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2003-02-05 Huntkey PC power supply delivers 360W of power
Huntkey Ent. Group's "Sound of Nature" PC power supply delivers a maximum power of 360W and meets the GB9254-98B and FCC class B standards
2010-04-05 Heart rate monitor and electrocardiograph fundamentals
This application note demonstrates fundamental implementations of the cost-effective heart rate monitor (HRM) and electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) devices using Freescale products
2006-11-09 HDMI transmitters support WQXGA PC monitors
The new HDMI transmitters from Silicon Image promise blazing-fast performance of up to 340MHz or 10.2Gbps, letting them support monitor resolutions up to WQXGA or HDTV resolutions up to 1440p
2003-05-26 Fujitsu latest monitor powered by Genesis processor
Fujitsu Ltd has selected Genesis Microchip's gm6015 digital TV controller to be incorporated into its latest 17-inch flat panel TV receiver.
2007-03-02 FPD conference to highlight LCD monitor segment
Industry leaders will discuss market expansion opportunities and new trends for the LCD monitor segment at the upcoming DisplaySearch U.S. Flat Panel Display (FPD) Conference in March
2009-03-13 Firm reveals LCD monitor trends
Cost-effective design, power savings including green solutions, and 16:9 aspect ratio panels for notebook PCs and LCD monitors are the three major development trends in 2009, according to DisplaySearch's latest Q1 09 Large Area TFT LCD Product Roadmap Report.
2006-03-24 Fast FPGA-based modules prototype logic on your PC
The Hevday HDK-0501 Interactive Logic Development Kit offered by Saelig lets you design with the ease of a visually interactive programmable logic controller program.
2006-01-10 Extensible monitor-and-control module uses cellphone link
Operable from 6V to 24Vdc, the Compulogic LinkTx system from Saelig can be used as-is, or it can be equipped with an optional combined Ethernet and GPRS Web server module.
2011-09-13 Developing electrocardiograph, heart rate monitor apps
Find out how to use the MED-EKG development board, which can be connected to the Freescale Tower System to obtain an electrocardiogram signal and measure heart rate.
2013-03-11 Developing a fertility monitor
Here's a look at the design of a fertility monitor, a small portable device used to monitor a woman's fertility levels by checking the hormone levels in her body
2002-07-25 Densitron plasma monitor has 850:1 contrast ratio
The Vistatron 46-inch plasma monitor from Densitron Corp. provides a contrast ratio of 850:1 and a peak brightness of 330cd/m2
2003-09-17 Chipmakers look for new ways to take PC's temperature
As processors get hotter and the desktop systems they go into get smaller and more complex, some engineers believe it's time for a new way to track the PC's internals
2012-03-14 China's mobile PC shipments leapfrogs desktop PCs
Although China's shipments for desktop PCs are flat, the mobile PC market continued to show strong growth, reaching 26.5 million in 2H11, up 25 percent from 1H11, says NPD DisplaySearch
2006-09-07 China preps low-cost PC for local market
A Chinese company hopes to manufacture a low-cost PC that it will sell to schools and local governments starting in October
2013-05-06 Android LCDs defy monitor market decline
An Android LCD monitor features an ARM processor, Android OS and is adjustable to a horizontal angle on top of the touch function and Wi-Fi, which can be regarded as a simple AIO or a large tablet
2008-02-18 Advanced software boosts PC efficiency measurements
This methodology focuses on providing consumers and system designers with understandable measurements of a PC's performance and energy efficiency
1999-11-09 A chip you can use to monitor environmental conditions on PC motherboard designs
This application note focuses on accurate voltage and temperature monitoring as well as serving other hardware monitoring requirements of microprocessor based systems. It also considers the techniques for making accurate measurements and offer solutions for the range of hardware monitoring tasks in Pentium II-based systems as seen in the ADM9240 IC.
2002-03-25 ADI thermal controller lowers PC noise
2006-04-10 SVA to establish production line for thin-screen TV panels
TFT-LCD display maker SVA Group has announced plans to begin construction of a production line for thin-screen TV and PC monitor panels.
2002-07-09 LG Electronics expands 15-inch TFT-LCD line
LG Electronics Inc. has expanded its 15-inch TFT-LCD monitor product line with the addition of the 568LT which receives TV and AV signals, and the L1510B which is designed as a folding TFT-LCD monitor
2006-10-02 LCD market gets back on track
Prices of 17-inch LCD panels for desktop PC monitors will increase by 19 percent in the second half, according to a report from market research firm iSuppli, rising to $123 in December from $102 in July
2005-09-02 Large panel LCD driver sales to double, says iSuppli
Rising demand from the liquid crystal display TV, desktop PC monitor and mobile computer businesses will in turn double the sales of driver integrated circuits for large-size LCD panels through 2009, predicts iSuppli Corp.
2005-09-22 Large LCD panels to be in oversupply, says iSuppli
Despite strong sales of larger thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) panels in the second quarter, slower-than-expected system production and end-system sales for flat-panel TVs and desktop PC monitors will exacerbate an expected oversupply of panels toward the year's end, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp
2002-11-13 Horizontal Deflection for 17-inch, 70kHz monitors using Philips CU15/35 drive transformer and BU4522AF/AX transistor
This application note presents a circuit that uses the CU15/35 drive transformer and the BU4522AF/AX deflection transistor for the horizontal deflection of 17-inch, 70kHz PC monitors
2002-11-13 Horizontal Deflection for 17-inch, 64kHz monitors using Philips CU15/35 drive transformer and BU4522AF/AX transistor
This application note presents a circuit that uses the CU15/35 drive transformer and the BU4522AF/AX deflection transistor for the horizontal deflection of 17-inch, 64kHz PC monitors
2002-10-10 Fujitsu monitors to use Genesis controller
Fujitsu Ltd has integrated Genesis Microchip Inc.'s 9255 LCD monitor controller on its WXGA TFT-LCD monitors
2004-07-19 Winbond to commence driver IC volume production
Winbond Electronics Corp. plans to kick off volume production of driver ICs for LCD TV receivers of over 20-inches in the last quarter of the year.
2009-07-08 Watchdog board monitors app program, OS ops
ACCES I/O Products Inc. is offering a series of dedicated watchdog timer boards for PC/104-based embedded systems
2004-05-17 Via strengthens media platform for home video
The emergence of the home video gateway as the next big thing has created a stir in consumer electronics circles, has not escaped the attention of PC chip suppliers like Via Technologies Inc
2010-07-07 Toshiba, Intel deliver educational tablet PCs
Toshiba Corp. and Intel KK will jointly commercialize an educational-use tablet PC designed to facilitate learning in compulsory education
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