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2007-08-30 Vishay intros AEC Q101-qualified photodiodes
Vishay Intertechnology has unveiled what it claimed as the first ambient-light sensing photodiodes qualified to the AEC Q101 standard.
2001-10-15 Stability of silicon photodiodes for laser emission measurements
This application note examines the suitability of silicon photodiodes as the transducer, and discusses the calibration accuracy, reproducibility and stability that are likely to be achieved from a commercial company.
2001-10-15 Silicon photodiodes physics and technology
This application note discusses the basic considerations in the design of silicon photodiodes for desired performance characteristics. It also introduces the various parameters used to characterize photodiodes.
2005-07-07 PIN photodiodes mix high-speed response, excellent sensitivity
Vishay Intertechnology released four high-performance PIN photodiodes that offer best-in-class sensitivity in a new miniature surface-mount package measuring 4.24-by-5mm, with a 1.12mm height profile
2009-11-02 Photodiodes detect IR signals in light barrier apps
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. VBPW34x and VBP104x series of high-speed PIN photodiodes comprise eight new devices with optical-sensitive areas of 4.4 and 7.5sq mm and a 65 angle of half sensitivity.
2005-01-07 NJR photodiodes offer fast rise-time, fall-time
The new NJL6201R-1/6202R-1 devices from New Japan Radio are high speed PIN photodiodes designed for optical storage devices.
2001-10-16 Neutron hardness of photodiodes for use in passive Rubidium frequency standards
This application note addresses the performance degradation issues of the RFS (passive rubidium frequency standard) photodiode produced by neutron irradiation.
2002-07-29 Microsemi CPW photodiodes feature impedance of 50 ohms
Two families of CPW photodiode ICs from Microsemi Corp. are designed for use in 1/10 GbE, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, VCSEL, and OC-48 and OC-192 SONET/SDH systems.
2001-10-15 Lateral-effect photodiodes
This application note describes the operation of lateral-effect photodiodes. It also discusses the trade-offs of using lateral-effect photodiodes and explains how these devices resolve displacement issues.
2002-01-07 Intevac photodiodes fit OC-192, OC-768 systems
The company's high-speed PIN photodiodes are intended for integration into the receivers and transceivers of optical communication systems operating at OC-192 and OC-768 rates.
2002-01-02 Hualian photodiodes draw very low dark current
The HPD series photodiodes exhibit high sensitivity, fast response time, very low dark current, high linearity, low power consumption, high reliability and stability, and long service life.
2002-10-11 Hamamatsu photodiodes target DWDM
Low cross-talk, excellent frequency response characteristics and small terminal capacitance make Hamamatsu Corp.'s new InGaAs PIN photodiode array a match for DWDM monitors utilizing arrayed wavelength gratings.
2004-04-27 Hamamatsu photodiodes deliver high performance
Hamamatsu said its new S9251 series of Si avalanche photodiodes deliver excellent sensitivity in the NIR range and high operational stability.
2002-09-25 Calculating Mean Time Between Failure for Discrete LEDs and Photodiodes.
This application note illustrates the method for calculating the MTBF for discrete LEDs and photodiodes.
2003-09-15 Bias voltage and current sense circuits for avalanche photodiodes
This application note examines bias voltage and current measurement requirements in designing avalanche photodiode (APD) modules.
2005-04-25 Albis bare die photodiodes target FTTx, 10G markets
Albis announced the X-tra Small photodiode product line, a series of photodiodes that is small in size (300-by-350?m) and low in price.
2002-04-29 Advanced Photonix to supply Optos with additional photodiodes
Advanced Photonix Inc., a developer and manufacturer of large area avalanche photodiodes (LAAPD), has received an additional order of proprietary LAAPD cooled detectors from Optos PLC.
2004-01-20 Spire obtains grant to develop low-noise APDs
Spire has received a six-month, $100,000 Small Business Innovative Research Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate low-noise avalanche photodiodes (APDs) in the 1- to 1.6- micron wavelength range.
2014-04-04 Optimisation of photodiode sensor circuit design
Know the important steps in obtaining the best possible system performance.
2009-04-28 Light sensor applications
As electronics seamlessly weave their way into our lives, sensors play an increasingly important role. Light sensors are very simple and inexpensive, allowing their inclusion in multitudes of consumer products from night lights to cellphones.
2009-04-14 Transimpedance amp meets GPON Class B+ requirements
Phyworks has launched a high-sensitivity transimpedance amplifier that enables lower cost PIN photodiodes in the receive path of customer premises GPON applications to replace costly avalanche photodiodes.
2009-10-14 Tiny photo detectors boast 100ns response time
Vishay has expanded its optoelectronics portfolio with new AEC-Q101-qualified miniature photodiodes and phototransistors.
2002-04-23 SDK develops 150mm InP monocrystal mirror wafers
Showa Denko K.K. has developed what it claims to be the world's first 150 mm InP semi-insulating monocrystal mirror wafers for use in the production of photodiodes and next-generation mobile phones.
2001-10-15 Real-time biomechanical position sensing based on lateral effect photodiode
This application note describes the use of lateral-effect photodiodes for position sensing in biomechanical communication systems.
2009-12-23 Photodiode addition lets LCD detect hand gesture
MIT researchers claim that the addition of a layer of photodiodes to the backside of an LCD lets it recognize hand gestures made in front of the screen, cutting the need for a 3D image sensor.
2004-09-06 Latest multisource deal covers long-haul optics
The latest multisource agreement in the 10Gb optical component market announced in Tokyo, Japan on September 1 covers long-reach optical devices using externally-modulated lasers and avalanche photodiodes.
2016-03-16 InVisage's Lee says start-up to focus on image sensors
The Menlo Park-based company has been developing image sensors using a quantum-dot material that replaces conventional silicon photodiodes but is integrated with supporting CMOS technology.
2013-10-10 Imec unveils 25Gb/s silicon photonics platform
Imec's portfolio includes low loss strip waveguides, highly efficient grating couplers, high-speed Germanium waveguide photodiodes, 25Gb/s Mach-Zhender and micro-ring modulators.
2012-03-14 IBM optochip reaches 1Tb/s milestone
The transceiver IC includes 24 industry-standard vertical cavity surface emitting lasers tuned to operate at a wavelength of 850nm and 24 photodiodes that are flip-chip attached to the optochip.
2009-07-24 DC/DC converter minimizes PCB footprint
austriamicrosystems has released the AS1344 high voltage DC/DC boost converter optimized for biasing of photodiodes, LCD or PMOLED display powered from single cell batteries.
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