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2005-12-14 125Msample/s PCI digitizers will be modular, multi-channel
When Gage Applied's single-slot PCI digitizers debut next year, they will feature up to eight channels, and up to 4GB of on-board acquisition memory.
2010-12-16 Squid ink inspires metamaterial development
Light bending metamaterials based on the chameleon-like photosensitive skin of the squid may hold the key to future military camouflage.
2003-10-29 Sony, Docomo to jointly develop smart-card phones
Sony and NTT Docomo have agreed to combine their respective technologies in an effort to make mobile phones function as personal devices and pocket books.
2004-02-16 Revisiting smart phone promise
Cellphones are getting smarter one chip at a time, and it's only matter of time when we'll actually start calling them smart phones.
2013-05-22 Protocol analysers for 16G fibre channel, 10/40G ethernet
Teledyne LeCroy has recently rolled out the SierraNet M168 and its new FlexPort Technology to support up to 16G fibre channel and 10Gbit/s ethernet protocols.
2006-10-16 Measure and increase the value of your patent portfolio
Patent portfolio valuation should become part of the patent development process so that patents that have little or no business value, and will never have any business value, are not pursued, while patents with the most potential are identified and tapped at the most opportune moment.
2008-08-15 HK transport system adopts Toppan smart cards
Japan-based Toppan Printing Company Ltd has been selected to produce and supply smart cards for transport and electronic payment in Hong Kong.
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