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2013-11-07 Imagination upgrades PowerVR Graphics SDK
The update brings samples for the OpenGL ES 2.0 extensions showing advanced functionality for PowerVR Series5XT GPUs and OpenGL ES 3.0 samples for 3D textures and real-time reflections and refractions.
2005-03-18 TI, Imagination offer breakthrough performance for gaming, graphics
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) and Imagination Technologies have collaborated to develop a targeted ecosystem leveraging the power of TI's OMAP 2 platform and Imagination's PowerVR MBX graphics accelerator.
2012-11-19 Tear Down: Apple's A6X under the microscope
Specialists at UBM TechInsights recently took Apple's A6X processor under the knife and microscope.
2002-04-16 Superscape, Imagination, ARM codevelop 3D technology
Superscape, Imagination Technologies and ARM have collaborated to develop and deliver 3D technology to users of mobile devices.
2003-02-04 Sharp licenses Imagination IP cores
Sharp Corp. has licensed Imagination Technologies Group's IP cores to be incorporated into its ICs.
2004-02-03 Samsung licenses graphics solution from ARM
Samsung Electronics has licensed ARM's PowerVR MBX 3D graphics solution for use in high-end mobile APs for smart phones and PDAs.
2004-05-21 Renesas doubles performance of mobile apps processor
Renesas Technology has expanded its SH-Mobile applications processors with a version combining its 32-bit core and a PowerVR 2D/3D graphics core.
2004-04-01 Philips licenses graphics accelerator from ARM
Philips Semiconductors has licensed the MBX R-S graphics accelerator core, which is based on the PowerVR MBX 3D graphics solution from Imagination Technologies, for use in Philips' next-generation mobile applications processor.
2002-07-29 Intel to fuse Imagination's graphics cores into its IC portfolio
Intel Corp. has licensed Imagination Technologies Group's PowerVR MBX graphics/video core to be incorporated into its IC portfolio.
2012-10-01 Intel set to debut its next-gen Atom processor for tablets
Clover Trail, the next generation Atom processor, will have twice the CPU and graphics performance of the single-core Atom chips in its current 1.6GHz, 32-nm Medfield platform.
2012-11-26 Intel getting Creative, slowly dropping Imagination
Intel has agreed to acquire Creative Technology's subsidiary and licenceses as it realigns its strategy for Atom processors, moving away from Imagination's PowerVR graphic cores.
2013-01-09 Ingenic arms tablet SoC with MIPS, imagination graphics
Ingenic Semiconductor has debut a dual-core MIPS-based apps processor and plans to demonstrate it in a 10-inch Android tablet during the Consumer Electronics Show.
2011-08-09 Imagination, Vector Fabrics collaborate on OpenCL
Imagination and Vector Fabrics have teamed up on developing OpenGL, claiming its use in development, parallelization and analysis can boost many algorithms and applications.
2016-03-02 Imagination reveals application thrust with products
Speaking to EE Times China at their summit in Shanghai, Imagination Technologies' executives shared their perspective of application trends and how they aim to address those trends with their products.
2005-03-01 Imagination offers 'super-threading' Meta processor IP core
The Metagence division of Imagination released the Meta 122 IP core, the latest version of its multi-threading processor, which is intended for use in multi-function consumer entertainment.
2005-02-10 Imagination makes graphics progress with TI, Philips
Imagination Technologies Group plc, a developer of graphics cores, has licensed its PowerVR MBX Lite graphics core for integration into a new range of applications processors based on TI's OMAP2 architecture for mobile phones.
2016-03-31 Imagination focuses on secure, differentiated IP platforms
EE Times China's editors met Imagination Technologies' at their summit in Shanghai to learn about the key technologies the company uses in its products.
2014-07-17 Imagination develops small, Android-compatible graphics core
Imagination's GPU performs at up to 1GFlops and up to 250MPx/s of peak performance at 250MHz. Additionally, the chip can handle up to 720-progressive video resolution.
2002-04-25 Hitachi, Imagination sign multi-core licensing agreement
Hitachi Ltd and Imagination Technologies, a provider of human computer interface IP, have signed a strategic, multi-use licensing agreement which enables Hitachi to integrate a number of Imagination's PowerVR graphics and video cores to its SuperH family RISC microprocessors.
2006-01-05 HD-video decoder core reduces silicon area
Imagination Technologies is presenting its latest HD-video decoder core and a full range of digital video image enhancement technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show 2006 in Las Vegas.
2009-04-01 Graphics IP cores come in multiprocessing versions
Imagination Technologies Group plc is delivering multiprocessing versions of its PowerVR SGX graphics IP.
2005-08-09 Graphics accelerators with lowest core, system power demands
Imagination Technologies announced the availability of its PowerVR SGX Shader Graphics Accelerator family for wireless applications.
2005-02-02 Freescale licenses MBX Lite graphics core from ARM
Austin, Texas based Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has licensed the PowerVR MBX Lite graphics processor core from ARM Holdings plc, according to Imagination Technologies Group plc, the developer of the MBX and MBX Lite cores.
2003-10-21 ARM extends RealView solution
ARM Inc. has extended its RealView hardware development solution with the launch of the Versatile family of hardware development boards.
2014-02-26 Action-Imagination collaboration boosts tablet graphics
Actions is leveraging Imagination's PowerVR technology to provide multimedia processing solutions for OWL chipsets, covering an entire range of tablets.
2013-03-13 'Rogue' added to Imagination's Series 6 GPUs
The PowerVR Series 6 family of GPU cores addresses mobile and embedded applications such as smartphones and tablet computers and has been submitted for compliance with OpenGL ES 3.0 API.
2013-03-27 TSMC, Imagination optimise 16nm FinFET for mobile
Imagination is teaming up with foundry TSMC to optimise 16nm FinFET design flows for mobile performance using PowerVR GPUs.
2013-07-31 Tablet SoC boasts heterogeneous multi-processing
MediaTek's MT8135 incorporates two ARM Cortex-A15 and two ARM Cortex-A7 processors, and the latest GPU from Imagination Technologies, the PowerVR Series6.
2008-10-10 Samsung extends Imagination graphics core license deal
Imagination Technologies Group plc announced that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has signed a multiuse license agreement for Imagination's POWERVR SGX graphics acceleration core family.
2014-03-20 Ray tracing ups the ante in mobile graphics, games
Imagination's PowerVR GR6500 is based on a quad-cluster PowerVR Rogue design, with four unified shading clusters delivering 150GFlop (FP32) or 300GFlop (FP16) at 600MHz.
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