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2001-10-03 Using ST7 PWM signal to generate analog output (Sinusoid)
This application note presents how to use the ST72511R4's PWM and BRM (binary rate multiplier) generator for the generation of a 50Hz sinusoid tunable in average and amplitude
2007-08-13 Software PWM generation for LED dimming and RGB color applications
This application note describes a software solution that generates one or more pulse-width modulated signals using a PIC microcontroller.
2012-12-14 Signal chain basics: Isolating analogue signals
Here's a cost-optimised solution for analogue isolation using a class-D amplifier in combination with a single-channel digital isolator.
2003-09-19 PWM Generation with ST62 Auto-Reload Timer
This application note describes how to use the ST62 ARTimer to generate a PWM signal with tunable frequency and duty cycle.
2003-09-19 PWM Generation with ST62 16-bit Auto-Reload Timer
This application note describes how to use the ST62 16-bit ARTimer to generate a DTMF signal with the PWM.
2007-04-18 PWM generation using HCS12 timer channels
The generation of a PWM signal using the dedicated HCS12 PWM module is based on hardware comparisons between register values and free running hardware counters. The timer module offers similar hardware comparison in the form of output compare circuitry.
2007-06-22 O2Micro bags PWM generator patent
O2Micro announced it was issued seven claims under U.S. patent number 7,184,480 for its digital PWM generator
2010-05-04 LED driver with PWM eases dimming control
Clare Inc. has launched the CPC9909 high-voltage HB LED driver that can drive hundreds of HB LEDs in-series and/or parallel combinations in a constant peak-current control topology.
2001-05-09 Generating a PWM signal modulated by an analog input using the TMS320F240 EVM
This application note describes how to convert an input value with the ADC module of the TMS320F240 DSP evaluation module and output a PWM signal corresponding to the digital conversion of the analog input.
2001-10-02 Driving a buzzer through ST7 timer PWM function
This application note presents how to use the ST7 MCU timer for the generation of a PWM signal tunable in frequency and duty cycle.
2001-05-09 Creating a sine modulated PWM signal using the TMS320F240 EVM
This application note describes how to generate an asymmetrical PWM signal with a varying duty cycle using the TMS320F240 assembly code.
2013-08-13 Benefits of integrated signal, power isolation
Know how integrated signal and power isolation provides robust and compact measurement and control
2007-08-22 Battery-charger PWM input has watchdog protection
Adding watchdog protection to the charger-input circuitry of a mobile phone guards against damage when the baseband processor stalls or ceases software execution.
2003-10-27 TI signal controllers provide 100MIPS for <$5
Texas Instruments Inc. has released its TMS320F2801, TMS320F2806, and TMS320F2808 digital signal controllers that feature improved capabilities and functionality
2002-03-08 TI MCUs increase signal-processing rate
Texas Instruments has boosted the signal-processing capabilities of its 16-bit Flash microcontroller line, launching four new members last week that TI said will provide a sustained conversion rate of 380kSa/s from the on-chip ADC
2005-05-26 Supertex PWM controller IC uses low noise boost-buck topology
The new HV9930 from Supertex is a variable frequency PWM controller IC designed to control an LED lamp driver using a low noise boost-buck topology
2009-04-28 STMPE2401port expander PWM controller
This application note explains the setup and programming of the integrated PWM controller in STMPE2401 to do LED backlighting, brightness control and LED blinking patterns
2011-03-24 Step-down LED driver offers 10,000:1 true color PWM dimming
Linear Technology's LT3597 60V, 1MHz, step-down DC/DC converter operates as a three channel, constant current LED driver for backlighting LED billboards as well as industrial, automotive and medical displays.
2011-11-22 Signal chain basics: Save power, reduce heat with power supply volume control
Find out how power supply volume control can reduce dissipation and increase run time, without compromising performance.
2006-04-25 PWM fan speed controller IC with wide input voltage range
Supertex's new PWM fan speed controller has a wide input voltage range of 16V to 90V, making its suitable for use in 24V and 48V systems
2005-04-07 PWM controllers cut component count
Maxim claims that its new PWM buck controllers allow the design of high-output-current, compact power supplies with a minimum number of external components
2003-09-01 PWM controller regulates power in datacom systems
Intersil has released the ISL6721 single-ended current-mode PWM controller that is designed to regulate power in telecom and datacom systems
2008-10-15 Mixed-signal FPGAs heed medical calling
Increasing health care costs, the prevalence of chronic diseases, aging populations and large emerging markets are creating tremendous demand for affordable, robust and reliable medical devices to improve the treatment and care of millions of patients worldwide.
2006-07-24 Microchip DSCs feature ultra-fast PWM, onboard ADC
Microchip's new DSCs have a high-speed, 1ns resolution PWM and 2MSps, 10bit ADC onboard for low latency and high-resolution control
2002-09-17 Maxim signal processor performs linearization
The MAX1463 two-channel, 16-bit sensor signal conditioner from Maxim Integrated Products provides amplification, calibration, signal linearization, and temperature compensation
2004-08-13 Maxim PWM power IC includes power MOSFETs
The MAX5074 pulse-width-modulation power IC from Maxim Integrated Products comes with integrated power MOSFETs.
2005-10-04 IR synchronous buck PWM controllers eye DC/DC POL apps
International Rectifier introduced two one-percent accurate, single output, synchronous buck PWM controllers with 4.5V to 16V input voltage capability
2004-07-29 IR PWM chip supports AMD, Intel processors
International Rectifier introduced a two-phase interleaved PWM control IC that supports the AMD and Intel processors
2004-11-09 IR PWM chip offers improved system reliability
The IR3093 PWM chip from International Rectifier is designed for use in space-constrained systems requiring greater than 60A of load current
2005-03-29 Intersil rolls out new PWM controller
The new high-performance, dual PWM controller from Intersil is designed for converting wall adapter, battery or network intermediate bus DC input supplies into the system supply voltages required for a wide variety of general purpose products
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