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2009-03-26 TSMC, Ciranova team up on advanced PDK tech
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd and Ciranova Inc. have entered into a multiyear strategic partnership to collaborate on the development of advanced Process Design Kit (PDK) technology based on Ciranova's PyCell architecture.
2010-08-31 System-80 asynchronous display on the i.MX31 WINCE 6.0 PDK
This application note provides the necessary information, considerations and procedure to add or adapt a System-80 Type 2 asynchronous panel to the WINCE600 BSP for the i.MX31 PDK.
2014-05-30 PDK delivers power noise, reliability sign-off flow
The PDK includes reference flow guidelines, collateral, example test cases and flow setup guidance that will enable analogue and RF designers.
2011-01-21 PDK and reference flow for 0.18um power management process
Tanner EDA and TowerJazz announce PDK for 0.18um power management process. Kit includes symbol libraries for schematic capture software as well as parameterized layout generators for L-Edit.
2013-05-29 Mentor teams up with OpSIS, Lumerical on PDK dev't
Aimed to develop a PDK for the OpSIS IME silicon photonics process, the solution will allow adding the driver and control electronics on the same chip, greatly reducing packaging complexity and cost.
2010-07-28 Media streaming to i.MX31 PDK over WLAN
This application note describes how to set up a basic media streaming session (audio, video and pictures) between a PC and the i.MX31 PDK through a WLAN.
2005-01-14 MagnaChip's new PDK supports Agilent EDA software
MagnaChip Semiconductor announced recently a new Process Design Kit (PDK) supporting Agilent's RF Design Environment EDA software.
2005-03-07 Intel's Bensley PDK speeds up FB-DIMM adoption
Intel introduced a product development kit that promises to accelerate the adoption of a new computer memory technology and other emerging technologies for Intel's first multi-core server platform
2010-05-14 Different display configurations on the i.MX35 WinCE PDK
This application note provides information, considerations and steps order to add or adapt a new panel to the BSP distribution for the i.MX35 PDK.
2007-06-22 Cadence aids HHNEC in first 0.18?m EEPROM PDK
Cadence Design Systems announced that Hua Hong NEC Electronics has developed its first 0.18?m process design kit using Cadence's PDK automation system.
2010-02-23 3D animation techniques on the i.MX31 PDK
Animation techniques are essential 3D applications where a character or morphing objects are present, for example, games, simulation and medical applications. This application note intends to be a guide for picking and implementing a technique for animation.
2003-06-27 Tower PDKs simplify design environments
Tower Semiconductor Ltd. and Cadence Design Systems have announced the availability of the TSL018 and TSL035 foundry-level Process Design Kits that eliminate the need for users to create their own "views" of the Tower technologies in their design environments.
2009-06-25 SpringSoft, TSMC co-develop multi-node PDKs
Joint multi-node process design kit portfolio development is started by SpringSoft and TSMC.
2002-02-01 RedSwitch kit speeds InfiniBand product development
Positioned to provide testing and troubleshooting solutions for InfiniBand product designers and manufacturers, the product development kit (PDK) features the HDMP-2840 switch chip.
2001-04-15 Process design kits take aim at custom ICs
This technical article describes Cadence Design Systems' process design kits for 0.25?m and 0.18?m process simulations.
2003-06-26 PolarFab delivers Silvaco process design kits
Silvaco and PolarFab have announced the availability of process design kits for PolarFab's BP30 30V bipolar process that supports Silvaco custom IC CAD tools.
2010-05-14 OpenPDK group misses pure-play foundry members
The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) disclosed the founding members of the new OpenPDK Coalition, and notably pure-play silicon foundries including TSMC are missing from the list.
2006-08-11 Korean foundry teams up with Cadence on process design kit
Dongbu Electronics said it has developed process design kits (PDKs) for high-voltage semiconductor devices.
2008-06-03 IPL Alliance gets TSMC onboard
The Interoperable PDK Libraries Alliance, an industry-wide collaborative effort to create and promote interoperable process design kit standards has signed up TSMC as first foundry member.
2015-02-27 Hua Hong develops 0.2?m RF SOI process design kit
Hua Hong's 0.2m RF SOI PDK solution is developed from Cadence's IC5141 EDA software, and integrates RF modelling and simulation platform such as PSP SOI and BSIM SOI.
2003-06-10 Group wants to standardize process design kits
A small group of long-time EDA industry insiders is quietly pulling together a study group to discuss standardization of foundry PDKs.
2011-03-14 Foundry vendors announce partnerships
Dongbu HiTek, TowerJazz, UMC forge partnerships to strengthen capabilities and boost product portfolios.
2006-11-14 EDA panelists call for standardized process design kits
Standardization of foundry process design kits will provide major benefits for analog and custom IC designers, according to panelists at the Synopsys EDA Interoperability Developer's Forum.
2006-11-16 Design RFICs with greater speed, accuracy
In RFIC design, a "meet-in-the-middle" approach balances top-down fast design processes with bottom-up silicon accuracy to produce a predictable schedule, leading to first-pass silicon success.
2003-05-15 Cypress network search engines to be based on Intel platform
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has decided to use the Intel Control Plane Platform Development Kit to develop a range of applications for network search engines and co-processors.
2006-06-23 Cree, AWR offer MMIC process design kit
Cree and AWR have introduced a process design kit that allows designers to use Cree's MMIC process within AWR's Microwave Office software environment.
2007-02-01 Circuit designer takes control over LOD parameters
The circuit designer would like circuit simulation to match post-layout simulation as closely as possible to avoid changes necessitated by differences in device operation between the schematic and layout.
2002-04-01 Chartered, Cadence partner in design kit offering
Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Chartered Semiconductor Mfg have collaborated to help the mixed-signal market reduce cycle times on designs using Chartered's foundry process design kits.
2006-11-14 Cadence, SMIC to address wireless design challenges in China
Cadence Design Systems and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. will partner to offer RF applicability training and workshops for wireless chip designers in China.
2014-08-18 15nm process design kit spurs innovation
The FreePDK released by North Carolina State University includes a more complete set of tools that anyone can download to design state-of-the-art chips and tools.
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