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2003-07-29 Visualization tool adds PCB design support
AutoVue, a widely-used visualization and collaboration tool, is targeting EDA in its latest release.
2011-02-07 Verification design flow connects third-party PCB tools
AWR has released an ODB++ PCB layout verification design flow for connecting third-party tools with its software solutions.
2004-12-03 Updated Altium PCB design system include new technologies
A new PCB design system for layout professionals was recently released by Altium Ltd.
2011-02-08 TPD12S015 PCB layout guidelines
The TPD12S015 is a multifunction ESD protection device targeting portable High Definition Multimedia Interface applications.
2006-04-17 Symmetry and spin-offs in high-speed PCB design
Through symmetry and spin-off analyses, methods of controlling impedance and reducing distortion can yield bonus signal integrity and EMC benefits.
2009-05-05 STMAV335 evaluation board and PCB layout recommendation
STMAV335 has three sets of 3 to 1 switches that are well suited for switching analog video signals on the back panel of TV sets or monitors.
2002-11-08 Simple Switcher PCB Layout Guidelines
This application note discusses quick-set rules for simple switcher PCB layout.
2003-03-18 RSI upgrades CAMCAD PCB data prep tool
The latest version of Router Solution Inc.'s (RSI) CAMCAD PCB data preparation tool now includes support for over 45 ECAD readers
2010-06-08 Practical layout for current sensing circuit of IRMCF300 series IC
This application note provides practical tips on PCB layout and how to set configuration registers when using the IRMCF300 series of sensorless motor control ICs.
2007-11-28 PCB/FPGA design goes 3D with Altium tool
The Altium Designer 6.8 with new 3D PCB visualization capability allows designers to see at any time exactly how the manufactured board will look
2016-04-06 PCB layouts for buck, boost, SEPIC power stages
Non-isolated power stages are the basic building blocks of power systems. In this article, we investigate the buck, boost and single-ended primary inductor converter power stages.
2011-03-03 PCB layout, ADC circuit suggestions for LPC1100 and LPC1300
Discover how to develop a PCB that is optimized for the ADC on the LPC1100 and LPC1300 families
2000-12-04 PCB layout recommendations for SAW filters in DIP18D package
This application note gives several guidelines in optimizing the PCB layout in the vicinity of a SAW filter to reduce crosstalk and other unwanted effects. A reference design of a PCB for a DIP18D SAW package is shown in this note.
2009-06-16 PCB layout recommendations for BGA packages
This application note provides a brief overview of PCB layout considerations when working with BGA packages. It outlines some of the most common problems and provides tips for avoiding them at the design stage.
2010-05-13 PCB layout guidelines for SPEAr600
This application note provides guidelines for successfully designing the PCB layout for SPEAr600.
2010-05-24 PCB layout guidelines for SPEAr3xx
This application note provides guidelines for successfully designing the PCB layout for SPEAr3xx applications.
2009-06-05 PCB layout guidelines for MPC5674x switch mode power supply (SMPS)
The MPC5674F device provides an internal SMPS regulator that may be used to provide the VDD voltage, eliminating the external VDD supply. To ensure that the switched regulator operates as designed, the designer should select the appropriate components and design the PCB following some simple rules
2007-05-11 PCB design environment supports high-speed devices
Claiming a significant enhancement of its flagship CR-5000 PCB design environment, Zuken has added support for new high-speed technologies and devices, including DDR memory and high-density FPGAs
2008-12-17 PC board layout checklist: DC-DC converters
Here is a checklist of PCB design guidelines that should be followed to produce a working switching regulator design using Fairchild's RC50XX series of switch-mode controllers
2001-06-04 Optimum PCB and stencil layout for leadframe MLPs
This application note details the proper guidelines for the layout of a PCB and stencil for a 6-by-4mm MLP (M/A-COM Leadless Package).
2003-06-27 Optimizing a PCB layout for an iPOWIR Technology Design
This application note outlines several issues that need to be noted when designing a power supply layout
2015-02-02 Optimising BGA signal routing in PCB designs
BGA packaging technology for embedded designs is steadily advancing, but signal escape routing is difficult. Know the strategies to ensure that a product is correct in terms of form, fit and function.
2009-04-16 Op amp precision design: PCB layout techniques
This application note covers PCB effects encountered in high (DC) precision op amp circuits. It provides techniques for improving the performance, giving more flexibility in solving a given design problem
2008-05-16 New formula to speed up PCB designs
PCB designers need a methodology that helps them avoid design iterations between the design and layout stages, or finding issues with the board in the lab with a physical prototype. Hemant Shah of Cadence Design Systems discusses how a "correct-by-construction" PCB layout methodology can help PCB designers shorten their design cycle.
2002-05-27 Molex connector saves up to 45 percent of PCB area
The 1.25mm-pitched Mini MiII wire harnessing connector from Molex Inc. occupies 45 percent less PCB area than similar 2mm-pitched versions
2007-09-20 Minimize noise in audio channels with smart PCB layout
This application note discusses several factors that affect audio functionality in a cellphone PCB design
2004-06-10 Mentor, Cadence share most top honors in PCB study
Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems took the lion's share of top honors in a PCB EDA survey, but Agilent EEsof garnered the top spot in customer satisfaction
2003-07-30 Mentor tool will team up on PCB layout
Mentor Graphics will introduce a concurrent-design approach to PCB design with a new tool called TeamPCB
2004-11-12 Mentor PCB tools support Xilinx FPGA transceiver tech
Mentor Graphics Corp. and Xilinx have announced a collaboration in which Mentor will supply its PCB tool users with reference data allowing them to more easily implement the multi-gigabit transceiver (MGT) technology available in Xilinx FPGA on their printed circuit board (PCB) designs
2004-11-16 Mentor PCB tools support Xilinx FPGA MGT technology
Mentor will supply its PCB tool users with reference data allowing them to more easily implement the MGT technology in Xilinx FPGA on their PCB designs
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