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2014-04-22 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 4
This instalment focuses on the reducing of noise from voltage splitters.
2014-04-16 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 3
Here's a look at voltage splitters based on power audio amplifiers.
2014-03-17 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 2
In the second part of this series, we discuss some features of power audio amplifiers.
2007-08-21 Using op amps as comparators
This document by ADI's James Bryant summarizes the reasons and warns of possible unexpected consequences of using an op amp as a comparator
2005-06-13 Using high-speed op amps for high-performance RF design, part 1
This app note focuses on the actual topology of RF stages formed with op amps and the scattering parameters.
2009-06-10 Using auto-zero op amps in signal-conditioning apps
This article explores the history behind auto-zero op amps and provides a high-level overview of this architecture. An example application is analyzed to further compare the auto-zero architecture to that of traditional op amps.
2005-06-01 Universal precision Op Amp evaluation board
This app note discusses the EVAL-PRAOPAMP evaluation board, which accommodates single op amps in many packages.
2003-10-03 Universal Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps in CSP Packages
This application note describes the Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps in CSP Packages.
2003-10-03 Universal Evaluation Board for Dual High Speed Op Amps in SOT-23-8 Packages
This application note discusses in detail the Universal Evaluation Board for Dual High Speed Op Amps in SOT-23-8 Packages.
2006-10-03 Tiny precision op amps draw less than 1?A
Linear Tech's new family of ultralow-power, small-footprint op amps draw less than 1?A and operate from 1.6V to 16V.
2004-05-20 TI zero-drift op-amps ideal for power-sensitive apps
The company has announced a series of 12V, zero-drift op-amps from its Burr-Brown product line which are ideal for high-precision, power-sensitive apps.
2006-11-17 TI op-amps tout breakthrough performance
TI touts its two new precision op-amps as breakthrough performers for test and measurement, instrumentation, imaging, medical, audio and process control applications.
2002-08-14 TI op amps offer low distortion, unity gain stability
The THS4271/5 series of op amps offers a unity gain stability with 1.4GHz unity-gain bandwidth, 900V/5s slew rate, distortion of -84dBc (2Vpp output, 30MHz) and a 2.8nV/sqrt-Hz voltage noise density.
2002-07-18 TI op amps have 3005A quiescent current
The OPA334 and OPA335 zero-drift op amps from Texas Instruments Inc. feature a quiescent current of 3005A, making them suitable for use in power-sensitive apps.
2002-12-02 TI op amps eye DSL, video apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has expanded its Burr-Brown product line with the addition of a series of op amps that are suitable as DSL line drivers.
2002-12-12 TI op amps eye battery-powered apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has added two 1.8V op amps to its Burr-Brown product line that are designed for two-cell battery-powered systems.
2002-06-05 TI offers op amps in SC70 packages
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced that it is offering its OPA34x series op amplifiers in SC70 packages, enabling them to fit into portable and battery-operated applications
2002-11-19 TI fixed-gain amps are 3x faster
Texas Instruments' THS4300 family of fixed-gain amplifiers operate three times faster than competing devices.
2004-03-08 STMicro releases op-amps in tiny packages
STMicroelectronics has introduced a low-cost family of wide-band, negative input rail and output rail-to-rail operational amplifiers in tiny packages.
2003-01-29 STMicro op amps drive xDSL, multiple video lines
STMicroelectronics has introduced a pair of wideband op amps that provide the high-output current required to drive xDSL line interfaces.
2002-05-24 STMicro linear op amps have 3nV/kHz noise
STMicroelectronics has introduced a TSH11x series of linear operational amplifiers that feature a noise of 3nV/kHz and a bandwidth of 100MHz, meeting the requirements of high-volume consumer applications such as video, ADSL and optical storage.
2012-10-03 ST's 16V op-amps deliver rugged performance
STMicroelectronics' utilises a fine tuned process to produce its 16V op-amps which save energy, improve accuracy and simplify the design of sensors for a wide range of applications.
2005-07-27 ST op amps deliver very-low noise, ultra-low power consumption
ST launched a family of high-speed operational amplifiers featuring very-low noise and ultra-low power consumption, designed for logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, video drivers, imaging systems and battery-powered instrumentation
2007-06-28 Small op amps have 5-16V operating range
ADI's AD8663 and AD8638 precision operational amplifiers deliver a combination of high accuracy, power efficiency and versatility with a wide 5-16V operating range for an assortment of industrial, medical and consumer applications.
2007-08-16 Single-supply op amps boast 1nV noise performance
The latest additions to Intersil's pinPOINT Precision Analog product line are claimed to deliver noise performance up to four times better than competitive single-supply op amps.
2003-05-26 Simulation SPICE Models for Comlinear's Op Amps
This application note discusses PSpice compatible models for National Semiconductor Corp. amplifiers.
2009-11-18 Rail-to-rail op amps boast 180MHz at 1mA
The amplifiers offer input offset voltage specified at 500?V max and open loop gain of 45V/mV.
2007-06-04 Quad op amp delivers low offset
iC-Haus GmbH delivers its new unity gain stable quad op amp that features an offset of less than 1?V at 3.5MHz
2006-08-02 Precision op amps target instrumentation, DAQ apps
A pair of in-amps from Analog Device provide signal conditioning and amplification over large input voltage ranges, with well-defined DC accuracy and gain settings
2007-09-21 Precision op amps feature low noise
National Semiconductor has introduced two precision op amps that offers what the company claims the industry's lowest input voltage noise and highest accuracy for products operating at low frequencies and low supply voltage.
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