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2005-12-01 Achieve better thermal protection
Instead of circuit breakers and thermistors, this novel approach provides the most reliable thermal protection for hot-swap circuits.
2002-04-16 Taitron signs distribution deal with Taiwan fabless company
Taitron Components Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Taiwan-based Princeton Technology Corp. PTC is a fabless consumer IC design company specializing in display controller/driver ICs and audio processor/controller ICs.
2003-12-19 Sunon rolls out resettable fuse for telecom apps
Shanghai Sunon Telecommunication Protection Equipment Co. Ltd has released its PTC series of resettable fuses that is designed to suit telecom applications. The epoxy-coated SF250-180 device features a hold current of 0.12A to 0.18A, maximum voltage of 60V, maximum interrupt voltage of 250V, and maximum fault current of 3A.
2014-11-12 Safety platform aimed at capacitive touch home appliances
The QTouch platform is based on the Atmel | SMART SAM D20 integrating an on-chip PTC to deliver excellent EMC robustness and combines self- and mutual capacitance sensors for up to 256 channels.
2003-02-04 Protectronics resettable fuses trip at 5.2A
The 1812SMDXXX series of PTC type resettable fuses from Protectronics Technology is available with current ratings from 0.1A to 2.6A.
2002-12-24 Protectronics resettable fuse fits portable devices
The 0805SMDXX series of PTC type resettable fuse from Protectronics Technology Corp. comes in a 0805 (2-by-1.2mm) surface-mount package and is designed for integration into portable devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.
2004-07-20 Fuzetec resettable fuses rated at 100A
The 04-FSR series of axial-leaded strap PTC resettable fuses from Fuzetec features a current handling capability of 100A (max.) and voltage from 15V to 30V.
2002-12-27 Fuzetec resettable fuses fit telephone circuits
The FBRXXX series of radial-leaded PTC resettable fuses from has a maximum operating voltage of 90V and handles current from 0.15A to 0.9A.
2014-04-29 Touchscreen MCUs support mutual-capacitance sensing
Targeting devices with screen sizes in the 7"-8" range, Atmel's touchscreen controllers also support self-capacitance sensing, enabling designers to achieve optimal power consumption and noise immunity while supporting bare finger and gloved operation.
2005-06-14 Thermistor makers gear up R&D to keep up with demand
Mainland China's thermistor output reached 451.8 million units last year, an increase of 40 percent from 322.7 million units in 2003, data from the China Electronic Components Association (CECA) shows.
2005-05-24 Thermal protectors provide protection in high-voltage apps
The self-hold thermal cut-out and thermal protectors from Selco Products are designed to provide overheat protection in high-voltage apps
2011-10-31 Thermal cutoff designed for automotive apps
The RTP200R060SA device offers high-voltage capacity at 32VDC and high-current DC-interrupt ratings of 200A at 16VDC.
2011-10-12 Singapore school promotes cloud education
Singapore Polytechnic has launched a cloud computing center that will offer training in virtualization, enterprise computing and data center management.
2003-08-28 Sanyo, Tomy develop rechargeable NiMH battery
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd and Tomy have co-developed the Every Denchi, a nickel metal hydrate (NiMH) battery that is suitable for use in toys.
2015-05-20 Protocol exerciser boosts power efficiency of PCIe devices
The Keysight U4305B exerciser addresses PCIe developers' needs, including providing ways to test new technologies such as Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and L1 substate operation.
2006-11-08 Protection IC targets rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Mitsumi has announced a secondary protection IC for rechargeable Li-ion batteries used in portable electric devices.
2005-08-25 Protecting the HDMI interface
HDMI combines a high-speed unidirectional TMDS data link with low speed, bi-directional control and status links and configuration protocols in a single user-friendly high-performance connector.
2011-08-04 Power switches offer current sensing for auto apps
IR's family of IPS features current-sensing and built-in protection circuits that enhance reliability in intelligent glow-plug controls and engine cooling fan drivers.
2003-02-11 Polytronics, Wickmann co-develop battery protection devices
Polytronics Technology Corp. has entered into a joint development agreement with Germany-based fuse maker Wickmann.
2005-10-10 Mentor making automotive EDA push
Looking to push its widely acknowledged lead in the automotive EDA space, Mentor Graphics Corp. Thursday (Oct. 6) announced a major new automotive design push.
2009-06-08 Long lead thermistors offer 33 resistance values
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has announced that its Thermo-String long lead thermistor range for monitoring the temperature of areas that are hard to reach with surface-mount thermistors is now fully qualified for automotive use.
2006-01-31 Littelfuse, Polytronics ink cooperation agreement
Littelfuse announced that it has signed a new business cooperation agreement with Polytronics Technology Corp. that expands the relationship between the two companies.
2005-08-26 Is automotive industry the 'next big wave' for EDA?
Largely missed in the rubble after Mentor Graphics Corp. slashed second half guidance following disappointing second quarter bookings last month was a statement by Chairman and CEO Walden Rhines that could offer a ray of future hope for the company and the EDA industry as a whole.
2003-07-31 IR power switch increases electrical reliability
International Rectifier's IR3310, IR3311, and IR3312 high-side IPS offerings have high frequency current sensing and built-in circuit protection.
2014-06-02 Identify electrically overstressed LEDs (Part 3)
Here's a continuation of the discussion on the conditions that can induce electrical overstress and catastrophic failure. It focuses on the different types of failure mechanisms.
2012-05-10 Guard PoE systems from lightning surges, electrical hazards
Read about evidence-based design methods that protect PoE equipment from various electrical hazards.
2007-11-19 Enhance system safety with battery management electronics
Ensure total battery monitoring and prevent catastrophic battery events with battery management electronics.
2007-06-27 Class-D amplifiers target portable applications
Princeton Technology Corp. has launched its first 2.5W mono Class-D amplifier, the PT2333, specifically designed for mobile phones, GPS PNDs and portable media players.
2011-08-08 Circuit protection units ease transition to new automotive technologies
Learn how circuit protection devices can address the challenges brought about by the demand for increased number of power components and high-data-rate connections in automotive designs.
2011-08-11 Circuit protection solutions target new vehicle trends
With electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles also addressing the world's energy and emissions crises, automakers and battery manufacturers are rapidly developing new materials and solutions to advance those technologies.
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