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What does SoC mean?
A system-on-a-chip or system-on-chip integrates all components of an electronic system into a single IC. It may comprise digital, analogue or mixed-signal functions, including RF. An alternative to SoC is a system-in-package (SiP) comprising a number of components (chips) in a single package.
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2013-12-26 Utilise PSoC for heart rate monitor
Read about a heart rate monitor design using programmable system-on-a-chip.
2004-12-06 Using the PSoC switch-mode pump in a step-down converter
This app note demonstrates how to use the PSoC internal switch-mode pump to build a step-down regulator.
2010-04-15 Using a rotary encoder to control PSoC projects: an interrupt-based hybrid design
This application note demonstrates a method to use a rotary encoder to control multiple functions in a PSoC-based project.
2010-07-20 User interface: LCD driving methods using PSoC
This application note provides a basic introduction to LCD construction, working principles and driving methods.
2010-06-11 USB vendor commands with PSoC 3
This application note uses the Vendor class requests to communicate with and exercise PSoC 3.
2010-09-08 UNH offers PSoC class for next-gen, networked embedded systems
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that the University of New Hampshire is offering a new course on PSoC. It is part of the Far View Distance Learning Program at UNH, allowing students to take the course remotely.
2013-08-30 Ultra low power PSoC 1 devices with integrated USB
The new CY8C24x93 device series from Cypress is optimised for battery-powered applications and leverages a 1.1?A Standby mode and 100nA Deep-Sleep mode to extend battery life.
2008-05-23 Standalone RPM measurement system with LED display and PSoC
The simple design in this application note by J. Jayapandian from Cypress Semiconductor accurately measures the speed, in RPMs, of a rotating wheel using an inexpensive IR optocoupler connected to a PSoC device.
2014-01-22 Sol'n enhances battery performance in PSoC apps
The Smart Carbon additive from Trojan Battery provides improved performance when the batteries operate in Partial State of Charge, pushing overall battery life in off-grid and unstable grid applications.
2014-08-21 Sampling 16-channel SAR with 8-channel PSoC
Here is how to build a 1Mbit/s 16-channel successive approximation register-based ADC with a Cypress PSoC 4, which has a built-in SAR multiplexer but only supports eight channels.
2008-09-23 RPM extends programming support for Cypress's PSoC
RPM Systems Corp. is offering production programming support for Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s PSoC Programmable SoC family.
2013-03-22 PSoC touts ARM Cortex-M0 for embedded design
Cypress's programmable SoC analogue and digital fabric with CapSense capacitive touch technology is set to challenge proprietary 8bit and 16bit MCUs.
2006-10-02 PSoC tool shoots for 'skill barrier'
Cypress Semiconductor has introduced Version 2.1 of PSoC Express, its development tool for PSoC mixed-signal arrays, which promises to simplify embedded design.
2005-04-29 PSoC reduces board size
In addition to four configurable analog blocks and four configurable digital blocks, the CY8C21x23 PSoC from Cypress provides 4KB of flash memory for program storage and 256 bytes of SRAM for data.
2009-09-18 PSoC platform addresses 8-/16-/32bit apps
Cypress introduces new architectures in its PSoC programmable SoC design platform for 8-, 16-, and 32bit apps.
2010-06-29 PSoC Lab rises at BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus
Cypress Semiconductor and BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus, have opened a new lab for collaborative research and development based on the programmable SoC (PSoC).
2007-08-27 PSoC Express design tool adds real-time debugging, tuning
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced Version 3.0 of PSoC Express, a visual embedded system design tool for PSoC mixed-signal arrays.
2010-04-22 PSoC devices pack programmable digital logic
Cypress is rolling out the CY8C32xxx PSoC 3 Programmable Digital Family that offers customizable digital functions and interfaces lowering overall system power.
2009-06-10 PSoC devices pack improved analog, digital performance
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has launched two new programmable SoC (PSoC) with enhanced analog and digital performance.
2005-07-14 PSoC device with USB 2.0 SIE
Cypress' CY8C24794-24LFXI is the first PSoC device to integrate a USB 2.0 Serial Interface Engine, offering a sophisticated USB implementation with shorter design cycles
2008-07-04 PSoC Designer upgrades usability with customized tools
Cypress has introduced PSoC Designer 5.0, which the company touts as the industry's first and only integrated design environment that includes both code-free and high-level language programming modes in one package.
2008-05-29 PSoC adds ADC for fast analog sampling
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. recently introduced a PSoC mixed-signal array with an enhanced ADC for fast analog sampling and expanded 8Kbytes of flash memory capacity for complex algorithm processing.
2010-07-05 PSoC 5 dev't platform includes new IDE, design kits
Cypress is offering a new development platform for the PSoC 5 architecture that includes two new design kits and a new version of the PSoC Creator IDE.
2009-09-28 PSoC 3 magnetic card reader
This application note describes a four-track magnetic card reader and its implementation in PSoC 3 using the AGC feature.
2010-07-27 PSoC 3 development board streamlines design
Cypress and Future Electronics announce the development of a low-cost PSoC 3 development board that maximizes the architecture's ease-of-use and fast design cycle.
2013-04-11 Premier Farnell, Cypress debut PSoC 4 architecture
The PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit includes connectors for Arduino-compatible shields and Digilent PMOD daughter cards, enabling customers to pick from a variety of third-party expansion boards.
2010-07-06 Precision rectifier using PSoC 3 and PSoC 5
This application note discusses how to implement rectifiers using PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 family of devices. An example project demonstrates this process.
2006-03-22 Pentax adopts Cypress' PSoC in new digicam
Cypress Semiconductor announced that PENTAX Corp has adopted Cypress's PSoC mixed-signal array for its compact new Optio A10 digital camera.
2010-07-13 Peak detection with PSoC 3 and PSoC 5
This application note describes several techniques for implementing a peak detector in PSoC 3 and PSoC 5. Some of the peak detector designs have been encapsulated as PSoC Creator components for easy reuse.
2010-09-07 New peripherals, power features added to PSoC Creator IDE
New PSoC Creator version boasts of low power use, new LCD design capabilities, and CapSense
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