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2008-09-03 Orion voice services service assurance for converged networks
For many carriers, convergence wields a double-edged sword. On one side, the ability to deliver voice, video and data services seamlessly over any combination of mobile, PSTN and IP networks opens the door for new services and premium revenue streams with lower deployment costs.
2005-04-27 Orion to cease 42-inch PDPs production
Display manufacturer Orion PDP Co. Ltd announced it would cease production of 42-inch plasma display panels (PDPs) in the second half of the year due to low profit margins achieved by the segment.
2005-01-24 Orion targets Krw30 billion from OLED sales in 2005
Orion Electric Co. Ltd aims to achieve at least Krw30 billion ($29 million at Krw1,029:$1) worth of sales from OLEDs this year.
2005-05-23 Orion splits CRT, OLED divisions
Organic LED (OLED) display manufacturer Orion Electric Co. Ltd has divided its CRT and OLED departments into two.
2008-09-03 Orion Mobile data service assurance for mobile networks
Through the continuous monitoring of the quality of services, Orion Mobile Data provides real-time indications of performance degradation for each service. Combining proactive service management with periodic quality reporting enables carriers to capture and retain more revenue from their customers.
2008-08-27 Orion interconnect services: Service assurance for converged networks
An increasing number of voice minutes between carriers are completely bypassing the legacy PSTN and using end-to-end IP connections. This approach is enabling service providers to realize improved call quality, control and cost savings through lower termination rates or bill and keep commercial models.
2008-09-04 Orion data services service assurance for converged networks
For many carriers, GPRS and UMTS licenses and infrastructure investments are finally paying off. Subscribers are clamoring to get their fingers on the latest handsets and get connected to the web, e-mail and MMS services.
2009-07-16 Magma, Orion combine expertise for PV
Magma Design Automation has collaborated with Orion Metrology, to integrate Magma's YieldManager Solar with the latter's inline inspection technology.
2002-04-29 Virtual Silicon selects IMS test systems for embedded memories
Virtual Silicon Technology has selected Integrated Measurement Systems' (IMS) Orion memory engineering validation test system for design verification of its 0.25?m non-volatile embedded memory cores.
2007-02-13 Quantum processor solves NP-complete problems in record time
The D-Wave quantum computer, called 'Orion,' solves the most difficult problemsNP-Completein a just a few cycles, compared to the thousands of cycles needed by conventional computers.
2006-08-16 New GaN sensor is sensitive to UV-A/B/C radiation
Orion Semiconductor has unveiled the OS100 Gallium Nitride ultraviolet sensor that is sensitive to UV-A, B and C radiation but completely blind to the visible spectrum.
2003-07-10 Hynix organic EL driver IC runs 4,096 colors
Hynix Semiconductor has released its organic Electro Luminescence driver IC that was co-developed with Orion Electric Co. Ltd.
2004-01-05 EDA startup offers graphical Verilog tool
Aiming to simplify HDL code development and documentation, Orion Consulting Inc. has rolled out Visual RTL.
2002-12-03 12 channel gps reference design
This article describes the features of the 12 channel GPS reference design.
2008-10-27 'Green Fan' carries thermal speed control
For design engineers seeking a way to reduce energy consumption in industrial enclosures and electronic equipment cabinets, Orion Fans has developed a thermal speed control option for several of its DC fan models.
2009-02-25 Standard, custom fan trays cool telecom apps
Orion Fans has developed a variety of standard and custom fan trays for telecommunications applications.
2008-09-05 Fan trays ensure thermal protection in cooling apps
Orion Fans has developed a line of dual voltage AC fan trays for industrial and electronics cooling applications.
2008-12-16 Fan tray assembly brings 340cfm airflow
Orion Fans has developed a dual fan tray blower assembly designed to mount directly into standard EIA 19-inch rack cabinets, addressing engineers' need for a compact cooling solution for rack-mounted industrial closures and electronic equipment cabinets.
2011-08-02 DC fans operate at 36C72VDC
Orion Fans' new line of DC fans is designed for telecommunications equipment and offers wider input voltage and airflow of 115CFM.
2009-03-11 DC blowers cool down space-constrained apps
Orion Fans has developed the ODB600PT and ODB9733 series of low-profile DC blowers available in 12-, 24-, and 48V models suitable for a variety of space-constrained applications.
2008-06-03 Advanced GPS devices roll from Atheros
Atheros Communications' newest ROCm GPS solution consists of its second-generation, single-chip GPS receiver, the AR1511, and companion ORION 3.0 software suite.
2005-06-09 TSMC 90nm builds Raza XLR processor
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd (TSMC) and Raza Microelectronics Inc. (RMI), a silicon solutions provider, have collaborated in creating RMI's XLR processor
2008-09-25 Synopsys ventures on analog/mixed-signal tools
Synopsys has officially embarked on the realm of analog/mixed-signal design tools with the launching of Galaxy Custom Designer.
2003-01-21 Synopsys moves customers to verification area
Synopsys Inc. hopes to hold on to a slight lead in the formal verification market as it moves customers from the Design Verifyer tool to its internally developed Formality equivalence checker.
2007-06-29 Service platform for converged networks debuts
Tektronix Inc. launches its latest Unified Assurance platform to address the service assurance performance monitoring and management needs of multi-technology, multi-service fixed and wireless network operators.
2011-02-16 Samsung unveils the 'Exynos' processor
Samsung Electronics announces Exynos as the new brand name for its application processor family derived from the Greek words for Greek words smart (exypnos) and green (prasinos).
2005-02-16 Rewired, amputee lifts arm with mind
Thanks to an extraordinary bit of human rewiring, Jesse Sullivan can bend his elbow, scratch his head or lift a pencil without actively thinking about it.
2006-07-14 Raza acquires AMD's Alchemy processor line
Raza Microelectronics recently announced the completion of its acquisition of the Alchemy product line from AMD.
2008-01-02 Quantum computer flexes capability
D-Wave Systems Inc. collaborated with Google to demonstrate how quantum computers can perform image recognition tasks at speeds rivaling human capabilities.
2006-09-22 IRICO, Changhong Electric begin construction of PDP facility in Sichuan
IRICO and Changhong Electric have begun the construction of a PDP facility in the Mianyang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Sichuan, mainland China.
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