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2006-10-16 Understand benefits of PMBus systems
Using PMBus and PMBus-enabled devices for power conversion provides flexibility, control and observability, which are not possible with traditional analog power-supply systems.
2006-09-12 ST confirms commitment to PMBus forum
STMicroelectronics announced its membership in the Power Management Bus (PMBus) Implementers Forum as a PMBus Adopter.
2011-04-08 Software implementation of PMBus over I2C for TMS320F2803x
Here's a software implementation of the PMBus protocol over the inter-integrated circuit hardware on TMS320F28035 Piccolo MCUs.
2014-06-26 Quarter-brick DC-DC converters support PMBus interface
The 12Vout DBQ0135V2 from Murata supports the TNV input voltage range of 36-75V with a typical efficiency of 95.2 per cent by using a 32bit ARM7 processor.
2012-05-23 Power module enables monitoring via PMBus
Ericsson's PIM4800PI series of power interface modules sustains 16.5A current across the full telecommunications input voltage range of 36V to 75V to provide output power of 660W to 890W.
2011-07-04 Power ICs support PMBus
National Semiconductors has rolled out two high-voltage system power management and protection ICs with on-chip power management bus support and tout 25mV/50mV current limit thresholds.
2012-09-19 PMBus protection IC provides accurate power monitoring
TI's latest control IC reduces data center operating expenses and increases power and thermal system intelligence while interfacing with Intel's Node Manager 2.0.
2008-08-27 PMBus implementation using the MSP430 USCI
This TI application note provides an example application for the Power Management Bus (PMBus) protocol implementation using the MSP430 as a master PMBus device.
2014-06-24 PMBus enhances programmability in converters
The 18V DC/DC converters from TI feature PMBus interface, which provides for converter configuration as well as monitoring of key parameters including output voltage and current.
2014-09-30 Murata outs 40A PoL DC-DC converter with PMBus interface
The 132W OKDx-T/40 series of non-isolated point-of-load fully regulated converters target telecommunications, networking and distributed power applications.
2013-01-24 JTAG unveils PMBus IC programming solution
PMBusProg runs on all DataBlaster controllers from JTAG Technologies and can be used to access PMBus pins via local JTAG (boundary-scan) compliant devices or directly from an external DIOS module.
2014-06-17 Guide to using MAX15301 PMBus command set
The standard commands from the PMBus specification are no longer described in detail unless there are deviations from the PMBus specification functionality.
2005-12-19 Ericsson Power Modules joins PMBus-IF
Ericsson Power Modules has signed the PMBus adopter agreement, becoming a full member of the Power Management Bus Implementers Forum.
2005-01-18 DOSA and PMBus initiative join forces
Tyco Electronics Power Systems and SynQor, the founding members of the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA), announced an alignment with the Power Management Bus (PMBus) initiative led by Artesyn Technologies Inc., as part of a migration effort to digitally-interfaced on-board dc/dc power architecture.
2009-05-18 Digital isolator ICs support SMBus, PMBus apps
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced its Si84xx ISOpro digital isolators, comprising over 70 distinct devices with various combinations of channel count and directionality up to six channels.
2015-02-24 Designing data and power I2C/PMBus data interfaces
A reliable interface for transmitting data is a key requirement for industrial and instrumentation, telecommunications and medical applications. Read this article to learn how to design such interface.
2013-03-21 ADI rolls out digital power controller armed with PMBus
The ADP1051 is versatile digital controller with six pulse width modulation logic outputs that can be programmed using an easy-to use graphic user interface via the PMBus interface.
2015-01-05 500W, 600W DC/DC converters support PMBus digital interface
The devices from Murata are packaged in an industry standard quarter-brick format that will support the evolving advanced bus converter footprint for isolated board mounted power modules.
2015-03-04 Why digital power calls for more standards
Read about the move to come up with common standards that will encompass mechanical, electrical, communications, monitoring and control specifications.
2016-02-19 Voltage regulators support up to 1.5MHz switching frequency
Infineon Technologies rolled out its SupIRBuck voltage regulators that feature an integrated PWM controller, MOSFETs and bootstrap diode, as well as PMBus control.
2006-06-20 Solution converts analog power supply to digital
Maxim's MAX8688 is touted to be the first chip to convert an all-analog power supply to a fully programmable, digital power-management solution.
2010-03-03 Protection IC packs power management bus support
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a system monitoring, protection and control IC with on-chip power management bus (PMBus) support.
2007-01-16 Power control readies for digital takeover
Digital control is perhaps taking longer than expected to become a dominant factor in power conversion products. In hindsight, it is now possibly better considered as an evolutionary rather than revolutionary force.
2016-03-23 Infineon's SupIRBuck regulators drive flexibility in FPGA-based design
The SupIRBuck regulator easily adapts to rapidly changing design requirements. Featuring integrated PWM controller and MOSFETs in a single package, it delivers 90% more efficiency for all rails.
2009-06-19 Eighth-brick DC/DC converter delivers up to 240W
Ericsson Power Modules has introduced BMR454, a DC/DC converter that delivers double the power of most conventional eighth-brick modules.
2012-12-10 Bulk front-end power supply touts 92% efficiency
Emerson Network Power's DS800SL-3 is an 800 watt bulk front-end power supply which features a built-in I2C serial bus interface and uses the industry-standard PMBus communications protocol.
2014-12-24 50A digital PoL DC/DC converters support 4.5-14VDC input
The 50APoLs from Murata can be configured and monitored using industry-standard PMBus commands and provides a configurable output voltage from 0.6-3.3VDC.
2012-04-04 Integrate LM25066 into Intel Node Manager 1.5 System
Know how to add hot-swap capability into Node Manager 1.5 compliant systems that have limited support for PMBus enabled hot-swap controllers.
2006-08-04 Zilker Labs unrolls 'most' integrated power management IC
Zilker Labs has introduced a single-chip 3A power conversion solution that integrates full digital power management capabilities, said to be the industry's only product of its kind.
2009-12-04 Writing configuration files for Zilker
Here's an application note that provides guidelines on how to write configuration files in the correct format, on structuring configuration files for the purpose of saving items into non-volatile storage and protecting parameters via password protection.
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