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2010-11-26 Car MEMS market rebounds
Market watcher iSupplie says that shipments of automotive MEMS sensors will reach 662.3 million units in 2010, up 32.1 percent from 501.2 million units in 2009
2010-08-17 Car MCUs tip 300MHz clock frequencies
Infineon's new AUDO MAX 32b MCUs supports the design of Euro 5 and 6 emission standards-compliant engine management systems for combustion vehicles.
2009-03-19 Car displays remain in the fast lane of growth
While automobile sales have fallen dramatically due to the recession, the automotive display market remains one of the fastest-growing segments for small/medium displays in terms of both shipments and revenue
2005-11-07 Cal-Chip's wirewound inductors target high-density designs
Cal-Chip Electronics released its NL series of molded chip wirewound inductors suitable for high-density boards
2012-07-16 Bluetooth solution for non-handset applications from RDA Microelectronics
Single-chip product offers high integration of any non-handset Bluetooth host device.
2002-08-27 Bluetooth rolls toward deployment in cars
Bluetooth radio moved a step closer to automotive production as one supplier rolled out an automotive-grade Bluetooth chip and carmakers said they have shifted their wireless network efforts into high gear
2009-04-27 Beyer: Freescale won't succumb to pressure
Even after posting sharp decline in Q1 sales and wider sequential operating loss, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. CEO Rich Beyer insists the IC vendor is actually in better than expected shape and will not succumb to pressures from crushing debt servicing costs and the weak global economy.
2010-07-07 Audi projects to ensure safe driving
Audi subsidiaries Projekthaus Fahrerassistenzsysteme and Audi Electronics Ventures are offering three projects highlighting the technology for future safety assistants
2014-05-08 Asia's emerging economies enter electronic equipment prod'n
Driven by a rising demand for automotive, industrial, and aerospace electronics, the global electronics equipment production outlook indicates bright prospects for Japan, Europe, and North America
2003-04-09 API receives ISO 9001, AS9100:2001certifications
API Electronics Inc. has obtained ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2001 certifications for the design and manufacture of its electronic components
2010-01-13 An EDA company's take on 2010 growth sectors
P.V. Srinivas at Mentor Graphics takes you for a spin of crystal ball gazing, predicting growth sectors for 2010 and processes that will feed enabling technologies into electronics products
2007-09-19 AMD graphics tech powers Freescale i.MX processors
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced it will license 2D and 3D graphics technology to Freescale Semiconductor to incorporate in its i.MX applications processors.
2003-05-16 Actel tools FPGAs for auto niche
Actel VP of Product Marketing Barry Marsh foresees that FPGAs would have a greater market on the automobile industry as manufacturers rely on programmable ICs for their telematic systems.
2008-10-03 Accelerometers find place in consumer apps
However, recent trends have helped reshape the role of accelerometers in mobile phones and consumer electronics applications
2007-06-21 ABI: $400M market awaits car head-up displays in 2012
A new research brief from ABI Research said that head-up display (HUD) solutions are available in growing numbers and will comprise a $400 million market by 2012.
2009-02-06 3D sensor moves from car to CE
Emerging consumer electronics applications have prompted smart 3D sensor chip maker Canesta Inc. to adapt its 3D CMOS image technology from automotive applications to a new consumer version of its 3D image processing chip
2008-12-08 16bit MCU core consumes
Tiempo AS has unveiled a 16bit MCU core that is claimed to consume less than 40?A per MIPS.
2001-05-16 1394: Still the best bus for network backbones
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, those who advocate the 1394 multimedia standard ought to feel proud. Every time a group or company touts a new specification, it claims the new spec will do what 1394 already does.
2010-05-06 Why embedded Android is a good choice
Why is Android an attractive technology for such diverse needs as medical devices, STBs, and automotive infotainment systems? There are at least 10 good reasons
2010-09-30 TI honors innovative microcontroller designs
Texas Instruments hands out DesignStellaris awards to innovative designs
2008-04-01 Think of whole-system design
Jeff Bier shares how his 2001 Passat became completely dysfunctional and cites how important the whole-system design perspective is in avoiding such tragedy.
2009-12-07 Telematics shipments to quadruple by 2016
By 2016, 68.4 million cars will ship with telematics systems installed by OEMs according to iSuppli Corp.
2008-02-01 Steer the wheels with microcontrollers
A wide range of different car types is equipped with an electromechanical power steering system. But what kind of functionality is involved in implementing electronic power-assisted steering systems?
2007-11-06 ST, ACS co-develop VII chips for improved road safety
ST and ACS have partnered to jointly develop communications ICs for Vehicle and Infrastructure Integration (VII).
2007-07-16 Smooth, safe driving experience with FlexRay
The adoption rate of FlexRay design-ins in the automotive industry is expected to accelerate in 2007, as consumers demand for safer, more reliable and cheaper rides
2011-09-16 Single Bluetooth module supports multiple advanced profiles
Laird Technologies has released its series of Bluetooth 2.1-compliant modulesBTM 440/441/442/443that can support multiple advanced profiles on any single module.
2008-09-12 National Semi CEO joins 'green revolution'
In late 1990s, when General Motors launched its oversized off-road vehicle Hummer, Brian Halla, chairman and CEO of National Semiconductor, has snapped up one of the $50,000-plus gas-guzzlers.
2007-03-16 MEMS growth hinges on CE design-ins
A hard-fought battle for MEMS business looms on the horizon as IDMs bang heads with specialized automotive MEMS makers. Meanwhile, fabless MEMS startups are entering the picture with devices for consumer products
2008-01-16 Jazz up in-vehicle entertainment network
The number of MCUs built into new vehicles grows annually, as electronic content of cars, trucks and SUVs increases. According to Akio Nezu of Fujitsu Microelectronics America, an emerging requirement is for information and entertainment systems that can be implemented in automotive networks using MCUs that support the Intelligent Transportation Systems Data Bus-1394 (IDB-1394) specification
2002-09-01 Integration essential to affordable GPS
To complete a telematics system, a GPS RF front-end has to be added as well as a cellphone module suited to the type of network required, plus their antennas and controlling software.
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