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2007-02-05 SH7641 MCU: Output of three-phase complementary PWM signals
This article describes a sample task in which PWM waveforms in three-phases are output along with corresponding inverse waveforms that include non-overlapping sections.
2003-06-19 Implementing 16-bit PWM using the PCA
This application note describes how to use pulse-width modulated (PWM) waveforms that are used in closed-loop feedback and control in DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) applications.
2007-07-02 How to generate PWM waveforms using Timer B on MAXQ microcontrollers
This application note describes how to set up and use the Timer B in the MAXQ family of microcontrollers to generate desired PWM waveforms.
2008-07-07 Tool generates microHz to 32MHz waveforms
Highland Technology has expanded its T340 series of embedded complex waveform generators with the introduction of the 8-channel T346 and 4-channel T344 instruments.
2003-12-16 MCUs with PPG can function as PWM and DAC
MCUs that include built-in 16bit PPG timers can be configured in PWM mode to generate waveforms with varied pulse width at a constant period, in synchronization with a dedicated external or software trigger.
2002-05-06 Expected voltages and waveforms from an HV9120-controlled flyback converter
This application note illustrates the details of the waveforms that one should expect to see at selected points around the converter circuit
2015-11-25 Tracking down ECU disturbances from EMI
In this article, we examine how to use oscilloscopes to detect ECU disturbances from electromagnetic interference.
2015-05-14 Connecting passive components to logic gates
By adding a few passive components, you can make circuits such as level converters, frequency multipliers, phase detectors, line drivers, and pulse changers.
2014-01-03 How to simplify LED driver development
Know how to develop an LED driver system based on highly integrated LED driver modules and how several drivers can be interconnected for PWM dimming
2014-05-20 STLUX development platform shores up LED lighting designs
STMicroelectronics' development platform includes demonstration boards, a graphical configurator, software libraries, and compiler for digital lighting designs using STLUX385A.
2003-01-08 Maxim VFD controller features embedded fonts
The company's MAX6853 VFD controller features embedded fonts, multiplex timing control, and filament timing for flicker-free apps.
2002-11-26 Maxim controller manages 96-character VFDs
The MAX6850 vacuum-fluorescent display device controls a starburst numeric or alphanumeric VFD up to 96 characters.
2013-03-04 LED driver for LCD TVs touts intelligent digital control
The iW7011 from iWatt is a 6-channel LED driver that claims to reduce BOM cost and simplify design of edge-lit and direct-lit LCD TVs.
2010-06-01 Waveform generators deliver up to 125MHz signals
The ArbStudio series of arbitrary waveform generators delivers signals up to 125MHz with high sample rate, long memory and high resolution, as well as a variety of operating modes.
2005-11-04 Vehicle bus analyzer decodes CAN in symbolic format
Oscilloscope maker LeCroy Corp. creates a new testing paradigm with the release of its Vehicle Bus Analyzer.
2008-07-14 Tip of the Week: Simple power supply for FPGAs (Part 1)
Linear Technology recently provided power management support to one designer, who asked for upwards of 40A at 1.5V to power four FPGAs in the smallest board area possible and the highest efficiency to minimize component overheating.
2012-11-29 TI releases C2000 32bit Piccolo F2805x MCUs
The devices target three-phase inverter motor control applications that claim to enhance power efficiency and control performance of electric pumps, fans, traction drives and textile machines.
2012-12-14 Signal chain basics: Isolating analogue signals
Here's a cost-optimised solution for analogue isolation using a class-D amplifier in combination with a single-channel digital isolator.
2012-11-14 Renesas expands RX63T MCU line-up
The MCUs boast higher pin counts and larger memory versions and tout functions such as USB 2.0, 10bit DAC and faster ADC with a minimum conversion time of 0.5?s, and increase the number of channels of timers and serial I/Fs.
2009-03-11 Power Tip #2: Overcoming power supply's noise issues
A noise-free power supply is not an accident. A good power supply layout is essential to minimize lab time when bringing up a new design. A few hours or even minutes spent looking over the layout can save days of troubleshooting down the road.
2012-12-10 Options for powering LED luminaires
Workarounds required to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility can harm the reliability and efficiency of power circuits in LED luminaires.
2006-06-30 myPOWER tools speed DC/DC designs
International Rectifier's POWIR+ chipset reference designs simplify and accelerate the design of single-phase synchronous buck converters.
2014-04-01 Microchip delivers 8bit PIC MCU family
The 11-member PIC16F170X/171X family of MCUs integrate two Op Amps to drive analogue control loops, sensor amplification and basic signal conditioning
2009-07-20 Lamp driver delivers programmable output voltage
The Durel Division of Rogers Corp. has introduced the D392A, the latest addition to its high-performance electroluminescent (EL) lamp driver ICs.
2013-04-04 Improving digital signage with LED drivers
As digital signage projects become ever more sophisticated, equipment designers must rely on LED driver ICs capable of satisfying the unique demands of this application space.
2007-05-22 How to implement high current LED arrays
This article summarizes the key requirements for driving Osram Ostar high current LED arrays and shows how these requirements can be met with an easy-to-implement driver based on Micrel's MIC2196 chip.
2007-11-19 High-efficiency motor control solutions aim at HVACs
This article describes a simple and low cost motor drive based on an inverter topology and specifically designed for the energy efficient permanent magnet motor.
2010-07-29 Function/arbitrary/pulse generator comes in low-cost version
Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi) has launched a reduced-cost version of its TG5011 function/arbitrary/pulse generator.
2007-10-19 Flat-panel audio design: Only the screen is flat, not the audio
Designing audio amplifiers for flat-panel TVs involves several challenging and juxtaposed issues. Engineering is usually fraught with making trade-offs and there�s no better example than in flat-panel design.
2004-03-31 Fairchild upgrades FETBench offering
The newly upgraded FETBench from Fairchild Semiconductor provides comprehensive MOSFET device selection, application analysis, and a new thermal simulation tool.
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