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2005-08-23 Phihong's single-port injector for Gigabit PoE touts a better way
Phihong's PSA20U single port power injector for power-over-Ethernet apps is a module suited to Gigabit systems, i.e., 1,000Mbps, as well as for traditional 10baseT or 100baseT systems.
2006-10-11 Phihong's midspan suits wireless, WiMAX access points
Phihong USA's 30W one-port midspan, designated the POE30U series, is designed to power wireless and WiMAX access points that require up to 24W power.
2002-05-28 Phihong's 100W switcher has 76.2-by-127mm footprint
Phihong touts its PSS100 open-frame supply series as having the lowest profile in its class.
2002-09-26 Phihong power supply has 26mm profile
The PSS100 series of open-frame power supplies occupy a footprint of 127-by-76.2mm and features a profile of 26mm.
2006-12-13 Phihong doubles capacity with new Suzhou fab
Phihong Technology has opened a new facility in China's Suzhou city to double its production capacity for power equipment and supplies.
2002-03-01 Phihong adapter aims for efficiency
The PSA100U power adapter from Phihong USA offers system designers 85 percent efficiency in a unit that measures only 35 inches?.
2005-06-27 Phihong 500W switching supply is hotplug n+1 configurable
Phihong introduced a 500W 1U switching power supply with 1,500Vac output isolation and SELV output for applications such as Power-over-Ethernet, telecommunications, servers and network redundant power sources.
2004-07-28 Phihong 100W power supply has lowest profile
Phihong announced an open frame power supply that is said to have the lowest usable profile available on the market.
2005-05-24 New custom backlight inverters from Phihong
Phihong offers custom backlight inverters for flat panel display apps that drive the CCFL in LCD back lighting apps to support displays as small as two inches and up to 37 inches.
2005-07-13 1U rack from Phihong provides PoE, network RPS compatibility
With quick-disconnect connectors for three individual loads, the new 1,500W 1U rack from Phihong USA accepts three PSM500 500W power supplies.
2007-01-30 USB adapter suits any power socket in the world
Phihong's PSB05R 5W USB adapter, for peripherals and portable equipment, includes four interchangeable clip adapter plugs for virtually any power outlet around the world.
2006-04-12 Power supply fits 1U racks
Phihong USA introduced the PSA120, a 120W, open frame power supply.
2006-09-21 PoE tools enable full remote power to IP security cams
Phihong's Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) package, comprising the POE20U midspan and the PSD14 splitter, offers a complete remote power solution for IP security cameras.
2006-01-12 PoE solutions for VoIP apps
Phihong USA, a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solutions provider, is offering a range of PoE solutions, which is said to address the issues of cost and accessibility while detecting and protecting IEEE 802.3af PoE products.
2005-12-28 PoE modules boost advanced wireless, VoIP apps
Phihong USA's new power-over-Ethernet (PoE) products include a one-port high-power midspan for high-speed 802.11N access points, and a redundant power source (RPS) with up to 180 PoE ports for VoIP and IT applications.
2006-07-03 Linear replacement adapter delivers 5W in small footprint
Phihong USA announced it has developed a cost-effective 5W linear replacement adapter that promises high efficiency in a small package size.
2004-10-25 Custom supplies offer PoE option
Phihong now offers custom power supply solutions that enable Ethernet switches and blades to be field-upgradeable to PoE.
2006-05-16 Adapter injects 60W onto a single PoE port
Phihong's POE60U Power-over-Ethernet adapter/injector can deliver up to 60W at a nominal 56V to a single Ethernet port.
2007-03-15 8-port PoE midspan suits security, SOHO apps
Phihong has developed a low-cost, 8-port midspan for security and SOHO installations.
2013-07-01 5W fixed blade USB adapter for personal electronics
The PSA05A from Phihong USA is a USB wall plug adapter is compliant with North American input voltages and has a Level V efficiency compliant output of 5VDC and 1A.
2009-07-21 Wall adapter meets Energy Star EPS 2.0 spec
Phihong has introduced the PSA24A-120(P), a 24W, two-wire, universal input wall-mount adapter available in a single 12V output and boasts ENERGY STAR Level V performance markings.
2011-08-10 USB adapter features 5VDC single output
Phihong has released a nine-watt adapter designed for tablets, peripherals, wireless and networking equipment.
2008-07-23 Universal adapter embraces energy efficiency
Phihong USA has expanded its adapter offering with an 18W, 3-wire input 48VDC output version.
2008-02-08 PoE midspan promises up to 576W with 8/16 ports
Phihong USA has released POE576U, a high-power, 36W-per-port PoE midspan that provides full power of 576W for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks and requires no power management.
2010-08-17 PoE midspan line gets 60W model
Phihong boasts lowest-cost 60W midspans
2007-10-29 PoE adapter loads 80W over single Ethernet port
The new high-power, single-port PoE adapter from Phihong USA provides up to 80W of power on a single Ethernet port.
2010-10-08 Open-frame LED driver supports up to 90W
Phihong has developed a LED driver capable of providing 90W of power for application in indoor lighting. The Phihong PSM090-240P is an open-frame design power supply which enables ease of integration into interior lighting designs. The device is currently offered in a constant current of 3.75A with an output DC voltage range of 22.8~25.2V, made for any input line from input voltage range of 100-277V AC.

2016-04-08 No more frustrating connection tries with AQ15 Series USB
Phihong's latest USB power adapter is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of devices and designs, and is available with North American and European prongs.
2008-04-08 Midspan simplifies PoE in SOHO environments
A low-cost, 8-port midspan that is simple network management protocol (SNMP)-capable has been developed by Phihong USA Inc. for PoE implementation in SOHO environments.
2007-05-22 Low-cost power supply adapters are CEC compliant
Phihong USA has developed a series of California Energy Commission (CEC)-compliant universal power supply adapters as a low-cost replacement for non-compliant linear adapters.
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