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2013-10-17 Pasternack uncloaks latest series of ZMA adapters
The coaxial adapters support operation up to 18GHz and are available in 3-Lug and 4-Lug keyed attachment designs to ensure proper system connections are made.
2015-04-13 Pasternack intros USB-controlled microwave, mm-wave devices
The company is releasing two models each of the RF amplifiers, PIN diode switches and attenuators that cover extremely wide frequency bands up to 40GHz.
2015-09-25 Pasternack intros threshold detectors for mm-wave apps
The devices line-up consists of three unique models covering 2GHz to 40GHz and incorporate gain stages for higher dynamic range that cover input power levels ranging from -45dBm to 0dBm.
2014-05-16 Pasternack intros broadband, high gain LNAs
The devices boast excellent broadband performance, noise figures between 0.8-3dB, gain levels from 25-50dB, gain flatness from ±0.75dB to ±1.25dB and power output levels between 10dBm and 18dBm.
2015-07-23 Zero-biased waveguide detectors support 26.5GHz to 110GHz
The devices from Pasternack target various aerospace, defence and commercial wireless applications used in instrumentation, power detection, power monitoring and direct detection receivers.
2015-10-30 VNA test cables support operation up to 40GHz
The ruggedised VNA test cables from Pasternack have a maximum phase change of 5 at 40GHz with typical calibration procedures, geared for harsh test lab use and production testing.
2015-04-23 Ultra-broadband portable bench top RF amps go up to 40GHz
The bench top amplifiers offer up to 60dB small signal gain with high dynamic range, low noise figure of 5dB and output P1dB compression power ranges from 10dBm to 22dBm.
2013-04-24 SMP Series Connectors tweaked for 8GHz or less
Pasternack's latest SMP connectors are specifically designed for low frequency, high density applications where the benefits of a small RF connector are utilised.
2013-05-28 Highly durable RF coaxial cables capable of 26.5GHz
Pasternack's line of SMA and N-Type Test Cables are constructed with extremely durable, machined, stainless steel connectors and come standard with a double-shielded coax and FEP jacket.
2013-08-02 High frequency power dividers capable of 50GHz
Pasternack's 2.92mm power dividers are capable of frequencies ranging from 10GHz to 50GHz and are rated to 10W maximum input power.
2015-02-09 Hi-rel RF switches support 5-700W power ratings
The electromechanical relay switches from Pasternack operate from DC to 40GHz depending on the model and guarantees operation up to 10 million life cycles with excellent repeatability.
2014-04-17 Broadband amplifiers feature gain range of 32dB to 48dB
The ten 1W and 2W broadband amplifiers from Pasternack utilise a hybrid microwave integrated circuit design and advanced GaAs pHEMT technology. They incorporate several voltage protection features for added reliability.
2013-07-12 3GHz, 4GHz RF attenuators for in-the-field applications
With peak power ratings ranging 5W to 200W, Pasternack's RF frequency attenuators are manufactured with large aluminium heat sink cooling fins which help to quickly dissipate heat during operation.
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