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2002-05-27 Vishay PFC capacitors have 265mm profile
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced the release of a series of single-phase and 3-phase PFC capacitors in tubular aluminum casings 20 percent shorter than traditional models.
2003-11-03 VIPower makes easier PFC converters
STMicroelectronics' VK05 smart power IC sports low complexity and low cost and is a suitable solution for a low cost, active PFC in lighting applications.
2013-07-24 Using resonant power supply control IC with PFC
Read about the SSL4120 functions used in the typical application.
2013-05-15 Understanding link between PFC, efficiency in LEDs
Learn why high-power LED drivers must come with power factor correction.
2005-06-10 UCC28517 100-W PFC power converter with 12V, 8W bias supply, part 2
This app note reviews the design of the second 12V, 8W power stage to be used as an auxiliary bias supply.
2005-06-10 UCC28517 100-W PFC power converter with 12V, 8W bias supply, Part 1
This app note reviews the design of a 100W ac/dc power stage with power factor correction.
2005-03-18 Tyco addresses PFC needs
Tyco Electronics unveiled the PFC-IPM (intelligent power module) that provides a cost effective solution for up to 1kW output power.
2005-06-16 Transition-mode PFC controller enhances performance
Take a look at a controller IC that is based on standard TM PFC pre-regulator core and offers additional features
2012-03-29 TI's LED driver boasts primary side sensing, PFC
The TPS92310 AC/DC constant current driver for non-dimmable LED lighting that aims to reduce cost and shrinks-to-fit high-power LED retrofit bulbs including A19, PAR30/38 and GU10.
2010-01-04 Switching supplies pack built-in active PFC function
Pewatron extends its product range to the lower wattage of 150W and 300W SPV-150 and SPV-300 series.
2005-08-25 Supertex LED driver with PFC simplifies street lighting
Supertex' HV9931, an off-line driver for single high-brightness LEDs, includes a power factor correction stage that suits the chip to traffic signal, street lamp and decorative lighting applications.
2004-12-01 Startup current transient of the leading edge triggered PFC controllers
This app note describes the PFC converter controllers.
2006-05-02 SPM devices are for full-switching PFC
Fairchild Semiconductor introduced three new smart power modules designed for full-switching power factor correction in motor drive applications
2006-11-16 SiC Schottky diodes fit for PFC apps
The unique features of SiC as a device material allow producing boost diodes with nearly ideal performance characteristics suitable for all power ranges in PFC applications
2002-07-08 Shenzhen Shengxin polypropylene film capacitors suit PFC apps
The CBB6 series metalized polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd feature a non-inductive construction, good self-healing properties, high-current resistance, high insulation resistance, low dissipation factor and high stability.
2002-01-09 Power Add SMPSs exhibit 98 percent active PFC
2005-06-08 PFC, PWM controller provides standby power consumption
ON Semi's NCP1603 device is a PFC and PWM combo controller that offers extremely low no-load standby power consumption because of its skipping cycle operation and PFC-stage shutdown while in standby mode
2011-10-05 PFC shipments to reach 4.5 million by 2017
Pike Research has released a study showing a significant increase in PFC demand and estimates that shipments will reach 4.5 million in six years.
2011-02-15 PFC LED driver IC designed for space-constrained apps
iWatt debuts its first power-factor-corrected (PFC) LED driver IC with primary-side-regulated, leading- and trailing-edge-dimmable, AC/DC Digital PWM Controller.
2008-06-24 PFC in the plastic industry
In this PQS application note series, Ricardo Garrido recommends detuned or dynamic PFC as the appropriate PFC system for the plastic industry.
2006-11-28 PFC front-end delivers 2.2kW
The new PFC FrontEnd from Vicor Corp. delivers up to 2.2kW for the company's modules and ViPAC arrays.
2007-03-09 PFC controllers enable efficient power supplies
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its PFC controller portfolio. The four new devices enable the development of highly efficient power supplies that meet emerging global energy efficiency and power factor standards.
2006-04-03 PFC controller reduces power loss up to 320mW
Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a PFC controller IC that is said to reduce standby power as much as 320mW.
2011-11-21 PFC controller operates from -40C to 85C
ADI's digital PFC controller provides power metering accuracy of 3 percent at full load current.
2009-02-20 PFC controller IC is extremely efficient
Fairchild Semiconductor Inc. announced the FAN9612 power-factor correction (PFC) controller IC that can deliver greater than 96 percent efficiency in AC/DC power supplies.
2010-07-05 PFC controller handles critical conduction mode apps
The FAN7830 from Fairchild Semiconductor is an active power-factor correction (PFC) controller for boost applications that operate in critical conduction mode (CRM).
2013-12-05 PFC controller halves power dissipation in shunt resistor
TI's UCC28180 8-pin PFC controller features an adjustable switching frequency that helps the designer optimize their design for size, cost and efficiency.
2010-03-12 PFC controller delivers high system efficiency at light load
Fairchild has developed a CCM PFC controller for 300W to 2kW power supply designs that bring high system efficiency, high power factor and low THD.
2006-04-25 PFC controller chips simplify system design, cut operational cost
System General's new PFC controller chips help customers simplify power system design while reducing overall operational costs.
2007-01-03 PFC control IC implements interleaved operation
Renesas Technology America has announced a critical-mode PFC control IC for AC/DC power supplies, said to be the first device of its type to implement interleaved operation.
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