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2011-07-25 Understanding power issues in SDI products (Part 1
Learn about the considerations to make when designing with analog and mixed-signal serial digital interface components.
2005-05-25 Taming power inductors for SoC integration
How can we discard power inductors from our designs
2009-09-22 Powering low-power RF products
This application note gives an introduction to linear voltage regulators and DC/DC converters, and how they influence both performance and efficiency in low-power wireless systems
2012-09-03 Power tip: Understand capacitor parasitics
Be aware of the capacitors' parasitic components.
2011-07-18 Power Tip: Trade AC-line range for input-capacitor ripple current
Find out more about the relationship between these two significant parameters.
2009-10-05 Class D audio amp boasts 1W constant power
The constant-power filterless Class D audio amplifier delivers
2009-08-04 Zero-drift op amp uses 30% less power
The ADA4051-2 is a chopper-stabilized operational amplifier designed for portable and battery-powered instruments.
2007-03-20 What is digital power
The advantages of digital power control make it a suitable approach for power supply design and board mounted power supplies in particular
2006-01-24 Vydas announces power supplies for industrial automation
Vydas International has announced a new range of DIN rail mount switching power supplies designed especially for the industrial automation markets
2005-05-02 Voltage-mode control curbs power issues
Learn practical recommendations for designing voltage-mode control synchronous buck converter based on technology advancement.
2002-08-29 Vicor ripple attenuator allows up to >40dB noise
The MicroRAM Output Ripple Attenuation Module can be used with any dc output power supply that delivers 3Vdc to 30Vdc output and provides >40dB conducted differential noise attenuation from 60Hz to 1MHz.
2011-08-22 Understanding power issues in SDI products (Part 2
Here's the second instalment of this two-part series. It discusses the various ways of meeting the power requirements of SDI video components
2003-08-05 Tongrun power supply supports telecom equipment
The TRAB1-050-28 28W switching power supply from Shanghai Tongrun Electronic Technology features a universal input of 90Vac to 264Vac
2008-07-14 Tip of the Week: Simple power supply for FPGAs (Part 1
Linear Technology recently provided power management support to one designer, who asked for upwards of 40A at 1.5V to power four FPGAs in the smallest board area possible and the highest efficiency to minimize component overheating
2002-07-19 Sorensen 600W test supply fits in 1U, half rack
The DLM 600W supply, now available from the Sorensen division of Elgar, comes in three high-voltage models
2002-07-25 Sola/Hevi-Duty industrial supply delivers 100W at 4.2A
Sola/Hevi-Duty says its SDP4-24-100, which delivers 100W at 4.2A, is the smallest such industrial power supply
2002-01-15 Small ac/dc supply for telecom delivers 1kW
OnLine Power Supply Inc. touts proprietary distributed-power magnetics technology as key to the size, weight and reliability advantages of its OPS-1000-48 ac/dc supply
2014-11-04 Ripple injection methods for hysteretic controllers
In this application note, we highlight the implications of ripple injection techniques, aimed at minimising output ripple voltage, on the transient response of a supply
2003-03-17 Reduce power-supply effects on ADSL data rates
Careful selection of the supply's switching frequency can improve the data rate, size, power consumption, and cost of ADSL modems
2009-10-20 Power-supply controllers support IMVP-6.5 CPUs
Maxim Integrated Products has rolled out the MAX17030/MAX17036, 3/2-phase, interleaved, step-down VID power-supply controllers that support IMVP-6.5 notebook CPUs
2008-01-10 Power-supply controller saves space, cost in LCD TVs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX17014 highly integrated, multiple-output power-supply controller that saves space and costs in TFT-LCD TVs and monitors
2003-06-04 Power-One ac/dc source targets power-over-LAN apps
Power-One Inc. has introduced the 400W PALS400 that is claimed by the company to be the industry's most powerful ac/dc power supply
2014-09-05 Power tip: How to get more power from a flyback
Interleaving a flyback allows you to save cost by using fewer parts or to reduce the ripple voltage of the power supply. Plus, it raises the effective switching frequency of the power supply.
2013-01-03 Power tip: Filter for low-noise power supply
Find out what happens when you use a two-section filter for low-noise power supplies
2014-09-03 Power tip: Benefits of synchronising power supplies
Should you synchronize switching frequencies or let each power supply switch independently? In this article, we explain why synchronizing makes for well-behaved power supplies
2012-07-27 Power tip: Avoid common multilayer ceramic capacitor issues
Learn about the potential pitfalls with ceramic capacitors and know how to avoid them.
2012-08-06 Power tip: Avoid common aluminum electrolytic capacitor pitfalls
Here's a look at capacitor selection in switched-mode power supplies
2009-04-09 Power Tip #3: Avoiding oscillation issues in input filters
While switching regulators are often preferred over linear regulators because they are more efficient, the switching topology leans heavily on an input filter. This circuit element, combined with the supply's typically negative dynamic impedance, can contribute to oscillation issues. Here's how to avoid the problem
2009-02-25 Power Tip #1: Dealing with power supply's trade-offs
Selecting the optimum operating frequency for your power supply is a complex trade-off involving size, efficiency and cost. In general, low-frequency designs tend to be the most efficient, but are the largest and most costly
2008-12-08 Power supply suits up for comms, industrial apps
XP Power introduces its CLC175 single output, open frame AC/DC power supply
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