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What is pulse width modulation (PWM)?
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a way of digitally encoding analogue signal levels. Through the use of high-resolution counters, the duty cycle of a square wave is modulated to encode a specific analogue signal level. In more general terms, a switch is opened and closed in timed pulses, where the time the switch is closed is determines the power output.
Basically, a PWM variable-power scheme switches the power quickly between fully ON and fully OFF tens or hundreds of kHz in the case of a computer power supply (which has a regulated output). The switching rate is much faster than what would affect the load. The term duty cycle describes the proportion of ON time to the regular interval or period of time. A low duty cycle corresponds to low power because the power is off for most of the time. Duty cycle is expressed in percent, 100% being fully ON.
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2002-06-10 IR ships PWM controller IC for VRM 9.0 designs
International Rectifier has announced the shipment of the IRU3055CQ 5-bit programmable, three-phase PWM controller IC that is designed to meet Intel's VRM 9.0 specification.
2004-07-29 IR PWM chip supports AMD, Intel processors
International Rectifier introduced a two-phase interleaved PWM control IC that supports the AMD and Intel processors.
2004-11-09 IR PWM chip offers improved system reliability
The IR3093 PWM chip from International Rectifier is designed for use in space-constrained systems requiring greater than 60A of load current.
2009-06-29 IR intros new PWM control IC
International Rectifier has unveiled the IR3640M PWM control IC for high performance synchronous DC/DC buck applications including servers, storage, netcom, game consoles and general purpose DC/DC converters.
2006-05-16 Intersil's PWM controllers claim fastest transient response
Intersil's PWM controllers with active pulse positioning and adaptive phase alignment modulation schemes are touted to deliver the industry's fastest transient response with the fewest output capacitors.
2005-03-29 Intersil rolls out new PWM controller
The new high-performance, dual PWM controller from Intersil is designed for converting wall adapter, battery or network intermediate bus DC input supplies into the system supply voltages required for a wide variety of general purpose products.
2005-06-22 Intersil PWM synchronous buck controller cuts component count
The new single phase PWM synchronous buck controller from Intersil requires fewer external components than competing products which results in a smaller implementation area and lower manufacturing cost.
2005-08-19 Intersil PWM controllers include high-current MOSFET drivers
Intersil announced the two-phase ISL6310 and three-phase ISL6308 pulse width modulation controllers with high-current, integrated MOSFET drivers and industry-leading system accuracy.
2002-04-23 Intersil PWM controller is flexible
Intersil Corp.'s Endura ISL6557 is a two- to four-phase PWM controller with 5-bit voltage identification for next-generation processors. Combined with the company's HIP660XA series MOSFET drivers, the PWM controller provides an efficient core power solution and application flexibility for loads from 30A to >100A.
2004-02-18 Intersil PWM controller has MOSFET drivers
Intersil has released its Endura ISL6420 single-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller with integrated MOSFET drivers.
2003-10-24 Intersil PWM controller features MOSFET drivers
Intersil Corp. has announced the Endura ISL6563, a two-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller IC that integrates 2A MOSFET drivers in a 4-by-4mm QFN package.
2003-04-30 Intersil PWM control IC handles high temp grades
Intersil Corp. has spun new versions of its Endura ISL6558 multiphase PWM controller, making it available in an industrial temperature grade.
2005-09-23 Intersil expands PWM controller portfolio with ISL6316
Intersil rolled out ISL6316, a high-performance CPU multiphase core controller for Intel-based voltage regulator down 10.X and enterprise voltage regulator down 10.X desktop, workstation and server motherboards.
2003-06-19 Implementing 16-bit PWM using the PCA
This application note describes how to use pulse-width modulated (PWM) waveforms that are used in closed-loop feedback and control in DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) applications.
2010-04-21 Implementation of discontinuous PWM in TinyDIP/SMD SPM
This article investigates the use of Fairchild Semiconductor TinyDIP/SMD Motion-SPMTM (Smart Power Module) without heat sinking.
2001-10-09 How to use the PWM on the MTK7706 board to generate a tone
This application note presents a program in C that enables the MTK7706 board to utilize the piezo buzzer to generate a tone and the LED to show which tone from 1 to 8 is currently running.
2011-12-23 How to use PWM mode 1 of SH7216 CPU
Read about a sample program for outputting a single-phase PWM waveform by using PWM mode 1 of the SH7216's multifunction timer pulse unit 2.
2007-07-02 How to generate PWM waveforms using Timer B on MAXQ microcontrollers
This application note describes how to set up and use the Timer B in the MAXQ family of microcontrollers to generate desired PWM waveforms.
2010-07-07 How to apply additional PWM intensity control to LED drivers
This application note discusses how additional PWM intensity control can be applied to constant-current LED drivers by using a switched-LED power supply.
2013-09-19 High-resolution PWM generation using DSC
Read about the implementation of a high-resolution frequency and duty cycle PWM generation using Freescale digital signal controllers.
2010-05-17 HBLED driver integrates PWM dithering
Micrel Inc. is rolling out the MIC3203 step-down high-brightness LED (HBLED) driver controller IC with high-side current sense and PWM dithering feature for EMI control.
2001-05-09 Generating a PWM signal modulated by an analog input using the TMS320F240 EVM
This application note describes how to convert an input value with the ADC module of the TMS320F240 DSP evaluation module and output a PWM signal corresponding to the digital conversion of the analog input.
2011-12-22 Generate multiple PWM with DMA
Know how to use a timer and a direct memory access controller to generate additional PWM outputs.
2000-05-31 Frequency and Resolution Options for PWM Outputs
This application note discusses options in selecting the frequency and resolution of the PIC17C42's PWM outputs. This application brief also assumes that internal clock is used for the time-base, which is typically the preferred setup.
2002-05-08 Fairchild PWM controllers suit AMD processors
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced the release of the FAN5240 two-phase PWM controller to meet the core power requirements of AMD's Athlon 4 and mobile Duron processors.
2003-01-29 Fairchild PWM controller reduces standby losses to <1W
The company's FAN7501 programmable, current-mode PWM controller is touted at reducing standby power losses to less than 1W.
2004-07-29 Fairchild inverter/driver IC has PWM controller
Fairchild released a new full-bridge inverter/driver IC that integrates a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller in a 20-SSOP package.
2014-05-14 Employ high resolution timer, PWM in S12ZVC
Here's an overview of software tools provided with the Qorivva Fast Start Kit for the TRKMPC5606B.
2008-04-18 Dual-output PWM controller loads up to 25A
Intersil's ISL8120 variable phase PWM controller feature sharing technology, which enables multiple versions of the chip to be used in parallel for a cost-efficient dual output or n-phase PWM controller solution.
2001-10-02 Driving a buzzer through ST7 timer PWM function
This application note presents how to use the ST7 MCU timer for the generation of a PWM signal tunable in frequency and duty cycle.
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