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2002-06-25 WaveSplitter, MKE to manufacture photonic components
WaveSplitter Technologies Inc. and Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Ind. Ltd have collaborated on the manufacture of photonic components.
2002-08-28 Unnatural optics create precise photonic lens
Optical experiments using arrays of nanowires are demonstrating that the concept of a negative refractive index could be realized in practical systems.
2010-11-29 UCSD demos silicon photonic pulse compressors on CMOS
Researchers at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) demonstrated silicon photonic pulse compressors were demonstrated on CMOS chips recently.
2014-05-13 TiN-based metamaterials exhibit high photonic densities
The metamaterials comprise superlattices using TiN and a dielectric carrying the same properties as the metal. The layers are grown inside a vacuum chamber using magnetron sputtering.
2011-12-08 Team-up focuses on photonic chips
A*STAR's IME is collaborating with Alcatel-Lucent and Globalfoundries to enhance and develop silicon photonic chips designed to support high speed, high bandwidth optical communications.
2014-09-11 Synopsys modelling tool automates photonic IC designs
The OptSim Circuit provides options for design setup, data visualisation, plotting and project resource management, accelerating the design of advanced optical telecommunication systems.
2004-10-04 Silicon Lab supports Photonic MetroWave platforms
The Si5100 OC-48 transceiver and Si5310 precision clock multiplier from Silicon Laboratories Inc. have been selected by Photonic Bridges Inc. for four next-generation SONET/SDH multi-service transport platforms.
2005-09-16 Shifting to photonic clocking
The transition to optical clocking is a 'when,' not 'if' situation that demands a low-cost photonic solution.
2002-04-12 Scientist makes photonic circuits with inkjet printer
A new family of organic polymers demonstrated at the University of Arizona can "paint" computer displays and photocell arrays onto most any surface, and could enable self-contained "computerless" niche devices that are cheaper and more flexible than what's available today.
2004-01-20 Sanyo Semi extends distribution pact with Photonic Products
Photonic Products Ltd has signed an extended distribution agreement with Sanyo Semiconductor Europe to be the exclusive distributor for Sanyo's full range of laser diode products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
2005-11-09 Photonic's new laser diode module with 70mW output power
Photonic Products rolled out a new 660nm laser diode module with a very high, very stable output power of 70mW.
2002-05-23 Photonic Systems sells PDP patent portfolio
Photonics Systems Inc. has stated that it is selling its plasma display panel patent portfolio, as part of its effort to maximize the return on investment of the product's IP.
2002-06-20 Photonic structures promise more efficient light bulbs
2004-04-05 Photonic Products opens European sales office
Photonic Products Ltd has opened a European sales office in Gr?benzell, near Munich, in Germany.
2002-08-19 Photonic Products establishes U.S. office
Photonic Products Ltd has opened an office in El Segundo, California, to better serve its current and prospective U.S. customer base.
2003-12-02 Photonic modules offer >1 percent power stability
Photonic Products Ltd has expanded its range of TEC laser diode modules that offer high wavelength and power stability of >1 percent.
2003-08-11 Photonic laser system shoots for accuracy
Photonic Products has released a 645nm visible red laser alignment system that is designed for apps demanding accuracy and consistency.
2003-10-14 Photonic laser module provides high-accuracy alignment
Photonic Products Ltd has introduced a 645nm visible red laser alignment system that meets high accuracy apps.
2002-10-28 Photonic laser diodes accept 2.5mm (x) ferrule connectors
Photonic Products' new range of universal adaptor receptacle-packaged laser diodes accept FC, ST, SC and 2.5mm (x) ferrule connectors.
2005-03-31 Photonic laser diode modules offer TTL modulation input
Photonic's new laser diode modules are suitable for biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, fluorescence sensing, microscopy and other emerging technologies.
2002-11-01 Photonic integration takes a new shift
Changes in achieving silicon optical bench integration raised the issue whether the integration of electronic and photonic components is still necessary.
2012-10-12 Photonic gels boast numerous applications
The thin colour-changing films may serve as part of inexpensive sensors for food spoilage or security, multi-band optical elements in laser-driven systems and in high-contrast displays.
2002-03-13 Photonic crystals seen enabling optical circuits
German researchers have developed a technique that could be used to construct tiny photonic crystals, enabling the construction of all-optical circuits.
2002-10-22 Photonic circular beam laser diodes produce 4.4mW
Photonic Products Ltd. has introduced a range of 635nm circular beam laser diodes that produces output beams measuring 2.2mm (?).
2014-09-01 Photonic circuit pushes boundaries of quantum tech
Scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute have succeeded in creating a steady stream of photons emitted one at a time and in a particular direction.
2011-08-16 Photonic chip to replace electronic chips
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, San Diego have discovered a way to prevent light signals on a silicon chip from reflecting backwards and interfering with its operation.
2004-11-30 Photonic adds TTL modulation options to laser diode modules
Photonic Products announced that they have added TTL modulation options to it's Photon Module range of laser diode modules.
2005-01-21 Photonic adds Panasonic aspherical glass lenses to portfolio
Photonic announced that it has added Panasonic's range of aspherical glass lenses to its portfolio of optoelectronic components.
2012-04-19 Open source parametric design environment for photonic ICs
Ghent University and Imec released the IPKISS that is a generic and modular software framework for photonics design.
2003-03-31 Mitsubishi to retain photonic, RF components in IC unit
Mitsubishi will retain its optoelectronic and microwave/RF businesses in a new Semiconductor Division within Mitsubishi Electric & Electronic USA Inc.
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