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2013-03-15 Opto-sensor-discrete products hit record sales in 2012
IC Insights said that with sales in overall IC segment falling four per cent in 2012, O-S-D's share of total semiconductor revenues grew to 19 per cent, wherein total sales was the highest since 1991.
2006-10-20 Solid-state relays include LED indicators
The new line of solid-state relays from Opto 22 includes LED input status indicators that indicate when a control signal is applied.
2004-12-15 Backlight module makers register growth in November revenues
Coretronic Corp., Forhouse Corp. and Radiant Opto-Electronics, three of Taiwan's backlight module makers, reported increasing revenue growths for November
2011-07-04 Thermocouple module accepts multiple signal inputs
Opto 22's thermocouple and millivolt module touts up to four channel inputs that are channel-to-channel isolated and individually configurable.
2011-05-13 Power modules designed for simpler energy monitoring
Opto 22's new SNAP I/O modules, the SNAP-AIPM-3 and SNAP-AIPM-3V, offer customers better connectivity, easier scaling and improved capability for three-phase power monitoring and management.
2013-01-08 LED dimmer for low-voltage lighting control
The Network LED Dimmer from Opto 22 uses PWM to control LED brightness (0-100 percent) for 9-30VDC constant voltage LED lighting assemblies such as lamps, bulbs, strips, ropes and bars.
2003-04-29 R2 Controls board touts high-speed relay control
R2 Controls' R102 Bongo controller, based on the Cygnal C8051F230 MCU running at 22.1MHz, targets programmable high-speed relay control apps
2011-08-29 Energy management solution aims to cut utility cost
The energy solution that seeks to cut utility bills integrates eSight Energy's web-based energy management suite with the OptoEMU Sensor.
2002-01-17 EBX-compliant board totes fast CPU for high reliability
VersaLogic Corp. has equipped its VSBC-8 EBX-compliant single-board computer (SBC) with a fast CPU, suiting it for applications requiring high reliability and low downtime.
2015-02-13 Utilising LEDs for LCD backlighting (Part 2)
In Part 2, we will begin with a look at the market trends that have driven the evolution of LED LCDs. This will be followed by an exploration of the optical design techniques used in today's displays.
2015-02-09 Utilising LEDs for LCD backlighting (Part 1)
Learn about the types of LED LCD backlight units, the market trends and technological developments, the advantages of LED LCD televisions, and the key points in the optical design of LED backlights.
2015-01-06 LED-based sensors for wearable fitness trackers
Integrated optical sensors for measuring pulse rate and oxygen saturation represent further stage in the development of the growing wearable fitness tracking market.
2010-04-12 LED fabs take the spotlight
Fewer semiconductor fabs are getting built these days and even the solar market has cooled a bit. So what's the next big thing for fabs? Try LEDs.
2009-09-17 High-reliability DC/DC converters fit military apps
The high-reliability 28V DC/DC converters are designed for military applications and offer extended input range.
2013-02-19 Display backlighting dethroned by general lighting market
Strategies Unlimited estimates that LED replacement lamps and luminaires will reach $11.72 billion and forecasts it to grow at a CAGR of 12 per cent over 2012-2017.
2009-06-08 DC/DC converters tailored for military apps
SynQor has added a the new MQFL-28E series to its portfolio of Hi-Rel DC/DC converters specifically developed for the military/aerospace industry.
2009-07-31 DC/DC converters achieve over 88% efficiency
The MQFL-270 series of DC/DC converters achieve breakthrough efficiency levels greater than 88 percent.
2003-08-26 CML demo kits provide interface reference
The DE8781 and DE8782 demo kits from CML Microcircuits are PCB-based evaluation tools that provide interface reference designs.
2006-02-03 China's high-tech product exports hit $218B
China's Ministry of Commerce recently reported that the country exported $218.25 billion worth of high-technology products in 2005.
2016-03-10 1 trillion units of semicon shipments forecast for 2018
Unit shipments took a dip in 2008 and 2009 during the global financial recession, only to surge by 25 per cent in 2010, the second-highest growth rate since 1978.
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