test sol'n supports up to 100G
JDSU's multichannel test solution is designed for the development and production of high-speed network systems.
2014-12-03 OTN clock translator offers notable jitter performance
The ITU-T G.8251-compliant OTN ZL30169 integrates a digital phase locked loop, analogue PLL and EEPROM into a 5 x 5mm 32-pin QFN package to support increasing bandwidth requirements.
2013-03-19 NTT Electronics ships 100G OTN framer
The OTN framer claims to offer huge performance enhancement when operated in conjunction with NEL's flagship 100G DSP, and can operate in multiple modes such as 100G transponder and 100G regenerator.
2009-10-27 FPGAs with 11.3Gbit/s transceivers suit OTN apps
The chips meet the bandwidth needs for framer, MAC, bridging and switching apps for 100GbE and 100-Gigabit OTN.
2010-12-16 Altera buys OTN IP developer
Altera Corp. has acquired Avalon Microelectronics Inc., expanding its portfolio of customizable IP solutions for Optical Transport Network (OTN) applications.
2013-03-06 Xilinx fills ASIC, ASSP gaps for data centres
Incorporating both SmartCORE IP and ARM processor-based smarts with All Programmable devices, the IP targets networks for LTE and LTE Advanced wireless HetNets, and 400G and Nx100G OTN.
2004-11-02 Solution provides ITU-T O.172 jitter accuracy maps, NG SONET capability
Agilent announced what it claims as the first test solution to provide repeatable jitter with ITU-T O.172 jitter accuracy maps and advanced NG SONET capability.
2005-10-17 Send 10GbE over optical networks
The ability to transport 10GbE signals transparently is becoming critical for carriers that serve large organizations.
2002-07-02 Rohde & Schwarz multiport test system fits stress test apps
Rohde & Schwarz is offering the PJB multiport test system, which enables network operators and component manufacturers to test stress in system integration applications.
2003-06-29 Response time testing using output triggers
This application note outlines how to test response times in SONET/SDH networks using the output triggers of the OmniBER OTN communications performance analyzer.
2002-06-28 OptiX 40Gb framer integrates FEC
A 40Gbps IC that integrates SONET/SDH and Optical Transport Network framing and forward error correction is available from OptiX Networks Inc.
2002-04-08 Optical transport networks
This article discusses the migration to the optical networks beyond SONET/SDH and covers industry standards on optical networking and optimal architectures for digital wrapping devices.
2013-02-07 Monolithic quad channel translator aimed at optical networks
The ZL30165 from Microsemi claims to be the industry's first monolithic line card device for OTN transport and switching applications.
2002-11-01 Managing optical nets with digital wrapper
Networks of the future will require efficient transmission and performance-monitoring capabilities with highest availability and survivabilityand an all-optical network poses as the answer to these needs.
2002-08-01 Filling the fiber in optical networks
A unified link layer approach, known as hybrid data transport, helps SONET or DWDM transport networks reach their fiber capacities more effectively.
2014-12-05 Encryption core can be configured from 20-800Gb/s
The Algotronix AES-GCM core has been optimised to match the characteristics of OTN traffic, which allows the core to be smaller and consume less power than a general-purpose AES-GCM encryption core.
2014-11-28 Boost data rates with clock generators
To meet the intensifying demands for higher data rates, high-speed networking and data centre equipment calls for frequency-flexible clock generator IC solutions to support faster data rates.
2014-10-13 Answering the need for network security through encryption
A new OTN encryption core gives AES-GCM with 96bit IV and a choice of 128bit or 256bit keys, offering privacy as well as confirmation that the decrypted packet has not been altered.
2013-04-17 Altera forges embedded flash, data centre ties
Altera has teamed up with TSMC to develop non-volatile programmable devices targeting high-volume applications. The FPGA firm also partnered with AppliedMicro for data centre and optical transport network solutions.
2011-09-14 Testing platform geared for 40G/100G networks
Digital Lightwave's CSA 4100 module supports SONET/SDH, OTN and Ethernet testing.
2008-01-31 PHY device connects Metro Ethernet to 10GbE optical nets
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. has introduced the Pemaquid, a XAUI-to-XFI 10G LAN/WAN/OTN Framer/Mapper/PHY device for 10GbE, 10G Fibre Channel and OTU2 network applications.
2007-06-13 Network platform enables next-gen data migration
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd announces the availability of its OptiX OSN6800/3800 V100R001product, an OTN/ASON-based intelligent multi-service WDM platform that enables network operators' traditional voice-oriented transport networks to migrate to next generation data-oriented ones.
2009-07-23 Chips save 50% power in optical transport nets
PMC-Sierra Inc. launched the PM5420 HyPHY 20G and PM5426 HyPHY 10G devices that enable convergence of high-bandwidth data, video and voice services over Optical Transport Network-based (OTN) Metro infrastructures.
2013-07-11 Xilinx tapes out 20nm FPGA device
The firm worked with TSMC to infuse high-end FPGA requirements into the TSMC 20SoC development process to result in the first tape-out of the ASIC-class programmable architecture: UltraScale.
2012-05-23 Transformations of board design landscape beyond 10G
As systems demand interfaces capable of handling four-channel and 10-channel paths to 40/100G Ethernet, universal adoption of 10GBase-KR seems plausible.
2014-01-22 Telstra, Infinera reinforce APAC long haul submarine cable routes
Infinera and Telstra have announced the upgrade of multiple ultra-long haul submarine cable routes to optimise reliability on key routes such as the Reach North Asia Loop, which spans 9,000km to connect Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.
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