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2003-09-08 Yinhe resistor networks available to 1.78mm pin distances
Beihai Yinhe Hi-Tech Ind. Co. Ltd has put forward thick-film resistor networks that are available in common terminal and isolated circuit type.
2004-11-12 X-Fab unveils BiCMOS PIN-diode module
X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries AG has announced the availability of a PIN-diode module for its 0.6?m BiCMOS technology.
2007-08-13 Voltage supervisors offer more pin configuration options
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its family of voltage supervisors with four new devices that give designers industry-standard performance for monitoring power supply status.
2007-08-14 UWB MAC has high throughput, less pin count
Faraday Technology Corp. has released its latest UWB medium access controller solution that enables higher transfer rate at lower pin count for SoC designs.
2012-01-30 Utilizing V3 pin on 71M6513 energy meter IC
Learn about the proper connection of the dual-use input V3 pin for Maxim's Teridian 71M6513/71M6513H energy meter ICs.
2000-05-29 Using the PORTB Interrupt on Change as an External Interrupt Pin
This application note will discuss some of the issues in using PORTB as additional external interrupt pins, and will show some examples.
2008-11-24 Using the enable pin in a linear regulator as a voltage supervisor
The combination of a voltage regulator and a voltage supervisor is a popular circuit configuration. The addition of the supervisor ensures that the regulated output turns on and off at sufficient input voltages, as well as giving the system the luxury of a safe and ordered startup.
2001-09-26 Use of LRESET# pin
This application note explains the function of the LRESET# pin of the NET2888 USB interface controller.
2001-09-24 Use of 168-pin ESDRAM DIMMs in x32 data path applications
This application note focuses on the use of synchronous, non-ECC (x64) 168-pin DIMMs in x32 data path applications.
2003-06-11 Ultra-low power consumption, low saturation three-pin regulators with on/off pins: MM1065 and 1165
This application note discusses the MM1165 IC, which is designed for stabilized power supply applications with low current consumption.
2003-06-10 Ultra-low power consumption low-saturation three-pin regulators with on/off pin - MM1065 and 1165 monolithic ICs
This application note discusses the MM1065 ICs, which are stabilized power supply devices with ultra-low consumption currents, designed for greatly reduced reactive current systems at low input voltages.
2002-06-06 Toshiba PIN receiver modules integrate TIA, limiting amps
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has announced the availability two new 10Gbps PIN receiver modules featuring an integrated TIA and limiting amplifier.
2010-02-10 Tiny regulators provide 15 pin-programmable outputs
Semtech has released a 500mA synchronous step-down (buck) regulator with the tiny size and output flexibility needed for low voltage point-of-load regulation, as well as mobile device applications.
2009-11-30 Tiny 6-pin MCUs process 12MIPs at 12MHz
Atmel Corp. has expanded its AVR microcontroller family with three pin- and code-compatible 6-pin picoPower MCUs.
2001-09-20 The potential use of PIN diodes in handheld transceivers
This application note discusses the potential use of PIN diodes in handheld transceivers.
2002-05-03 The IC-100MES RJ-45 pin definitions
This application note presents the pin definition for the IC-100MES line of Monicor radio modems.
2003-05-26 The Connector Pin Varistor for Transient Voltage in Connectors
This application note discusses the characteristics of a connector pin varistor for transient voltage protection in connectors.
2001-09-20 The advantages of PIN diode switches over MESFET switches for IEEE 802.11a high-speed wireless LAN applications
This application note provides a comparative discussion of silicon PIN diodes and MESFETs to help circuit designers in choosing the suitable mobile wireless diversity switch.
2004-04-23 Teradyne sets up pin J750 test system in Russia
Teradyne Inc. has collaborated with Amideon Systems for the installation of the 512-pin J750 test system at the Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Engineering (RIEE) in Voronezh, Russia.
2005-01-24 TAOS light-to-voltage converters come in 4-pin TMB package
TAOS is offering two of its light-to-voltage converters in a new packagea 4-pin transfer-molded board surface-mount package.
2001-06-15 Surface mounting instructions CR-9, 11, 12, 13, 14 ceramic 16 and 24 PIN packages
This application note discusses proper mounting procedures for CR-9, 11, 12, 13, 14 Ceramic 16 and 24 PIN packages.
2003-12-12 STMicro flash chip with low pin count architecture
STMicroelectronics has introduced what it claims is the first two-in-one Firmware Hub (FWH) and Low Pin Count (LPC) Flash memory for storing BIOS content in a wide range of PC desktops, laptops and servers.
2004-01-20 STMicro bus switches pin-compatible TTL outputs
STMicroelectronics has introduced a set of four high-speed CMOS 20bit bus switches that are pin-compatible with existing TTL parts.
2007-11-05 SPI host controller offers low pin count option
QuickLogic announced the addition of an SPI host controller to its customer specific standard product (CSSP) functional library, underscoring its commitment to the mobile market.
2009-06-18 Spansion SPI flash pin-out and migration path
This application note details the signal pins, modes, general pin-out and migration path for Spansion serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash memory products, and applies to densities ranging from 4Mbit to 64Mbit.
2001-09-20 Silicon PIN diode and GaAs MESFET switches and their effects on linearity of digital
This application note discusses the linearity requirements for the RF sections of digital communications links and compares the low-distortion performance of silicon PIN diode and GaAs MESFET switches.
2003-04-04 Sharp develops SSRs in 6-pin DIPs
The company has announced the development of a pair of solid-state relays packaged in 6-pin DIPs aimed at replacing mechanical relays in home apps.
2002-09-25 Selecting the Right PIN/Pre-Amp for your Application
This application note outlines the parameters for properly choosing the proper pre-amplification input noise for a users circuit.
2011-01-10 SATA 7-pin SSD series has 17-mm ultra-slim profile
Matching the SATA ports on the motherboard, Apacer's 17mm profile SATA Disk Module is ultra-slim. Capacities ranging from 512MB to 4GB in angles of 90, 180, 270 degrees configurations are available.
2005-08-08 RF chip offers 'highest level of integration' in a low pin-count device
Micrel unveiled the new addition to its QwikRadio family that features the same high-performance of its MICRF009 but in a smaller SOIC-8 package.
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