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2014-05-30 TI PLC modem platform supports G3, IEEE-1901.2
The PLC modem solutions from TI provide the flexibility of a single hardware and software design supporting G3, PRIME and IEEE-1901.2 standards across both CENELEC and FCC frequency bands.
2010-09-27 Spain adopts ST PLC SoC in smart-meter rollout
STMicroelectronics' STarGRID SoCs used in Iberdrola smart-meter project
2007-07-16 SMK launches 14Mbps PLC module
SMK has developed a high speed 14Mbps PLC module designed for use in domestic applications.
2003-05-23 Simmtech, Graphic Plc enter PCB supply agreement
Simmtech Co. Ltd has been appointed by U.K-based PCB fabricator Graphic Plc to provide them with multi-layer PCBs for network apps.
2012-04-20 Significance of signal chains and PLC
Know the importance of PLCs, and learn how to choose component parts using the parametric tools on Maxim's website.
2001-09-04 Programming a remote PLC via SixNet industrial modem
This application note is intended to help users configure a dial-up telephone connection to an A-B Data Highway Plus network for remote programming and monitoring applications.
2001-09-04 Programming a remote PLC via modem
This application note is intended to help users configure a dial-up telephone connection to an A-B Data Highway Plus for remote programming and monitoring applications.
2015-07-14 PLC teardown: Allen-Bradley Micro850 for industrial apps
The PLC is symbolic of the high level of ruggedness configurability, isolation performance and ease of use that keeps PLCs strong in factory automation despite the encroachment of embedded computing.
2015-09-24 PLC teardown reveals industrial ruggedness, flexibility
The Allen-Bradley Micro850 PLC costs around $500 yet is symbolic of the high level of ruggedness configurability, isolation performance and ease of use that keeps PLCs strong in factory automation.
2015-02-27 PLC starter kit streamlines design with Schneider line-up
The Modicon M221 promises to ease control-panel design using the advanced Schneider Electric M221 logic controller, thanks to its programming simplicity and scalability.
2010-11-23 PLC solution has PRIME compliance
The communication SoC and software stack combination lets meter makers reduce development time for PRIME-compliant meters.
2014-06-12 PLC modems support G3, PRIME, IEEE-1901.2 standards
Developers can use the TMDSPLCKITV4 platform from TI to create a single PLC project with support for all three major standards across multiple spectrum bands.
2010-09-13 PLC development kit jumpstarts smart grid development
Texas Instruments Inc. releases a PLC development kit based on the company's PLC modem solution that can support multiple modulation and protocol standards on a single hardware platform.
2011-05-12 PLC chipset complies with IEEE(R) P1901.2 standard
Maxim's G3-PLC(TM) chipset provides prestandard compliance and claims to substantially reduce infrastructure costs over other narrowband approaches.
2007-08-01 PLC adapters enable nets using household power wiring
Sharp's two new PLC adapters allow people to easily build home networks by using household electrical power wiring as a transmission medium.
2009-09-04 Partners release OFDM-based PLC spec
The OFDM-based PLC specification facilitates global smart grid implementations and supports the IPv6 internet-protocol standard.
2010-10-28 Panasonic's PLC technology ratified in the IEEE 1901 standard
Power line communication (PLC) technology jointly proposed by Panasonic Co. Ltd. and its subsidiary, Panasonic System Networks Co. Ltd. has been approved by the IEEE Standard Association as the base technology in the IEEE 1901 standard.
2003-03-27 NEC rolls PLC-based tunable dispersion modules
NEC Corp. has expanded its PLC-based products for the WDM transmission market with the development of its colorless AWG wavelength dispersion modules.
2008-12-18 Maxim to work on next-gen PLC spec
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has won a contract to define and develop a next-generation, powerline-communication (PLC) specification and solution for Electricite Reseau Distribution France.
2014-10-02 Maxim outs micro PLC analogue-output system for Industry 4.0
The reference module gives micro programmable logic controller designs an ultra-low-power, highly accurate analogue output in an ultra-small form factor roughly the size of a credit card.
2010-08-23 Marvell moves into PLC
Marvell has acquired the IP and assets of DS2, a supplier of high speed semiconductor solutions for powerline communications.
2010-08-20 Line driver device supports PLC apps
ON Semiconductor introduces the new NCS5650 line driver device, mainly offered for Power Line Carrier communications applications such as smart metering, industrial control and street lighting.
2009-09-04 Integrated PLC modem simplifies smart meter design
The new member of ON Semiconductor's PLC modem family suits smart electric automatic meter reading and management.
2013-08-29 Industrial PLC reference design cuts power, system costs
The Corona reference design reduces isolation channels to four while the Maxim Integrated's digital isolator eliminates the need for optoisolators.
2015-09-07 Hybrid mesh networks combine wireless, PLC
Greenvity Communications is offering a unique hybrid wireless networking approach that can use powerline communications to bypass barriers such as concrete walls.
2009-03-05 Freescale, arivus develop OFDM PLC solutions
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. and arivus GmbH have teamed up to develop advanced OFDM power line communications (PLC) modem solutions.
2002-06-20 Fiber/PLC Bragg grating devices for WDM transmission systems
This application note describes the application of Bragg grating technology to an optical fiber and a planar lightwave circuit.
2011-10-05 European alliance supports G3-PLC implementation
A 12-member European alliance was formed to push for the implementation of G3-PLC, a new PLC protocol.
2014-07-15 EnVerv rolls combined dual-modem PLC, RF SoC
The EV8600 combines the company's power line communications technology operating at 10-500KHz and an RF modem operating in the range of 142-1050MHz.
2014-09-26 EDMI, gridComm team up to develop PLC smart modules
The Singapore-based companies join forces to enable gridComm's GC-Net in EDMI's smart meters.
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