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2007-03-02 NI unrolls 11 RF switches for video, comms test
NI has doubled its PXI RF switch offering for 50-ohm and 75-ohm RF applications with the release of 11 new RF switches
2006-09-25 New version of LCD switch consumes less power
NKK Switches has introduced a new version of its SmartSwitch that consumes less power and is 25 percent smaller than the original product.
2008-02-18 New SMU, switches enhance PXI platform for DC apps
NI has announced its first PXI SMU and two PXI switches that enhance the PXI platform for use in precision DC applications, such as semiconductor parametric tests and electronic device and component validation
2005-07-08 New load switches work directly from 1.5V core supply voltages
Vishay has developed five new p-channel load switches that are touted to be the industry's first such devices that can work directly from 1.5V core supply voltages with on-resistance as low as 45 milliohms
2005-01-05 NetLogic NL5000 deployed in Foundry Networks switches, routers
The NL5000 processors from NetLogic Microsystems Inc. have been incorporated, tested and deployed in Foundry Networks' BigIron family of switches and routers
2004-04-22 National regulator has 90 percent power efficiency
National Semiconductor has rolled out the industry's first 100V Buck bias regulator, which operates at up to 90 percent power efficiency
2008-01-18 Multiport power meter speeds up testing
Agilent's new optical power meter with four (N7744A) or eight (N7745A) power-sensor channels is said to provide increased throughput and higher operational efficiency
2005-02-07 MOSFETs improve power circuit efficiency by 30 percent
ON Semi introduced eight new N-channel and P-channel, low voltage Trench MOSFETs that reduce resistance between drain and source to improve overall power circuit efficiency by 30 percent
2004-11-25 MOSFET drivers combine low power consumption, high efficiency
The new dual 1.5A low-side MOSFET drivers from Micrel feature low power consumption and high efficiency
2003-10-16 Mixed-signal integration key to future power management in portables
IC integration is simplifying the design of portable power electronics--maximizing battery life in the smallest board area and lowering cost
2007-06-06 Mixed-signal IC for motion, power management rolls
STMicroelectronics has unveiled the industry's first IC with a complete set of configurable and customizable analog functions for printer, fax and POS system applications.
2009-04-27 Miniature pushbutton switches fit avionics displays
C&K Components has developed the PBA series of miniature illuminated pushbutton that feature high tactile feel suitable for cold lighting and illuminated displays in avionics applications.
2006-07-31 Mid-voltage transistors raise circuit power density
With the 3-by-2.5mm footprint, Zetex said its new bipolar transistors help increase circuit power density by replacing the much larger DPAK, SOT89 and SOT223 packaged parts
2008-12-15 Microchip rolls resistor programmable logic-output temp switches
Microchip's new resistor-programmable logic-output temperature switches enable designers to stock one device for measuring multiple temperature points
2006-05-10 Micro switches offer long life up to 1M cycles
Tyco Electronics' Alcoswitch brand ultra-miniature micro switches offer extended lifetime ratings of up to one million cycles
2006-10-03 Micrel expands line of miniature smart load switches
Micrel Inc. has added new devices to its line of miniature high current load switches for portable applications
2005-06-14 Mezzanine card offers power management capabilities for telecom apps
A leading industry supplier of efficient power management components, ON Semiconductor presented a sample of its AdvancedMC-compliant, power conversion solutions for +12V telecom subsystems
2005-06-14 MCUs consume very low power
At a working voltage of 3V, Holtek's HT48R52 and HT48R53 MCUs have an operating current of less than 300?A.
2013-04-19 MCUs boast small footprint, low power use
Renesas Electronics' RL78/G10 group of MCUs claims to feature low-power operation and high processing performance with on-chip flash memory capacities from 1-4kB in 10-pin and 16-pin SSOP packages
2005-09-07 Maxim's SPST, SPDT switches cut external component count
Maxim unveiled its MAX4901-MAX4905 family of dual SPST and single SPDT analog switches that can handle negative signals with a single positive power supply, reducing external component count and improving audio signal quality.
2004-07-06 Maxim switches feature reverse-current protection circuitry
Maxim introduced dual current-limited switches featuring autoreset, fault blanking, and reverse current blocking for USB apps
2012-06-18 Managing power islands on chips
Read about the use of power-aware emulation to verify the logic-level robustness of an SoC in the face of power changes
2008-02-21 MagnaChip debuts power management devices
MagnaChip has announced four new power management products, for which samples are now available
2007-05-07 LXI-compliant remote AC power management switch rolls
Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI-compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-200 remote AC power management switch
2008-09-02 LVDS switches deliver up to 3.125Gbit/s transmit rate
National Semiconductor Corp. announced a new family of automotive-grade low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) 2 x 2 crosspoint switches that deliver the industry's best signal integrity and noise immunity at data transmission rates up to 3.125Gbit/s
2006-07-12 LVDS signal switches suit high-resolution displays
Pericom said its LVDS devices provide a high-bandwidth, robust and economical digital interface for high-resolution flat panel displays.
2008-07-10 Low-power DC/DC converter renders longer battery runtime
Linear has launched the LTC3564, a 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 1.25A of continuous output current from a 2mm x 3mm DFN or ThinSOT package.
2010-02-17 Low-power accelerometer packs gesture recognition
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled three-axis MEMS accelerometers that claim to set a record for low-power consumption and provide smarter built-in gesture recognition algorithms
2008-05-02 Low-power 10GBASE-T PHY consumes less than 6W
Solarflare Communications has released its 10GBASE-T PHY and enhanced 10GbE controller products, which include the 10Xpress SFT9001 PHY and the Solarstorm SFC4000E vNIC controllers.
2007-06-19 Low-cost, complete power solution for powered devices includes 12V buck converter
The MAX5953A provides a simple and inexpensive, yet complete, nonisolated power solution for a powered device in a PoE system
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