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2002-03-19 Trintech POS architecture uses embedded Linux
The company has unveiled the PayWare OpenPOSclaimed to be the world's first open-source POS terminal architecture designed to run a range of secure PIN-based card payment applications
2011-07-29 POS fast connect operation
Learn about the support provided by Teridian 73M2901CE for making connections to a NAC at a service provider using a 1200bit/s PSK fast connect protocol.
2008-01-25 OS is key to next-gen POS terminals
As POS terminals evolve to meet newer business requirements in terms of plug-and-play capability and back-end systems integration, the OS is going to play a critical role in next generation POS terminals.
2006-11-10 Controller chip enables secure, fast POS transactions
Connect One's iChipSec CO2128 IP communication controller chip speeds the design of new IP-enabled POS terminals and enables efficient and secure high-speed transaction processing.
2013-02-28 Transform smartphone design into POS terminal
Know how to design a low-cost POS equipment with numerous value-added features
2003-01-28 TDK ships SoC for EMV smart card terminals
The company is sampling the 73S1121F smart card terminal controller, which is claimed to be the first complete SoC for smart card terminals
2012-10-08 u-blox unveils ultra-small GSM modules for M2M apps
u-blox's SARA module is is targeted at M2M applications requiring dual or quad-band GSM/GPRS, voice and/or data, optional Internet suite applications.
2002-08-26 ROHM printer head operates at 100mm/s
Designed for mobile EFT-POS terminals, the KF2002-GP30A thermal print head operates from a 7.2V supply and prints at 100mm/s - twice the speed of conventional mobile thermal printers.
2002-05-27 Nordic VLSI transceiver supports up to 169 channels
The nRF903 transceiver from Nordic VLSI ASA works in the 433MHz, 868MHz, and 902MHz-to-928MHz bands, and supports up to 169 channels.
2007-02-02 Networking module enables 'drop-in' connectivity
The XPort Direct embedded networking module is mounted onto a device manufacturer's PCB, enabling 'drop-in' network connectivity and allowing OEMs to add a range of capabilities to their system, including remote diagnostics, monitoring, maintenance and control.
2009-01-06 Microsoft: Connected experiences for the future
Embedded devices from PNDs to POS terminals have evolved from simple standalone devices to become devices that communicate to provide end-users with a high value connected experience.
2007-04-19 Battery back-up controller protects sensitive data
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS3641 secure battery-backup controller, which offers comprehensive features for data protection in POS terminals and other applications containing sensitive data.
2013-06-18 Using TDA8035 smart card reader
Learn how to design the TDA8035HN in an application.
2003-03-19 Microtips graphics module is 7.8mm thick
The MTG-3220H graphics LCD module of Microtips Technology Inc. measures 92.2-by-73.3mm and is 7.8mm thick.
2002-06-25 Kyocera printer heads operate from 3.3V source
Kyocera Corp. has announced the release of the KPB series of thermal printer heads for POS and portable terminals that operate from a 3.3V source and has a printing speed 1.5 times faster than conventional models.
2011-01-10 Internal pentaband PCB antenna has omnidirectional pattern
Laird Technologies' Revie Prime internal pentaband PCB antenna offers 824MHz to 960MHz & 1710MHz to 2170MHz multi-band operation. Omnidirectional pattern assists limitless wireless applications.
2007-09-21 Zilog breaks into 32bit market with Zatara SoC
Zilog is now focusing on newly developed 32bit ARM-secured transaction products for POS applications, particularly the Zatara 32bit SoC designed for high-end applications requiring encryption
2013-07-01 Toshiba MCU offers 1MB flash ROM, 258KB SRAM
The TMPM36BF10FG touts 2KB of backup memory and targets applications such as energy management systems, motor control equipment, communication devices, monitors, printers and POS terminals.
2002-12-10 STMicro expands serial RTC IC family
STMicroelectronics has expanded its family of serial RTC ICs with the addition of two new devices that are designed for use in white goods, handheld equipment, POS terminals, A/V equipment, and other consumer items.
2009-02-05 Secure supervisor packs SRAM, tamper-detection
Maxim Integrated Products has developed what it claims to be the most secure supervisor for servers, cryptographic coprocessors, POS terminals and secure communication applications.
2002-04-01 Linear Tech step-down controller delivers up to 4A output
Linear Technology's LTC3701 step-down controller converts an input of 2.5V to 9.8V, into two lower output voltages at up to 4A each, making it suitable for use in Fibre Channel boards, notebook PCs, POS terminals, and graphic cards.
2007-08-01 GSM/GPRS module simplifies M2M design
Telit has developed a dual-processor GSM/GPRS module that streamlines M2M design for POS terminals, fleet management systems and ARM applications.
2007-07-09 E-paper display features improved color brightness
Nemoptic has launched a new version of color e-paper displays designed for electronic shelf labels, PoS terminals, e-newspapers, e-magazines and electronic toys.
2009-01-28 Maxim gains Innova, advances secure MCU tech
Maxim Integrated Products has acquired Innova Card, a privately held, fabless semiconductor company focusing on advanced secure microcontroller technology for financial terminals
2000-06-13 An FSK Transmit and Receive Chip Set
This technical note demonstrates how to use the RF9901 and RF9902 low-cost monolithic ICs as separate devices or as a combination of a two-chip set. This in order to provide all the functions necessary to implement a binary FSK transceiver for such applications as 915MHz ISM-band handheld terminals for POS meter reading, bar-coding reading, as well as other digital applications such as SMR.
2009-10-08 Static-free switchlocks pack up to 2,000 key codes
The tumbler switchlocks are static-free and suited for consumer applications such as POS and cash registers
2013-11-19 ROHM offers PMICs aimed at Intel Bay Trail I platform
The BD9596MWV, based on the Intel Atom processor E3800 family, targets industrial and commercial equipment markets, which includes car infotainment, industrial robotics and POS systems
2007-05-25 Voice module receives DECT 6.0 upgrade
SiTel Semiconductor BV has announced the upgrade of their cordless voice module (CVM) with the DECT 6.0 version.
2008-05-13 Touchscreen controller frees up host processor
The new STMPE811 from STMicroelectronics is a four-wire resistive touchscreen controller featuring autonomous functionality to minimize demands on the host processor.
2003-04-30 TI ships IC for "Power Over Ethernet" apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has released two new power management ICs that allow dc power and data to be deliver and sourced over a standard Ethernet cable.
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