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2010-06-24 Wi-Fi PAN IC handles up to 24Mbit/s
Ozmo Devices Inc.'s Wi-Fi PAN chip supports data rates of up to 24Mbit/s and is suitable for use with mouse and keyboard, as well as touchscreen applications or integrated video and audio.
2008-06-04 Wi-Fi enters PAN, challenges Bluetooth
Challenging the future of Bluetooth, a new startup and an Intel Corp. program point to a future for Wi-Fi in a broad range of peripherals, ranging from computer mice to cellular headsets and MP3 players.
2005-04-12 Walsin, Pan Overseas confirm merger via stock swap
Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) manufacturer Walsin Technology Corp. and passive component maker Pan Overseas Electronic Co. Ltd recently filed stock swaps at the Taiwan Stock Exchange to form a merger.
2008-12-10 Pan-India GSM network to roll out
Tata Teleservices Ltd, a telecom service provider in India, has partnered with Nokia Siemens Networks for its pan-India GSM network rollout.
2008-03-18 Pan-Europe IC powerhouse in the works?
Former STMicroelectronics executive Joseph Borel has proposed for Europe's top three semiconductor companiesNXP Semiconductors, ST, Infineon Technologiesto consolidate and form a unified European chip powerhouse.
2002-11-12 Pan Jit thyristors withstand up to 320V
The company's TSP series of bidirectional thrysitor surge protective devices handle currents of 50A, 80A, or 100A.
2002-12-05 Pan Jit diodes protect <3.3V circuits
The company's PJCC1V5 clamping diode provides ESD protection for logic levels below 3.3V, making the device suitable for 1.2V and 1.5V logic.
2004-01-27 Pan Jit completes construction of Wuxi plant
Taiwan maker Pan Jit Int. Inc. has completed the construction of its offshore factory in Wuxi, mainland China.
2008-08-21 Ozmo, Avago co-develop Wi-Fi PAN optical mouse ref design
Ozmo Devices and Avago Technologies have partnered to develop a complete optical mouse design kit leveraging Ozmo's Wi-Fi PAN solution.
2005-11-03 Nordic Semiconductor and Nu Horizons announce Pan-Asian agreement
Nordic Semiconductor ASA and Nu Horizons Asia Pte Ltd announced the signing of a Pan-Asian partnership agreement that involves the distribution for all of Nordic's products throughout the territories China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.
2002-03-26 IEEE approved Bluetooth-based wireless PAN standard
In a not-unexpected move, the IEEE has approved a Bluetooth-based standard for wireless personal-area networks (WPANs).
2006-07-01 Clash in the PAN as formats multiply
Too many personal-area networks are trying to crowd into the digital home. At the recent Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, Microsoft Corp. disclosed its efforts to help build at least two of them.
2005-10-03 Choice for Zigbee PAN coordinator
Learn the key requirements for a PAN coordinator as it manages an entire Zigbee network.
2007-05-14 ADI appoints Avnet as first pan-Asian distributor
Analog Devices has named Avnet Electronics Marketing as its first pan-Asian distributor, expanding existing distribution agreements that include China and India, to cover the Asia Pacific region.
2007-03-01 Zigbee vet strives to reduce cost of solutions
Wireless microcontroller specialist Jennic is putting the marker down for next-generation Zigbee-compliant devices at sub-$2 prices in 100,000-plus units.
2012-10-10 Wireless sol'ns from Freescale target ZigBee systems
The ARM Cortex-M4-based KW20 wireless MCU has up to 512KB of flash and 64KB of SRAM, providing enough memory to run both network protocol stacks on a single device.
2006-10-16 Wireless options boggle notebook designers
Observers say that the vision for next year's notebook will probably not be realized until the "refresh cycle" of systems that ship later in 2007.
2006-12-07 Wibree market to hit $500M by 2011
The market for Wibree products can reach $513 million by 2011 if five key requirements are met within the same timeframe, reported ABI Research.
2013-04-09 Weightless SIG releases IoT over white space specification
Ultra low cost terminal hardware and license free frequency spectrum promises ground breaking cost savings comparable with PAN technologies such as Bluetooth.
2003-01-22 Toray to increase carbon fiber capacity in France facility
Toray Ind. Inc. has expanded its production capacity of PAN-based carbon fiber at SOFICAR.
2004-12-13 Too many radios, too little cell space
Cellphone makers are about to find out how many radios they can squeeze into a handset.
2003-06-16 The promise of ultrawideband connectivity
UWB has been a classified military technology for many years, but now it holds the promise of widespread application to products for the average consumer.
2007-02-01 Staccato, SK Telecom push for UWB in PANs
Staccato and SK Telecom, are staking out new territory in the development of PANs using UWB technology, teaming up to implement a mobile-phone UWB solution that can be used simultaneously for Bluetooth, higher-bandwidth UWB and multipoint WiNet services.
2006-10-19 ST, Nanotron team-up for location networks
STMicroelectronics and Nanotron Technologies have joined forces to develop complete designs for wireless control and sensor networks targeted at the real time location systems market.
2011-03-07 PICs enable 100Gbit/s channels across Europe
Interoute and Infinera show that 500Gbit/s photonic integrated circuits can deliver 100Gbit/s channels on a Subsea pan-European network, expanding network capacity.
2002-01-16 Making the Bluetooth application connection
This technical news article describes the necessary steps designers need to employ for complementary devices required to developing Bluetooth applications.
2006-10-11 IEEE approves UWB net spec
The IEEE 802.15.4a task group has chosen the chirp spread spectrum PHY technology of Nanotron Technologies GmbH as the baseline PHY standard for wireless PAN.
2007-02-16 Home network remains unconquered
Last month's Consumer Electronics Show was brimming with home networking concepts and technologies but in many respects, the digital home is still untamed territory.
2008-08-14 Frequency hopping techniques
A system using "frequency hopping" in the 915MHz band with emphasis on typical wireless PAN properties (examples: low cost and low power).
2002-12-16 For Bluetooth it's one step at a time
The solution to the ills of this short-range communications technique may lie in going back to basics.
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