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2003-08-15 Peritek acquired by mil-aero supplier
Vista Controls Corp. said that its parent company, Curtiss-Wright Corp., has acquired graphics board maker Peritek Corp.
2009-07-29 Partners develop PCTV minicard for UMPCs
MaxLinear Inc. has partnered with Hauppauge Digital to deliver an Advanced Television Systems Committee standards-based PCTV minicard for ultramobile PCs (UMPCs).
2013-11-04 Notebook market rises in Q3 amid annual decline
Mobile PC shipments worldwide are estimated to have reached 47.9 million units in Q3, up six per cent from Q2, revealed IHS
2006-07-17 Networking the digital home with Viiv
Intel Viiv technology delivers digital networking in the home, connecting PCs with other consumer electronics devices and allowing users to share them among PC and consumer electronic devices
2007-09-07 MPC pays $90M for Gateway business unit
Gateway announced it has agreed to sell its professional business division to MPC Corp. for approximately $90 million.
2013-06-27 Mobile devices surpass traditional PCs in DRAM consumption
IHS forecasted that mobile devices will use up a greater volume of DRAM, estimated at $11.6 billion, than traditional desktops, notebooks and servers, which will only amount to $9.9 billion.
2012-06-27 Microsoft's Surface to face market challenges
Surface's entry to the tablet PC market means possible pricing challenges, as well as a likelihood of competition with ultrabooks
2007-09-10 Lenovo reclaims No. 3 spot from Acer, but for how long?
Inching up a notch, Lenovo took the third spot in the global PC market in Q2 but Acer Inc.'s aggressive acquisition moves warns that Lenovo won't hold the position for long
2005-02-07 LCDs: Is it deja vu all over again?
Big money is being spent in the flat-panel display industry, with capital investment having grown annually at a mammoth 70 percent per year over the past seven years, seven times the rate of the semiconductor industry
2003-04-08 Japan to make robots a consumer "must have"
At the Robodex show this week, Japanese companies unwrapped platforms and supporting technology designed to make robots a mainstream consumer electronics market.
2012-06-11 Is Computex losing luster?
The demise of Computex will likely happen sooner rather than later if the trade group continues to fill exhibit halls with products that are readily available from other sources.
2005-01-10 Intel's Barrett says IT, consumer electronics gap bridged
Talking less about products than about purpose, Intel CEO Craig Barrett told attendees at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show that PC-based technologies have bridged the gap with consumer electronics and will change lifestyles more with each innovation
2016-04-20 Intel to cut 12,000 jobs, shift investments for revenue growth
Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, says it will restructure itself to focus on "high-growth areas," including the IoT, data centre and memory and connectivity businesses.
2005-10-17 Intel spies opportunities for China growth
A $200 million investment seeks to pursue technological advancement and opportunitiesnot just in Asia, but worldwide.
2003-08-27 Intel CEO opens Taiwan R&D center, remains cautious on recovery
Casting a vote of confidence in Taiwan's drive to move up the electronics food chain, Intel's CEO said that the company will set up a high-level R&D center in Taipei.
2004-10-05 Infineon to expand production in China
After opening its new backend plant and R&D center in Suzhou, German chip maker Infineon Technologies AG still plans to expand production in the region.
2011-11-08 IHS: Thai floods drown electronics sector
The Thailand flooding represents the second major natural disaster to affect the industry this year after the March 2011 Japan earthquake
2008-09-19 Has IC biz lost its 'money-making touch'?
A new report from iSuppli Corp. stated that the semiconductor industry has a posted lower profit percentage than the historically low-margin PC business, something that occurred only once beforeduring a short period of the 2001 market downturn.
2007-03-09 E-mail tactics of Intel questioned in AMD lawsuit
Whether Intel suffers severe legal consequences for failing to save all potential evidence in AMD's antitrust lawsuit against the chipmaker will depend in large part on whether Intel can convince a judge it followed best practices.
2004-08-18 DSP-IP gets a keener look from Asia
Was it Newton who said that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"?
2011-11-01 DRAM price stays flat in October
Thailand floods that have shut down plants, causing disruption of HDD supply chain.
2015-06-19 Computex turns to IoT, wearables extravaganza
Consolidations in Taiwan are expected to build stronger, more capable companies, enabling the country to pivot and focus future developments onto higher value product features such as wearables and IoT.
2002-10-17 Colored displays drive handset, PDA market
In-Stat/MDR reported that the "no growth" status observed in the wireless handset and PDA market over the past 18 months is beginning to be replaced by real, measurable, manufacturing increases, as more consumers buy new handsets and PDAs.
2002-06-05 China memory chip demand to grow 14 percent in 2005
The demand for memory chips in China is forecasted to reach 1.5 billion units by 2005?an annual increase of 14 percent?according to the China Center of Information Industry Development
2008-03-28 Battery shortage threatens top laptop makers
Asustek Computer, Dell and HP are facing a likely shortage of batteries for laptop PCs after a fire hit a factory of their South Korean supplier earlier this month.
2009-04-03 Asia to bid farewell to NECCAP PCs
NEC Computers Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. intends to withdraw from the PC markets in South and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Australia and New Zeland due to adverse worldwide economic conditions, and focus on Japan's PC market, where NEC holds a leading position
2012-12-10 Analyst: Apple to start 'insourcing' in 2013
Tim Cook said his company will shift manufacturing of one computer line from Asia to the U.S. starting next year, although reports did not specify the volume of operations involved.
2015-01-21 Analyst finds IoT pill hard to swallow
A recent survey revealed that eight out of 10 C-level executives expect IoT to account for less than 10 per cent of revenue in 2017, and five out of 10 said it represent less than five per cent of revenue.
2010-07-06 3D fires up display tech revolution
The 3D mania started by Avatar has quickly brought the technology into the mainstream after a long time of dribbling without shooting the final ball.
2012-08-22 1hAug NAND prices stabilize due to restraints, says report
A combination of supply restraints and replenishment demand has led to stable 1HAugust NAND Flash Contract Prices.
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