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2007-04-18 Dual-edge multiphase controllers promise faster response to load transients
ON Semi's new dual-edge multiphase controllers promise faster response to load transients than existing solutions, thereby enabling power-management subsystems to quickly and efficiently respond to users' activation of high-performance computing functions
2000-12-08 Design considerations for clamping networks for very high voltage monolithic off-line PWM controllers
This application note details what network is best adapted to the protection of high-voltage, monolithic, off-line PWM controllers and how to predict efficiency in the application.
2016-04-08 DC/DC controllers offer 0.5V to 5.5V output voltage
Intersil's ISL68200 with 4A MOSFET drivers can directly drive external MOSFETs, while the ISL68201 with PWM output can pair with a DrMOS power stage to create a complete voltage regulator solution
2005-07-15 Controllers take hold of EMI
Alliance Semiconductor's newest family of PWM controllers, the ASM8P18xx, includes user-configurable spread spectrum modulation circuitry to reduce electromagnetic interference.
2006-07-17 TI's DSP controllers target power conversion, motor-control apps
Targeting digital power conversion and motor-control applications, Texas Instruments has added four new members to its TMS320F280xx digital signal controller family.
2003-10-27 TI signal controllers provide 100MIPS for <$5
Texas Instruments Inc. has released its TMS320F2801, TMS320F2806, and TMS320F2808 digital signal controllers that feature improved capabilities and functionality
2002-06-21 TI dc/dc controllers achieve >95 percent efficiency
Designed with the company's Predictive Gate Drive technology, the TPS4000x family of PWM synchronous step-down dc/dc controllers from Texas Instruments Inc. achieves overall converter efficiencies >95 percent.
2006-03-16 TI DC/DC buck controllers simplify power design
Texas Instruments announced four new TPS40K DC/DC buck controllers that promise to simplify power design in STBs, disk drives, industrial control, servers and distributed power systems
2003-12-18 Sipex step-down controllers target 12V apps
Sipex Corp. has introduced two high power, high efficiency, synchronous step-down controllers for 12V applications
2005-02-11 PWM device provides 2 synchronous buck voltage outputs, 1 linear controller output
Intersil released a highly efficient, 3-in-1 PWM solution for providing two synchronous buck voltage outputs and a linear controller output
2007-02-06 PWM controller boosts efficiency, saves space
Intersil's ISL6535 high-performance PWM controller integrates the control, gate drivers, output adjustment, monitoring and protection functions into a near-chipscale-sized 4-by-4mm 16-lead QFN package
2009-11-30 PWM controller boasts power, space savings
Texas Instruments Inc. is offering an off-line green mode pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller that minimizes space and system cost while providing high efficiency in power supply applications
2005-10-18 PWM advances active-clamp converter designs
National Semiconductor says its LM5026 pulse-width-modulation controller is the industry's most advanced type for forward converter toplogies using an active-clamp/reset design.
2007-06-19 Power controllers target point-of-load systems
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces its third-generation Fusion Digital Power controllers and new plug-in modules aimed to intelligently manage today's power systems
2009-04-16 Power controller delivers 250 picoseconds PWM
Texas Instruments Inc. has expanded its Fusion Digital Power controllers with a new dual-output, multiphase synchronous buck controller that can support various point-of-load configurations
2007-10-15 PoE PWM controller delivers up to 30W
Akros Silicon has expanded its family of PoE Powered Device controllers with the introduction of the AS1130 that provides up to 30W power delivery on the network cable
2006-07-24 Microchip DSCs feature ultra-fast PWM, onboard ADC
Microchip's new DSCs have a high-speed, 1ns resolution PWM and 2MSps, 10bit ADC onboard for low latency and high-resolution control
2010-10-21 MCUs support lighting controllers, digital power conversion
The MCUs consume 130?A/MHz, cut deep sleep current by 60 percent, and are suited for lighting controllers, digital power conversion and management systems, and portable battery-powered CE
2005-06-23 Maxim temperature controllers report values in digital form
The 1C accurate, dual-channel temperature monitor and fan controllers from Maxim control the speed of two cooling fans based on the temperatures of either two thermistors, or of one thermistor and the device's internal temperature
2004-11-09 Maxim launches two new SMPS controllers
Maxim introduced two dual, step-down, SMPS controllers with synchronous rectification for main 5V/3.3V power generation in battery-powered systems
2002-04-03 Maxim dc/dc controllers deliver up to 15A output
The MAX1966 and MAX1967 voltage-mode, PWM step-down dc/dc controllers feature 5-ohm-gate drivers, allowing the ICs to deliver up to 15A of output current.
2009-01-07 LED controllers cut power dissipation in flat LCD TVs
austriamicrosystems has extended its portfolio of specialized LED drivers and controllers for the latest generation of LCD TV backlighting with the AS3693B 16 channel LED controller IC
2008-05-27 Leadis claims first touch controllers with integrated haptics driver
Leadis Technology Inc. offers samples of the LDS6010 and LDS6040, two new products in the company's family of PureTouch low-power controllers designed for capacitive touch applications
2011-08-30 Keypad controllers boast low current drain
Analog Devices' ADP5585 and ADP5589 general-purpose input/output port expander and keypad matrix controllers are for devices that require expanded I/O lines or mechanical keypads up to QWERTY size
2007-05-23 Inverter controllers improve lamp's light output by 25
O2Micro new family of intelligent lighting products are claimed to enhance designs for new, single-stage, next-generation inverter modules that drive a CCFL backlight.
2013-02-04 Intersil unveiled single-ended LED driver controllers
Geared for industrial and commercial lighting systems, the ISL1903 and ISL1904 support single-stage conversion of the AC mains to a constant current source with power factor correction.
2004-02-18 Intersil PWM controller has MOSFET drivers
Intersil has released its Endura ISL6420 single-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller with integrated MOSFET drivers
2008-02-05 Implementing analog dimming on the DS39xx CCFL controllers
This application note first introduces the two dimming approaches commonly used for CCFLs. It then describes how to implement analog dimming on the DS39xx CCFL controllers
2013-09-19 High-resolution PWM generation using DSC
Read about the implementation of a high-resolution frequency and duty cycle PWM generation using Freescale digital signal controllers.
2010-10-13 Graphics controllers go Linux for auto apps
Fujitsu's MB86R0x-SoC graphics controllers implement a Linux Fast-boot technology to meet the requirement for Linux-based automotive applications
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