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2003-12-09 Samsung latest DVD-VHS players powered by ESS chip
Samsung Electronics has selected ESS Technology's VibrattoII MX SoC DivX-certified DVD chip for its latest line of DivX-certified DVD-VHS combo players.
2007-05-03 LG.Philips, Samsung dominate large-sized LCD panel market
LG.Philips LCD topped the market for large-sized LCD panels in Q1 in terms of unit shipments, according to a preliminary estimate from iSuppli. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the market in terms of revenue.
2008-02-06 LED backlighting solution with LM3430 and LM3432
The LM3432 is a 6-channel high voltage current regulator which provides a simple solution for LED backlighting applications and the LM3430 is a companion device to supply high voltage required to drive serially connected LED strings.
2008-03-20 LCD TV shipments to double by 2012, says report
Global shipments of LCD TVs will nearly double from this year to 2012, driven mainly by falling prices and consumer demand for flat screens and the high-definition format, according to iSuppli.
2003-03-19 LCD sales to surpass traditional CRT revenues in '03
LCD revenues are seen to rise to more than $20 billion in 2003, surpassing traditional CRT monitors for the first time, reports IDC.
2008-08-22 Large LCDs fail to catch Olympic fever
The expected sales boost of large-sized LCD panels because of the Olympics' boom in new TV purchase failed to materialize but the sales' recovery in September is anticipated, according to iSuppli Corp.
2009-04-03 Korea, Taiwan panel makers to boost output in '09
Large TFT LCD producers in Korea plan to increase shipments 23 percent this year while producers in Taiwan plan to increase shipments only 12 percent, according to a DisplaySearch report.
2009-07-28 June TFT LCD shipments hit 46.7M
June 2009 has set a new record for monthly large-area TFT LCD shipments reaching 46.7 million units, up 8 percent month-on-month and 24 percent y-on-y.
2007-07-12 iSuppli: Bright future awaits large-sized LCD panels
Due to rising demand, tightening supply and increasing prices, market research firm iSuppli Corp. has raised its forecast for large-sized LCD panel shipments for 2007 and beyond.
2008-03-17 Fanout switch chipset targets HDMI, DVI apps
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3845/MAX4814E 2:4 fanout switch chipset for HDMI and DVI applications.
2005-09-27 eMagin discusses production plans at display conference
eMagin Corp. CEO Gary Jones has outlined scenarios that would require expanding the company's manufacturing capabilities at the Display Technology and Supply Chain Conference sponsored by W R Hambrecht + Co. and the United States Display Consortium in San Francisco.
2003-03-25 Electronic components to achieve double-digit growth in '03
According to iSuppli Corp., the modest recovery experienced by the electronic components sector last year has set the stage for stronger growth this year.
2011-01-31 eDP shipments to increase 100% from 2009 to 2014
External DisplayPort (eDP) device shipments will see a CAGR of over 100 percent from 2009 to 2014, according to a new In-Stat report.
2008-01-30 DisplaySearch notes surge in Q4 '07 LCD TV panel shipments
Shipments of large-area TFT LCD TV panels in Q4 '07 grew 18 percent q-on-q and 70 percent y-on-y to 27.9 million units, according to DisplaySearch.
2007-04-10 Displays, ICs boost South Korea's Q1 IT export
South Korea's exports of IT products reached $28.75 billion during the first quarter, up 8.3 percent over the same quarter of 2006, due largely to brisk shipments of semiconductors and flat display panels.
2013-05-13 Data logging software adds picoammeter sync feature
The Actuel data logging software recently added a USB picoammeter sync feature which will open up new applications for low DC current measurement.

2006-05-08 CMO cautious over shipment forecast of TV panels
Chi Mei Optoelectronics remains cautious in projecting TV panel shipments this quarter despite other makers predicting stronger demand for the period.
2006-10-25 China's LCD makers to catch up with Taiwan, South Korea, says CMO exec
LCD makers in mainland China will catch up with its counterparts in Taiwan and South Korea five years from now, aid Ching-Siang Liao, chairman of Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp.
2012-03-20 Challenges in USB battery charging
Learn about the subtleties and traps in this seemingly simple charging situation.
2013-01-14 CES 2013's Android connection
The Android OS may have been designed primarily for mobile devices but it has since crossed over to other realms of consumer electronics as evidenced during CES 2013.
2005-08-16 Cellular phone displays go hi-res
Global adoption of cellphones has prompted the development of high-resolution color displays to handle the devices' stringent audiovisual needs.
2009-03-09 CCFL backlight half-bridge topology based on L6574 and STD7NS20
A 12V or 24V DC voltage is provided for the backlighting inverter to drive the CCFL. To improve the efficiency and performance of the total system both for the AC/DC power supply and inverter, STMicroelectronics has introduced a high-voltage ballast-driver IC L6574 that provides the half-bridge solution for CCFL backlighting.
2005-02-21 Asuka rolls out two DTV modules
Asuka Semiconductor has developed a series of DTV (digital TV) related system modules based on DVB-T SoCs.
2011-11-03 Analyst: DisplayPort devices to ship 400 million by 2014
Internal DisplayPort will go beyond nine percent penetration of the total consumer electronics market in 2015.
2007-10-11 Analyst: Bleak holidays await LCD market
LCD makers were able to raise prices from April to September, but this trend is expected to turn in Q4 as vendors are being forced to cut their prices to move inventory.
2006-07-17 Agilent's array tester targets ultrahigh-resolution panels
By offering 7,680 channels per test head, Agilent said its new test solution can handle today's ultrahigh-resolution panels and is prepared to test even higher resolution screens in the future.
2008-03-20 Zigbee-powered meter plug reads electrical usage
Energy Optimizers has developed a Zigbee 'plogg' device, which is a combination smart meter plug and data logger.
2013-04-24 Wireless energy harvesting: Key to M2M's success
The need for wireless applications with ultra-low power consumption and the advancements in establishing communication standards offer M2M providers new opportunities to innovate and evolve their products and devices.
2007-01-23 Wireless docking design enables 'wireless office'
WiQuest said its wireless docking reference design solution, which combines high-quality video with replacement of the USB cable, makes the wireless office a reality.
2007-11-08 Winged MEMS keep dust away
Omron claims to have solved the problem of dust and particulate for MEMS airflow sensors with an innovative mechanical architecture that resembles a penguin with outstretched wings.
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