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2005-01-19 Vishay PTC device with 30mm? pick-up area
Vishay announced a new range of components that integrate two positive temperature coefficient thermistors into a single surface-mount package.
2003-04-23 Shunkang PTC thermistors suit TV degaussing
Chengdu Shunkang Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the release of its MZ series of PTC thermistors that are designed for degaussing applications in TV receivers.
2002-10-28 Schurter PTC fuse breaks at 100A
The company's PFRA1100 PTC fuse is rated at 11A, 16V and breaks at 100A enabling it to be used in batteries, automobile electronics, and emergency lightings.
2004-09-09 PTC, HK University team up in nanotech R&D project
Product Development Co. (PTC) has partnered with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the advancement of nanotechnology in Hong Kong.
2016-05-17 PTC, EPAM develop IoT soln's for industry verticals
EPAM Systems will combine its engineering capabilities with PTC's ThingWorx IoT platform to deliver IoT solutions for key verticals such as financial services, healthcare, and retail and distribution.
2010-02-03 PTC thermistors handle rapid temp changes
TDK-EPC has released the SMD series of PTC thermistors equipped with AEC-Q200 Rev-C qualification designed for use in automotive electronics involving frequent and rapid temp changes.
2008-06-24 PTC thermistors
This application note discusses the various functions and applications of Epcos' PTC thermistors.
2004-10-28 PTC thermistor features small size, resettability
Murata Electronics introduced its new resettable PTC thermistor chip for automotive apps.
2015-11-09 PTC subsumes Vuforia business from Qualcomm
The Vuforia platform claims to be the industry's most advanced and widely adopted augmented reality (AR) technology platform, which will now expand PTC's portfolio.
2008-06-09 PTC aims to dazzle with new lighting solutions
Amid the growing efforts to reduce energy consumption, Princeton Technology Corp. (PTC) has developed a technology for more energy-efficient lighting, and the company is highlighting this in its new line of lighting ICs, including high-power LED driver ICs and dimming controller ICs.
2004-04-13 PTC acquires product life cycle vendor
In an apparent step toward linking mechanical CAD with EDA, mechanical CAD and product life cycle management (PLM) software vendor Parametric Technology Corp. (PTC) has acquired EDA data-centric PLM vendor OHIO Design Automation Inc. for about $12 million.
2016-01-15 PTC acquires communications connectivity company
The acquisition of Kepware will elevate PTC's portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and accelerate the company's entry into the factory setting and Industrial IoT (IIoT) space.
2003-07-02 NenShi PTC thermistors have low residual current
NenShi Communication Equipment has released its PTC-4 PTC thermistor line, which are suitable for telephone line circuitry protection apps.
2003-09-29 Murata PTC thermistor has multilayered structure
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has developed what it claims is a ceramic PTC thermistor (posistor) with the world's first multilayered structure.
2012-10-25 IR's latest IPS optimised for automotive PTC heaters
The AUIR3320S offers a very low on-state resistance (Rds(on)) of 4 mohm (max.) at 25C while also delivering higher current with a smaller heat sink to reduce system footprint.
2003-03-20 Epcos PTC thermistor measures 5.95-by-5.95-by-2.65mm
Epcos AG has launched the R212 PTC thermistor that measures 5.95-by-5.95-by-2.65mm and is intended for vertical surface mounting apps.
2002-12-23 Ampron PTC thermistor withstands 650V
The MZ2 series of PTC thermistors from Shenzhen Ampron Sensitive Components is designed for overcurrent protection for telecom devices.
2003-10-22 Sinyork thermistors available in DIP, SMD types
Suitable for termination networks and magnetic buzzer apps, the PTC and NTC thermistors from Sinyork Co. Ltd are available in DIP and SMD types.
2014-09-22 Reverse polarity protection methods (Part 2)
In this second instalment, we will continue to examine the advantages and disadvantages of five more methods for protecting against reverse polarity.
2014-09-09 Reverse polarity protection methods (Part 1)
In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of five different methods for protecting against reverse polarity.
2002-05-14 Parallel operation of power supplies
This application note illustrates the capability of parallel operation of power supplies in Ultravolt's HVPS.
2003-06-25 NenShi thermistors have 5mW/C thermal dissipation
The PTC-5 PTC thermistor series from NenShi Communication Equipment Co. Ltd is claimed to have a high withstanding voltage.
2003-11-28 Murata thermistor with multi-layered structure
Murata Electronics has developed a ceramic PTC thermistor that features a multi-layered structure.
2003-06-09 Hongming Electronic builds plant in Chengdu
Chengdu Hongming Electronic Co. Ltd has established a manufacturing facility in Chengdu Longquan Economic and Technological Development Zone.
2004-03-22 Fuzetec resettable fuses rated to 40A
Fuzetec Technology's FUSB075 radial-leaded PTC resettable fuses feature low resistance, fast trip time and lower trip-to-hold ratio.
2005-02-22 Fuzetec resettable fuses rated at 100A
Fuzetec Technology has released its latest series of axial-leaded strap PTC resettable fuses that are designed for rechargeable battery packs.
2002-01-14 Fuzetec resettable fuses carry UL, CUL safety approvals
The FUSB series radial-lead PTC resettable fuses are designed for employment in low-voltage USB products and network hubs.
2001-03-01 Circuit protection for next-generation products
Circuit designers should be aware of the conditions that cause electrical overstress (EOS) and provide appropriate circuit protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.
2002-03-06 Bourns offer lead-free resettable fuses
Bourns has announced that it will be offering its Multifuse polymeric PTC battery strap devices in lead-free packaging, as a response to the call for more environment-friendly PTC devices.
2008-09-22 Bi-directional ECAD-MCAD offers collaboration capability
Mentor Graphics Corp. delivers what it claims is the industry's first design collaboration capability between ECAD and MCAD design solutions.
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