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2006-10-16 Defining new solutions for 3G power challenges
The handset manufacturers are packing their 3G phones with every feature possible, challenging power supply manufacturers to maintain long runtimes
2006-11-13 DC/DCs for CDMA power amps include bypass FET
Maxim Integrated Products' new 2.5MHz DC/DC converters integrate a low-RDS bypass FET to minimize PCB area and extend battery lifetimes.
2012-12-04 DC/DC converters boast up to 450W output power
The Murata Power Solutions PAH series measures 58 x 61 x 12.7mm and is geared for power amplifiers, wireless networks and other telecom applications.
2011-02-09 DC/DC converter drives RF power amplifiers
Fujitsu's DC/DC converter drives radio frequency power amplifiers (RFPAs) in mobile handsets and other mobile products that use a single-cell Li-ion battery.
2004-03-04 Dallas device speeds up power-amp module design
The DS1870 from Dallas Semiconductor biases two LDMOS power amps over temperature and drain voltage/current variations
2005-08-01 Cutting RF power in W-CDMA phones
Power dissipation problems in W-CDMA phones can be solved by adjusting power amplifier efficiency and voltage requirements
2013-10-01 Create analogue interfaces for low power design
Here are some techniques for bringing the analogue power budget in sync with the rest of the design
2006-09-08 Class-D audio power amps cuts PCB size by half
By integrating the external input resistors and very closely matching them, Texas Instruments said its new amps enable designers to reduce overall board size by approximately 50 percent.
2008-02-12 Class G and charge-pump technologies maximize efficiency in boosted amplifiers
This application note describes the advantages of using charge-pump and Class G technologies to power loudspeakers
2010-12-03 China still fueling demand for RF power amp, device markets
Report indicates that RF power amplifier and device sales still reliant on China, TD-SCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE
2007-09-20 CDMA power amp powers LG Chocolate phone
Anadigics Inc. announced it is shipping production volumes of its new AWT6321R dual-band CDMA power amplifier module to LG Electronics for the new Chocolate handset
2003-05-23 Broadcom to use SiGe Semiconductor power amps
Broadcom Corp. has selected SiGe Semiconductor's RangeCharger 802.11b/g power amplifiers for its WLAN products.
2007-09-28 Broadcom 802.11n chip integrates power amp
Broadcom has started sampling a single chip 802.11n compliant device that is being made in a 65nm CMOS process and integrates the power amplifier on chip
2010-02-08 Black Sand buys Silicon Labs power amp patents
Black Sand Technologies Inc. has acquired a patent portfolio related to CMOS power amplifiers (PAs) from Silicon Laboratories.
2003-10-03 Biasing Circuits and Considerations for GaAs MESFET Power Amplifiers
This application note outlines some of the considerations for biasing MESFET amplifiers
2006-07-05 Axiom debuts CMOS power amps for mobiles
Axiom claims it's the first-to-market inventor of a patented quad-band CMOS-based power amplifier for cellphones
2006-01-25 Audio amps cut power consumption
National Semiconductor expanded its ceramic speaker driver family with two Boomer audio power amplifiers in tiny packages that are said to provide high capacitive loads for portable apps.
2011-10-07 API specs enable power efficient 4G phones
OpenET Alliance has announced its envelope tracking interface to develop 4G handsets that require 30-50 percent less energy.
2004-09-29 Anadigics supplies power amplifiers to Topping
Anadigics Inc., a supplier of wireless and broadband solutions, is providing AWT6146 InGaP HBT PAs to China-based Topping for its latest wireless platform.
2005-05-11 Anadigics supplies power amplifiers to South Korea's handset maker
Anadigics Inc. has received production orders from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd for the AWT6166 GSM/GPRS power amplifier (PA
2005-03-09 Anadigics supplies power amplifiers to LG Electronics
Anadigics Inc. is shipping production volumes of indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) power amplifiers (PAs) to LG Electronics for the VX8000 CDMA phone.
2005-07-13 Anadigics supplies 3G power amplifiers to UTStarcom
Anadigics Inc. is shipping production volumes of GSM/GPRS and W-CDMA power amplifiers (PAs) to UTStarcom Inc. for UTStarcom Inc.'s GW200 handset.
2007-04-03 Anadigics rolls energy-saving CDMA power amps
Anadigics introduced the ZeroIC line of CDMA 1X and 1XEVDO power amplifiers designed to cut average current consumption by up to 50 percent.
2011-06-15 Anadigics power amp runs on Samsung's Droid Charge phone
Anadigics announced that it will ship production volumes of AWC6323 dual-band power amplifiers to Samsung Droid Charge smartphones.
2002-08-09 ANADIGICS launches smaller CDMA power amps
ANADIGICS Inc. has launched CDMA power amplifier modules that occupy a footprint of 4-by-4mm - smaller than the 6-by-6mm footprint of conventional power amplifiers.
2003-04-04 Anadigics buys RF Solutions' WLAN power-amp line
Anadigics has purchased the WLAN power amplifier product line from RF Solutions Inc. for $2.8 million up front, with a contingency clause for 3 million common Anadigics shares, based upon 12-month performance
2012-06-25 Amplifiers target wireless, portable designs
Avago's high-gain and high-linearity power amplifiers, ultralow-noise amplifiers and a combo GPS filter-LNA module simplify system design of small cell base stations, macrocells and GPS systems.
2002-09-23 AirPrime PDAs to use ANADIGICS power amplifiers
ANADIGICS Inc. has received an order for its CDMA power amplifiers from AirPrime to be used for its PDA wireless modems.
2005-01-24 Agilent to acquire power amplifier maker in South Korea
Agilent Technologies Inc. and South Korea-based Wavics have entered into an agreement under which Agilent will acquire Wavics, a designer and manufacturer of power amplifier modules for the worldwide mobile handset market
2002-05-14 ADI grayscale generator cuts power consumption
Designed for use in TFT-LCDs of 3G cellphones and PDAs, the ADD8502 programmable grayscale generator from Analog Devices Inc. improves image quality in portable displays and extends battery life by reducing power consumption by up to 75 percent
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